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Size Chart Archives(2005 - 2007)
2005 Catnip March/April 2005 Love of Quilting (...
Smoky Point Star
FREE Download! Smoky Point Star Size Chart
Space Camp
FREE Download! Space Camp Size Chart
Split Nine Patch
FREE Download! Split Nine Patch Size Chart
Split Rail Fence
Download this batik quilt pattern for free to create this quilt in either queen or king sizes.
Split Rail Fence
Bonus: Download our...
Squares and Stripes
FREE Download! Squares and Stripes Size Chart
Stars & Stripes
Featured in the Fall 2011 Issue of Easy Quilts.
Stars and Stripes
FREE Download! Stars and Stripes Size Chart
Stars and Stripes Forever
FREE Download! Stars and Stripes Forever Size Chart
Sunset Sail
FREE Download! Sunset Sail Size Chart
Sweet Caroline
FREE Download! Sweet Caroline Size Chart
Sweet Caroline
Featured in the Fall 2011 Issue of Easy Quilts.  
Uneven Nine Patch
FREE Download! Uneven Nine Patch Size Chart
Variable Star
FREE Download! Variable Star Size Chart
Vintage Zigzag
FREE Download! Vintage Zigzag Size Chart
Washtub Pinwheels
FREE Download! Washtub Pinwheels Size Chart
Yo-Yo Basket Pillow
FREE Download! Yo-Yo Basket Pillow Size Chart
Divine Vines
FREE Download! Divine Vines Size Chart
Doll Quilt
FREE Download! Doll Quilt Size Chart
E is for Elephant
E is for Elephant Size Chart
Early Bird
Early Bird Size Chart
Elizabeth Ann
Elizabeth Ann Size Chart
Elizabeth's Garden
Elizabeth's Garden Size Chart
Empire World
Empire World Size Chart
FREE Download! Ethos Size Chart
Family Album
Family Album Size Chart
Fat Quarter Breeze
FREE Download! Fat Quarter Breeze Size Chart
Feathery Florals
FREE Download! Feathery Florals Size Chart
Flip-Flopped Stars
FREE Download! Flip-Flopped Stars Size Chart
Flower Patch
FREE Download! Flower Patch Size Chart
Flowers for Hannah
FREE Download! Flowers for Hannah Size Chart
French Elegance
FREE Download! French Elegance Size Chart
French Farmhouse
FREE Download! French Farmhouse Size Chart
French Garden
FREE Download! French Garden Size Chart
FREE Download! Frippery Size Chart
Garden Gate
FREE Download! Garden Gate Stars Size Chart
Garden Patch
Garden Patch Size Chart
FREE Download! Gatsby Size Chart
Gentle Spring
FREE Download! Gentle Spring Size Chart
Glorified Nine Patch
FREE Download! Glorified Nine Patch Size Chart
Glory Days
FREE Download! Glory Days Size Chart
Great Gram's Elephants
FREE Download! Great Gram's Elephants Size Chart
Groovy Petals
Groovy Petals Size Chart
Happy Flowers
FREE Download! Happy Flowers Size Chart
FREE Download! Hodgepodge Size Chart
Holiday Sparkle
FREE Download! Holiday Sparkle Size Chart
FREE Download! Honeycomb Size Chart
House on the Hill
FREE Download! House on the Hill Size Chart
FREE Download! Inkwell Size Chart


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