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Even though it’s barely winter, we’ve decided to do a bit of spring cleaning, starting with our website. Isn’t it pretty? We’re really excited about it! Take a look around. Kick off your shoes and get comfortable! And, as always, make yourself at home. Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.33.28 AMBut, before you get started on this new and exciting adventure, here are some things you should know:


We still offer free quilt patterns and free quilt design downloads. We love to give our readers, viewers and quiltmakers access to great, free quilting content. We have plenty of free quilt patterns and quilt motifs to go around! This information is exclusive to site members, however, but joining is free and easy! It’s also definitely worth it.


We have the same blogs you know and love and will continue to regularly bring you fresh, informative content. Block Friday, Tip Tuesday, blogs for new quilters and experienced quilters… it’s all here. We have an archive of blogs available to you and new blogs are being written every week. Our blogs are a great way to get information on types of quilts (LeMoyne Star, for example), how to care for quilts, where to find your favorite quilts and quilting items, as well as how-to information, like quilting tutorials and quilting courses.
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We have them all listed and categorized for your perusing pleasure. It’s true! They’re waiting for you on the “Magazine” page of the website. We have Love of Quilting, Quilting Quickly, Scrap Quilts, Easy Quilts and our special issue publications. You can check out issues from each magazine and find out what quilts and techniques were featured. If you’re looking to purchase a particular issue that you’ve been looking for, we have that link provided – we’ve done the work for you!


Fear not! Our beloved Love of Quilting TV show is still listed by series and has all of the information you’re looking for when wondering, “What was that quilt featured in episode 2607?” (It was Boughs & Berries, by the way.) We also offer you access to free Sew Easy lessons, Quilting Quickly tutorials and other QNNtv videos. Just look under the “Quilting Videos & TV” tab on the menu bar.


Pay special attention to the other links available at the top of the page. These links will take you to magical places like the online shop and other resources for patterns, videos and all things quilting!
Of course, there’s so much more to discuss, but we could be here all day. Take a look around and see for yourself! We’re happy to have you.


Please be patient with us! We’re still working on making this website the best it can be, so some improvements are still needed. We’re working quickly, but if there’s anything you need (anything at all!), make sure to let us know.



Happy Quilting!
Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter Online Editor

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Carrie's first sewing machine was a gift from her dad—a better gift was never given. A crafter, trained pianist and experienced paintballer, when the opportunity arises, she's hiking in Yosemite or Rocky Mountain National Park.

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      Hi! There are print and digital subscriptions available on the home page located under the “Subscribe” button in the main menu. Have you already purchased your subscription or are you looking for the place to purchase the subscription?

  1. Where can I find the web extra section? I am looking specifically for the decimal chart and the How to Figure Size of “Squaring Off” Triangles from Love of Quilting episode 1609.

    1. You can find information for all Love of Quilting episodes in the episode guide found here. For the 1600 series, you can find the episode information here. The Quilters Need-to-Know Card has all of the information you’re looking for. As a quick reference, the ruler-to-decimal conversion chart is detailed below. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with! ~Carrie
      1/8″ = .125″
      1/4″ = .25″
      3/8″ = .375″
      1/2″ = .5″
      5/8″ = .625″
      3/4″ = .75″
      7/8″ = .875″

  2. I am looking for the 2600 series information on how to calculate for a pieced border. Liz Porter discussed it with her LeMoyne star quilt. When I click on the link I get error #404.

  3. Hi,
    I have a tip to submit:
    I am part of a small group making lap robes and Christmas stockings for Veterans. In sewing the stockings (they’re all lined) we found it challenging to turn them, get the seams aligned and the stockings nicely shaped, as some were a bit small to easily insert our hands. Dropping a couple of my husband’s golf balls in them helped this process without the risk of poking through the fabric that knitting needles or other such tools might present.
    Thanks for considering my tip,
    Georgia Rosen, Clear Lake, WI