Win Thread and Fabric by Counting Your Sewing Machines!

It’s a question that packs a punch: how many sewing machines do you have? Each sewing machine we accumulate throughout our lives has a story, especially our first one. It symbolizes our humble sewing beginnings and our roots in quilting. Our first sewing machine is accompanied by memories and, often times, is a family heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Antique Singer Sewing Machine

I didn’t inherit my first sewing machine, but rather, my first sewing machine was a gift from my dad. He’s my biggest crafting supporter – he knows what makes me happy! I’ll pass the sewing machine down to my daughter when she’s ready to start learning and, perhaps, this will be the start of our family quilting legacy.

Free Spirit FabricMadeira Thread

A sewing machine isn’t going to make quilts by itself. We need things like notions, fabric and thread. We all know that this can get expensive. Nobody has ever claimed that quilting is cheap. We can all use a few quilting perks from time to time.

Guess what? The perks have arrived! Tell Fons & Porter how many sewing machines you own and you could win free Madeira thread and Free Spirit fabric. That would be pretty great, wouldn’t it? Just go to the Fons & Porter Contest Page and enter the Easy Quilts Fall 2015 Contest before 9/30/15 for your chance to win.

You can also enter for a chance to win Fabric for Life! Enter daily at the Keepsake Quilting’s Contest Page for some more amazing prizes.

Let’s treat ourselves to the free things in this quilter’s life, why don’t we? And, make sure to tell me how many sewing machines you have! Inquiring quilters want to know.

Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter Online Editor


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Carrie's first sewing machine was a gift from her dad—a better gift was never given. A crafter, trained pianist and experienced paintballer, when the opportunity arises, she's hiking in Yosemite or Rocky Mountain National Park.

34 thoughts on “Win Thread and Fabric by Counting Your Sewing Machines!

  1. I have three machines right now. Before moving to my present location I had 6 machines, each served a different use. I sew clothes, and quilts. I do a lot of mending for friends. I started quilting a few years ago and wish I could quilt the quits, but I can piece them!!!

  2. Well I’m currently down to three machines. Singer babylock embroidery and a janome! I gave one to a friend sold one to help pay for my babylock and will be purchasing another hopefully soon. I hope not to have to sell another one. I can use all I can get. Never know when one will break down, can’t survive without a machine.

    1. I have 5 sewing machines and that includes my server and my great great aunts Trendle machine(1903 White) I have 2 Brother machine one is a embroidery machine. I have also my singer which was my very first machine when I was 13. They all work and are used at some point.

  3. I have 3 sewing machines (one sews fine, but you have to test to see what stitch it is sewing, turn the dial, test, and try again, making sure you don’t have the quarter inch foot on!) and one serger.

  4. I’ve had 3 total, but the other two I’ve given away to a niece and a granddaughter so that the could learn to see! I only need one working one for myself, I’d rather share so that others can have a chance to learn to sew!!

  5. I have 8 altogether. I have 3 machines I use regularly, but I also am trying to learn to long arm on an older machine I bought and a serger. I have my husband’s grandmother’s treadle and another old treadle and a very old hand crank that need work to make them usable.

  6. I have 13 machines, Some very old, some not working, lots of old still working great.
    2 Singer feather weights 221, (one on the boat)
    1 Adler industrial
    2 Singer 99s
    1 Elna Grasshopper
    1 Juki serger
    4 Elna SU Airs love these, one needs new motor
    1 Elna blue/grey SU (first, still working great)
    1 Elna tan TSP
    1 Brother 950D take this one to classes
    1 Ellisimo (my favorite)
    Can’t see any reason to part with them. Wonder what the story is behind the old green Elna Grasshopper. I am short on space so not all machines are easy to get to. Would like to have a treade

  7. I currently own 9 working sewing machines. The oldest is Bessie, I inherited from my mother-in-law, a 1929 Singer. Newest addition is the Crown Jewel longarm.
    I use 5 of these beauties daily. I simply love to sew everything!

  8. I presently have 6 machines, 4 in use. My first machine was given to me when I was in high school from a neighbor. I had done odd jobs like house painting and such for some of our elderly neighbors that were on fixed incomes and could not hire professionals, so when one of those neighbors fell and broke her ankle and was afraid to stay alone at night, I stayed. I had a room to myself which was great since i shared a room with my sisters. she let me use her sewing machine which she said was one of the first electric Singers made. she gave me the machine after the 3 months that I stayed with her. Used it for years sewing clothes for myself and then 2small ones. I could only dream of being able to quilt. After 40 yrs of nursing and five children, six grandchildren, and collecting patterns, templates and sailing through 4 other machines I am happley able to quilt.

  9. I currently have 3 machines and 1 serger. The oldest is a 1970ish singer. I learned how to sew on it as a kid. It sews great as long as you know to pull the fabric through at a slight angle. I don’t use it much anymore, but, I still get it serviced occasionally. 😉 Good luck everyone!

  10. I have one. Each time I purchase a new one, I make it a point to “gift” the other one to someone who would like to learn to sew but can’t afford a machine.

  11. I have 11 machines right now but hope to add a newer Babylock soon>
    1Sears Kenmore Cam in cabinet 1970
    1 Kenmore Cam in cabinet 1960
    1 Franklin Treadle 1911
    1 Dressmaker Treadle ? yr.
    1 White 4 thread overlock Serger 2000
    1Singer HD1110 portable
    1 Singer Curvy portable
    1 Brother Embriodery only.
    1 Kenmore portable ? yr
    1 Singer 966
    1 Babylock (my most used)

    The Singer Curvy is going to be a trade-in towards my next Babylock.

  12. I have 4 machines – one Tin Lizzie 18DLS longarm, one Babylock Ellisimo Gold, one Babylock Evolution serger, and one Brother portable that gets to travel to bees, classes and on vacation!

  13. I know the deadline has passed. Just couldn’t help sharing…..I have more than 30 machines! I love the old vintage machines and I also have 4 modern machines plus a long arm.

  14. I have three sewing machines. The one I like best, besides the Pfaff, which needs to be fixed is my Janome HD 3000. I also have a brother and just hate it. The tension is not really great–even after you play with it and the fact that you can’t adjust the pressure on the presser foot is ludicrous–making sewing some fabrics an ordeal.

  15. I have 4 sewing machines I use, an old Kenmore that still runs like new, a Brother light weight for traveling, another Brother for everyday sewing and my newest, a Janome HD 3000 which I love and use most. I also have an old Singer treadle machine that my husband restored and 2 embroidery machines, plus 2 sergers, but one is currently out of commission.

  16. I have 6 machines. A Janome, a Singer, a Brother embroidery machine, a Brother serger, a Viking Mega quilter and a Singer Featherweight. The Featherweight belonged to my husband’s grandmother. It is in mint condition.