Traveling through Winterset—

Nena Reisner and her husband were traveling through and detoured a bit to Winterset on their way from Utah to northern Iowa for a family reunion.  She just had to pack a few of her quilts to show us.

The quilt with airplanes is paper pieced and for her pilot husband.

Thanks for sharing Nena!

Happy quilting,

Diane T, Assistant Editor

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11 Responses to Traveling through Winterset—

  1. Brenda Taylor says:

    I was just wondering what our ancestors would think of all the wonderful quilts that have been made since their time.

  2. Sherry Sharpnack says:

    LOVE the airplane quilt! What a great job!

  3. Betty L says:

    Love the Airplane quilt. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern????

  4. Mollie Pawlik says:

    Love the quilts

  5. Sonya Gardner says:

    Love the airplane quilt….where can I get the pattern…my great-nephew would love this for Christmas..

  6. Lynda Lee Campbell says:

    I have looking for an airplane pattern for a long time. How can I get this pattern?

  7. Sharon says:

    After 60 years of life I just started wearing flip flops and I LOVE them. So I really love love love the flip flop quilt. Where have these little diddies been all my life??

    • Lilly M says:

      Sharon, that is so funny. I’m nearly fifty and have enjoyed flip-flops all my life. You must not be from the South, where they are seen year-round… even in freezing temps. (smiles and wriggles toes in flip-flops) I like the quilt, too; it is cheery and fun.

  8. Peggy says:

    not sure where she got her plane pattern, but has a paper-pieced 3-dimensional plane pattern.

  9. Karen says:

    My grand daughter made the flip flop one on a pillow case for the county 4-H fair and got grandchampion on it and she is only 11, they said that it was a neat ideal and she used some cow print that had red, black and white, so that is what we used for the accent part of the pillow case, I had made a shorts on that is like the flip flop and it was real cute also.
    There was a bikine one also but wasn’t able to get it.

  10. Karen says:

    I love, love, love the flower quilt! Could anyone tell me where I could find a pattern or maybe just a pattern of a block that I could use?

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