What’s your Quilting Personality Type?

I know lots of different kinds of quilters, but there are 3 quilting personality types that I tend to run across most of the time…

Quilting Personality Type #1:
This quilter works on one project at a time. She — I’ll use “she” for simplicity, although there are lots of male quilters nowadays — makes a plan, buys the fabric (buys fabric online, flannel quilting fabric, discount quilting fabric, etc.), cuts the fabric, pieces the quilt and sends it out to be quilted or quilts it herself. Then she sews on the binding and she’s done. That’s not me!

Quilting Notions

Quilting Personality Type #2:
This quilter has several projects going at once and finishes as many as she starts. They can be any type of project, from easy quilting projects and quick and easy sewing projects to challenging quilts that require a certain level of commitment. She thinks starting a project is the “funnest” part (I know, funnest isn’t a real word, but I think it should be). She keeps them neatly organized and always knows where everything is so that when she wants to work on the quilt, she doesn’t waste any time getting everything together. That’s sorta me. Sorta.

Quilting Personality Type #3:
This quilter has lots of projects started, and so many in her head, that she doesn’t know what to do first. As soon a she gets over the initial excitement of a new project, another one comes along to take its place. So much cool fabric! So many designs! Piles of fabric (here’s where that flannel quilting fabric, or cheap quilting fabric we discussed earlier, comes back into play), files of drawings and photos, dreams of quilts. Now that’s me!

Twinkling Stars Quilt - Star Patterns

My oldest unfinished quilt is 30 years old and it’s one of my favorite appliqué patterns. It’s a lovely appliqué quilt top that I plan to hand quilt, and that’s the holdup. Then on the other hand, I made a twin-size quilt from start to finish in just three days last week. So, right now, the twin quilt patterns are in the lead. But, I love them all! Like I said, lots of projects, so little time.

I’m having fun designing quilts that use pre-cuts. When I want to make a quilt just for fun, and get it done without spending a month (or 30 years) making it, I go for pre-cuts to save time. Twinkling Stars (above) and Franklin Street (below), are a couple that I enjoyed making for Quilting Quickly.

Franklin Street Quilt - Easy Quilt to Make

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Remember, we are always on the lookout for great quilts that use pre-cuts for Quilting Quickly, or simple quilts for Easy Quilts, and traditional quilts for Love of Quilting. If you think you’ve got just the design, submit your idea and we’ll check it out.



Happy Quilting!


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3 thoughts on “What’s your Quilting Personality Type?

  1. I think I must be the last type of quilter. I clean up after a project, because I have others started and I keep cutting the pieces for more. And my head is swimming. BUT I love it all!

  2. I work on 1 quilt and a couple smaller projects at a time. I don’t start another quilt until this one is done. I try to keep up with one quilt group projects. Last but not least I have several projects purchased and several are in my head as want to do next. Never an empty mind. Sometimes I need to give my brain a rest and slow down.