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From the expert quilting staff at Fons & Porter, we welcome you to our quilting blog filled with rich content, perfect for quilters of every level – whether you just picked up the bug or have been quilting for years.

Here, you’ll find quilting techniques, tips and tricks from quilting experts aimed at helping you improve your skills one step at a time. You’ll also find information about quilt styles and blocks, like our popular BLOCK Friday series where we profile different quilt blocks and give you suggestions on using them in your quilts. We also talk about some of the important questions in quilting like how to bind your quilt and whether or not you should prewash your quilt fabrics, along with some surprises.

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Harvesting color

Have you ever seen something and the color palette sticks in your mind and pretty soon, you’re buying fabric in those colors? I was sitting on our front porch last evening admiring the colors in this planter, thinking like a quilter, of course, what a great palette of color it could be for a quilt.…

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Right before your eyes—

Usually the seasons skate in without much notice, but on Friday… Fall just seemed to appear on cue here in central Iowa. Garage and yard sale signs were everywhere.  People doing their fall cleaning or making room in their garage for their cars for the winter. The mornings certainly have been cooler lately. Homecoming signs…

Sampler Cover a

Ever want to try a Sampler?

You can now AND learn how to design your own! It’s all in a great resource coming to a newsstand near you October 15th from the Editors of Fons & Porter, called  Sampler Quilts & Blocks.         There are 6 sampler designs. All 6 are unique in fabric and layout to give you…

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The sky is the limit!

When you start choosing the fabrics for a  project, how do you choose the background fabric? Traditional quilts prominently used cream or white, mainly because that is what was available. I always smile when I see a bold and vibrant background on an antique quilt. I think- wow! I’d like to have met the person…


Color surprises!

I’ve finally decided what I’m doing for my Crayon challenge and to my surprise, my color choices are quite a bit different than what I started with! I’ve arranged and rearranged blocks and pieces of blocks, auditioning colors and arrangement. I’ve even worked in the colors orange and pink, which I  didn’t even consider when…


How do you work out a quilt design?

A design wall is a great tool. I know I’ve talked about it before, but it bears repeating, especially in this stage of the quiltmaking process. I’m more visual, so seeing the colors together, rearranging them, switching out colors, and staring them down really tells me how they will look together. For my turquoise crayon…