We’re Getting Ready for TV!

Taping for the 2500 Series of “Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting” started this week! We have thirteen episodes all ready to go, the set is assembled and decorated, and the lighting is just perfect. We use four cameras when we tape our TV shows, so viewers get several different angles on the action.

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 2.47.40 PM
Marianne and Mary go over every episode with the crew before taping begins.

This series has lots of great quilts, techniques, and, of course, tips. We’ll be making Log Cabin blocks, a Storm at Sea quilt, a tote bag that features leather accents, some mug mats, and more! Our special guests for this series are Jodie Davis, Patrick Lose, Sara Gallegos, Maria Pate, Amy Ellis, and Angela Huffman.

These episodes will air in January 2015 and beyond. Check with your local PBS station to see what time they are on in your area.

Happy Quilting!
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11 thoughts on “We’re Getting Ready for TV!

  1. I absolutely love your shows. I tape every issue. I have been getting your magazine forever. You do not make me feel inadequate and always seem to renew my quilting energy. Thanks so much

  2. I love watching your shows and QNNtv newsletter videos and always look forward to seeing MaryAnn in her videos on Quilty. This keeps me in touch with all those who love quilting. I live in a rural area in Washington State and do not have a group of quilters to share or sew with.
    Thank you

  3. I watch two quilting shows, Fons & Porter and Quilt in a Day. I was thrilled to see Eleanor Burns with Mary on episode 2403. You should have her back to teach her method of making flying geese. You get 4 geese at a time and don’t have to worry about stitching so the flip is the right size. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Cmyr4yTyY. I realize everyone is marketing their own rulers, patterns, etc. but this technique is foolproof.
    Looking forward to the new shows.

  4. I am truly a Fons & Porter groupie. I love your shows, magazine, and now enjoy the next generation of quilters with Mary on Quilty! You have all inspired me to sew Quilts of Valor and other quilts that I might not have attempted without your show. I’ve purchased the DVD collections to I could free up my DVR!!! I find that I enjoy watching them while piecing my quilts. As a side note, I am so in awe of the camaraderie and humor that is shared between MaryAnn and Mary…what an awesome relationship you both have with each other. I do miss Liz, but am happy to see her back once in a while. Keep up the good work ladies…you are very inspiring!

  5. The Log cabin with the Libby Lehman fabrics is the most beautiful quilt! I’m so inspired to make one for my mother! Thank you so much for all your wit and wonderful knowledge! I love watching you gals work together!

  6. I really enjoyed the February 14 show with Patrick Lose and his Birthday table runner. Mary asked him about the thread, needle and bobbin that used for this project. He answered her question about thread (polyester), needle (90) but never answered her about bobbin. What did he use for the bobbin thread? Did he need to make any adjustment to his bobbin tension? I have never messed with that tension and am very leery to do so. That was the one question I wish he had answered. I also was wondering about the two paper sides of the fusible he used. I know there is a rough side and a smooth side. (New/beginner quilters might not know this.) It would seem obvious that you draw on the smooth side. But working with things outside of our comfort zones does not always equate to the “obvious” that more experienced quilters take for granted.