Turn Your T-Shirt Collection Into a Cozy Quilt!

Turn that collection of t-shirts hidden away in a drawer into a snuggly quilt in this easy class! Learn how to make the best use of the motifs on the shirts, and which motifs won’t work.

Make T-shirt Quilts That Are Extra Cozy

The secret is stabilizing the knit fabric with a fusible product. Two quilts are shown providing two layout options. You can sew the t-shirt blocks in strips or add sashing. 

In this Craft Daily class, you will learn:

  • To turn the t-shirts into fabric suitable as a quilt patch using a stabilizer
  • How to cut out your t-shirts to make use of the motif
  • How to piece them together, add sashings and border

Create an everlasting archive of your favorite t-shirts. With this quilt, you’ll have memories to last and a wonderful gift for anyone in your life.

Click here to view this video!Make T-shirt Quilts That Are Extra Cozy

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  1. I subscribed to dailycrafttv.com how to make a t-shirt quilt in 11-05-13 and now it is no longer there or has changed names. How do I excess the video I paid for. I received an e-mail about this, but I do not remember what it said to do. Thanks