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From the expert quilting staff at Fons & Porter, we welcome you to our quilting blog filled with rich content, perfect for quilters of every level – whether you just picked up the bug or have been quilting for years.

Here, you’ll find quilting techniques, tips and tricks from quilting experts aimed at helping you improve your skills one step at a time. You’ll also find information about quilt styles and blocks, like our popular BLOCK Friday series where we profile different quilt blocks and give you suggestions on using them in your quilts. We also talk about some of the important questions in quilting like how to bind your quilt and whether or not you should prewash your quilt fabrics, along with some surprises.


The Christmas Spirit is more than Christmas Quilts

What is the Christmas spirit? It’s not just Christmas quilts and it doesn’t require that you celebrate any particular holiday. it’s a mindset, not a time of year, so let’s focus on the reason for the season! Fons & Porter is full of the Christmas spirit and we’re sharing with you, loyal quilters. Happy holidays and happy quilting, everyone!


Welcome to the NEW Fons & Porter Website

WELCOME! Even though it’s barely winter, we’ve decided to do a bit of spring cleaning, starting with our website. Isn’t it pretty? We’re really excited about it! Take a look around. Kick off your shoes and get comfortable! And, as always, make yourself at home. But, before you get started on this new and exciting adventure, here…


Learn How To String Piece 7 Ways!

A simple technique enjoyed for generations, string piecing is traditionally a foundation piecing technique that makes use of scraps. Fast and beginner-easy, string piecing is extremely versatile and the possibilities are endless! In this Craft Daily class, Jodie Davis and Ashley Briggs display inspiring quilts and then go through each step of constructing seven different blocks.…