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November 5, 2008 • NEWSLETTER

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Ginger's Flower Garden
A few easy blocks and outstanding pastels create an enchanting little quilt. Backing included.

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Parisian Paisley Kit
Create the look of strip piecing without the work. You'll have this quilt done in no time.

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Three Zinnias
Easy Diagonal seams and a border made from strip sets make this wallhanging simple and quick.

Price: $28.00
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An unstable economy can bring out the best in us all

During the past several weeks of stock market woes, quilters appear to be weathering the storm just a tad better than most.

We can only surmise that this show of resiliency comes from the learned wisdom that with our own hands, we can provide. We know that if we have to garden to eat, so be it – we'll plow up the front yard if we have to. If we have to sew to be warm, well, we've obviously been doing that all along anyway, or at least since some clever caveman or woman figured out how to punch a tiny hole in a sliver of ivory, thus the birth of the first sewing needle.

And having to pinch all our pennies just means that we may have to focus on actually using some of our stash now—we just need some creative new projects to start on.

Luckily, our special Baby Quilts issue that comes out in December is full of a wide variety of patterns that should fit nicely into anyone's project schedule. You'll find these exciting new designs are fun and versatile enough to blend with any nursery theme, or even college dorm, or maybe just a great new lap quilt to brighten a loved one's day.

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When We Go A Camping Sleeping Bag, a simple project that is great for those "outdoorsmen" who prefer a campout in the basement as opposed to the backyard. Great for sleepovers!
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Fat Quarter Box, this handy box folds flat for easy storage when not in use. Stack boxes on top of each other for an attractive way to store the fat quarters in your stash.
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One thing led to another by Dottie Reed

"Attached is a copy and a close-up of "Geometric Pursuit" - a quilt made from an idea I got from a Fons and Porter program that aired on T.V. about two months ago. The idea is totally foreign to the types of quilts I usually make, but I had only minimally used the decorative stitches in my machine and had never done raw edge appliqué or used iron-on fusibles. I also almost never use solid colors any more and had a lot of those fabrics lying around, so I thought I would do some experimental practicing. It was so much fun thinking of different ways to use and combine geometric shapes that the Energizer Bunny took over, and suddenly I had 33 blocks - and was at least temporarily out of ideas for more combinations. So, I did the male and female block, followed by the heart block. I intended to have the latter two facing each other with the heart in the middle, but I messed up and didn't want to reverse sew and redo. So, I decided to try to put a face on the female using freehand embroidery. I then got carried away trying other freehand embroidery and wound up putting small designs in several of the other blocks. I quilted the seams with a decorative stitch (another first) and stippled the insides of the squares.

"I wanted to thank Ms. Fons and Ms. Porter for the wonderful inspiration they gave me. They really encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone.

I've included a picture of the finished quilt. The darn thing really is square and won't hang straight... but in spite of its imperfections, it has become my favorite quilt.

"Hope you enjoy seeing it."

You Got Mail
Subject: Love of Knitting

Just received my S/O Love of Quilting magazine. I love your magazine…so much that everything stops in this house. I was processing my dill pickles and forgot to do the timer. Then I read about your new magazine! Yea! I will never get anything done but I am really looking forward to this new magazine Love of Knitting. Fabric and yarn are my stabilizers. There is very little that I can't handle when I immerse myself in prayer and these arts. Better than any drugs to "calm" as they "renew" me. Thanks for being part of these joyful arts. I know I will love the new magazine.
- from Susan Peterson                                                                                                         

Happy Quilting!
    Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting

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