Watch Out for a Magazine Subscription Scam

We have heard from many of our Love of Quilting subscribers that they are receiving renewal notices in the mail that have outrageous prices.

If you receive an invoice in the mail that looks like this, it is a scam. Our rates are $20.97 for 1 year or $32.97 for 2 years. With the holidays coming up, we may have a promotion and the cost will be less than $20.97. If you are ever in doubt, please call our customer service representatives at 888-985-1020.

We have been working for many years to shut down these scammers, but they still exist. For a complete list of bad subscription agents, please visit www.

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18 Responses to Watch Out for a Magazine Subscription Scam

  1. Billie Don Flynn says:

    I have received two of these notices asking for payment. When I received the first one I checked my records for my payment and found that I had already paid my one year prescription. I called the phone number to the Fons & Porter payment office and informed them of the new notice I received. They checked my record and informed me I had paid my subscription to date and this must be a “scam” and definitely do NOT pay it. About two months ago I received another notice to pay…I threw it away.

  2. Cindy Mellis says:

    I got one. It went right into the shredder!

  3. Rayna Werth says:

    I’ve gotten these for years. I would never pay the price they ask for. Just seeing the price I knew it wasn’t good.

  4. Mary Jane Plemons says:

    They send me renewal notices for “Countryside”. I sent one back today saying to remove me from thir contact list, because they are frauds!

  5. Bev Gunn says:

    Fell for one of these-but only one-did get the magazine. Then they messed up and “billed” me for one I had just renewed and I realized something stank!

  6. Jo Ann Pilgrim says:

    I got one of these also. I threw it where it belonged, in the trash.

    • JoAnne says:

      I got one of those, showed it to my husband and some guild friends while laughing hysterically and then pitched it into the trash!

  7. Betty Skillett says:

    Glad to hear this. I thought something had to be wrong.

  8. Jane Hutfles says:

    I was scammed, and my bank got my money back after sending them a letter with my proof of their reputation, and inability to get in touch with them. They still send them to me. Sometimes I get 4 or 5 a day for different magazines.

  9. Sherri Hoy says:

    I just got one yesterday. I thought yeah, right….. Into the recycle it went. I knew better.

  10. Barb S says:

    Thanks for clarifying that. I did get one of those and just threw it away. I love your mag but wouldn’t be able to afford it at the price they listed.

  11. Rose Ann says:

    This is not just for quilting mags. My hubby got one for his woodworking magazine. Shred these frauds.

  12. Pam says:

    Thank you so much for this information! I also received one and couldn’t believe the price. I threw it away quickly!!

  13. Melissa Cooper says:

    I too have received these notices in the mail.

  14. Rose M says:

    I also received a couple of these… I laughed when I saw the price – they actually were charging MORE than regular Newstand prices!

  15. I have received several of these in the mail to renew my Love Of Quilting Magazine. I get a number of quilting magazines and wasn’t sure of my renewal day so I called the number in the magazine. They told me it was a scam. I plan on turning them into the postal inspector at the post office. My question is—How did they know I receive the Love of Quilting Magazine?

  16. Diane says:

    I just sent in my check to Love a quilting 2 weeks ago for 12.00 / I hope it was not sent to the scam artists! Darn it!

  17. Deb Noll says:

    Just got one today,4/30/13, and since I knew I was paid up 2 years on my subscription it immediately made me suspicious.
    The price is different, it says $56.94/yr. But otherwise it looks the same.
    Envelope is addressed to ATTN: Mail Processing Department PO Box 2489 White City OR 97503 Says to make payment to RPS, or credit card link to go

    Isn’t this mail fraud? I will fill out a form and send it in. And I’ll return the invoice, with my address removed, and write across it in red NICE TRY SCUMBAG!!!

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