What? You haven’t checked out the Bonus Quilts?

We find the best projects we can for our readers, and sometimes we simply get carried away and have too many for the pages we are allowed!

We have the best designers we could ask for and we want to bring you all of their projects. So, we bring you Bonus Quilts!

IBonusQuiltst’s like getting an issue and a half!

Simply click on the Free Quilt Patterns tab from the FonsandPorter.com hope page. All projects are complete just as they would be in the magazine.

From here you can go through the whole archive of Bonus Quilts we’ve featured from past issues of Love of Quilting and Easy Quilts!

Happy Quilting!
~ The Fons & Porter Editorial Staff

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3 thoughts on “What? You haven’t checked out the Bonus Quilts?

  1. Having a terrible time navigating the website. Looking for the Web Extra of the Size options for the jellybeansizes. Tried several times. What is the problem. Really don’t like having to go through so much to get information.