“Yarn Bombing” in Pittsburgh

We know this is a quilting blog, but this is too awesome not to share! A community of knitters took fiber arts to the next level when they “yarn bombed” the Andy Warhol Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with over 3,000 feet of yarn!da3960420cc5471b3a0f6a7067002b6e

More than 1,800 volunteers collaborated to make  knitted blankets to hang on the bridge. It’s quite the sight, and an unusual form of public art!










Read more about the undertaking here and here. Have you ever seen or participated in a yarn bombing? Where was it? How did it look? How was it received? Maybe this will inspire more knitters!

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5 thoughts on ““Yarn Bombing” in Pittsburgh

  1. This bridge is a half block from the office building where I work. It is awesome to see it in person! So much love went into making all of this and so much work putting it all together. It looks so fantastic though.