What?— me English paper piece?

Our sewing specialist Cindy said she would never English paper piece. She tried it and why frustrate herself again when she can piece other shapes on a machine?

Mind you, she’s tried about every tip and technique there is to piece blocks for magazine test blocks in Tried & True and Sew Easy steps, and is responsible for setting up almost every step and sample needed for our Public TV shows. No matter what it is, she’s a trooper and works it out.

So when this technique came up for a future PTV show and magazine project, not only did she look like a deer in the headlights, but she started searching for volunteers in the office!  That was, until Gail Kessler, from Andover, who designed this project, explained her machine technique to Cindy!

You too could be pursuaded!  Stay tuned for an upcoming project called Jewels of the Garden, due out in a fall issue of Love of Quilting and is scheduled for an upcoming PTV taping.

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor

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