We are taping series 2000 and welcome Liz back to the set!


What fun we are having taping the 2000 series of Love of Quilting! We have had so many great guests, this series is going to be fantastic.  Heidi Kaisand, Linda Rainwater, McKenna Ryan and even Liz Porter all came in for a guest episode.

As you all probably know, Liz retired to spend more time with her growing family and get a few holes of golf in that she didn’t have time for before!  But, you know she’s been sewing by the quilts you’ve seen of hers in Love of Quilting and it was a real pleasure to welcome her back for 2 special episodes that will air in Series 2000 this fall!

We also had the pleasure of welcoming 3 extraordinary guests: Sandy Gervais, Lisa Bongean, and Edyta Sitar for an episode taping Quilt with the Stars! You can check this out in a future shows of Quilty with Mary Fons and in Love of Quilting magazine!

In addition to filming 13 episodes of Love of Quilting, we also filmed 3 episodes of Quilt with the Stars which airs at FonsandPorter.com and QNNtv.com for free.  Be sure to check out the video and the corresponding article and project in each issue of Love of Quilting magazine.  


We would like to send a big THANKS to our sponsors of Love of Quilting for making the 2000 series possible: APQS, Baby Lock Sewing Machines, Koala Furniture, Reliable Iron, Hoffman Fabric, Madeira Thread, and Omnigrid notions.  A huge thank you to our Quilt with the Stars sponsors as well: P&B Fabrics, Red Rooster Fabrics, Moda Fabrics, Baby Lock Sewing Machines, and Koala Studios.

Happy Quilting!

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8 thoughts on “We are taping series 2000 and welcome Liz back to the set!

  1. So looking forward to the new series. It will be great to see Liz again. I look forward each week to your show. My highlight of the week. The best to you all. Kay

  2. I am glad you keep going. But very dissappointed that WNED stopped your show a couple of weeks ago.
    It was the only we can get here in Toronto unless you know otherwise. Looking forward to your magazine, I received May/June today. I am planning to do the laptop bag for my notebook.

  3. The local PBS station discontinued the CreateTV channel. I am lucky that I
    still can see it on WGBY 57 out of Mass. PBS24 in Hartford.CT replaced it with
    local coverage of high school and college sports. Not a happy camper, so my
    pledge money won’t be split this year, it will go to Mass

  4. I am so glad I read this blog tonight. I was worried because I hadn’t seen Liz on your Saturday morning airing of Fons and Porter . I imagined all kinds of things. Glad she’s ok. love the show camille woods

  5. Love you guys. You make my day. Cant wait to see the new series. So happy to see mother and daughter quilt together and more importantly be able to spend so much time together. Looking forward to also spending time with Liz again.

  6. I am so looking forward to the 2000 series and seeing everyone. Welcome back Liz, you have been greatly missed, but I know those grandbabies and the golf course are so much fun. For me it iis time to spend with my dogs and horses and friends.

  7. I look forward to our PBS presentation of Fons and Porter. The addition of Marianne’s daughter is quite refreshing. Marianne and her daughter have a much better rapport than Liz and Marianne have had in a rather long time. Sometimes its just time to move on. Best of luck to Liz and her family and I will remain a loyal student of the series. Quilt On!