TOP 20: Best Quilts & Projects for Valentine’s Day

We’ve wrapped up the 2015 holiday season and the 2016 New Year celebrations have quieted. Now what? We’re counting down 20 of our best quilts and projects for February 14th! It’s time to sidle up to that sewing station to get started on that perfect project for yourself, your sweetheart, a family member or friend. Among the free quilt patterns, quilted wall hangings, quilted table toppers, mini quilts, baby quilt patterns, notions, pillows, and placemats (whew!), you’re bound to find something that strikes your fancy. There’s a gift for you in this countdown, too! We like to spread the quilting love. 🙂

Sweet Hearts made it into our countdown because of its versatility and because, let’s face it, it’s pretty adorable. Designer Kathy Munkelwitz, in her quilting brilliance, also sees Sweet Hearts as a crib quilt made in 1930s fabrics. What’s more? This Valentine’s quilt is fat quarter friendly. Yippee!
Sweet Hearts Quilt
Sweet Hearts by Kathy Munkelwitz
Ackfeld’s 3 Heart Header fits a 12″ stand and is perfect for displaying your best quilts, Valentine’s or otherwise. We think this one is perfect for the small quilts we have in our Best Quilts countdown, in our humble opinion. But, alas, we’ll leave that up to you!
3 Heart Header
Okay – so, this isn’t a quilt, but it certainly offers plenty of projects and is the gift that keeps on giving. Seriously – you can give this as a gift subscription! It’s also available as a one time purchase through the Fons & Porter online shop or as a print subscription or digital subscription. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and spreading the quilting cheer. After all, it does have “Love” in the title!
Love of Quilting - January/February 2016 Issue
You may be wondering why these Swedish Hearts tree ornaments are in the Best Quilts countdown. After all, we just discussed the 2015 holiday season coming to an end. Well, it’s never too early to start preparing for the upcoming holiday season! Plus, these ornaments can be displayed for your Valentine on an ornament stand. Try making a few different lengths and hang them together. Triple the love. How cute!
Swedish Hearts
Swedish Hearts by Natalie Earnheart
What little girl wouldn’t love this quilt? Sweetheart Fairies has just about everything you need: fairy dust and hearts. This kid’s quilt will be the hit of some lucky girls’ Valentine’s Day.
Sweetheart Fairies Kid's Quilt
Sweetheart Fairies by Patti Carey
The Lovebirds placemat is one of our Best Quilts, or rather quilted projects, since it can be given as a gift or made for your own home and displayed year round. Patrick Lose hit the nail on the head when he chose this color palette, making this pieced and appliquéd placemat a 4-season affair! This one works up quickly, to boot. If you’re looking for a project that doesn’t require a whole lot of time and commitment, you’ve found it!
Lovebirds Placemat
Lovebirds Placemat by Patrick Lose
More Christmas projects, you ask? Yes and no. Holiday Hearts appliqué table topper is another one of those projects that can be personalized by switching out the fabrics with whatever colorways make sense to you. How about red hearts and blue or purple fabrics instead of greens? A lighter green would also look great. Or, keep it as is and it can double as Christmas decor. So versatile!
Holiday Hearts Table Topper
Holiday Hearts by Patrick Lose
Don’t you love this pillow? It’s so happy and fun and full of whimsy. The Hugs & Kisses pillow, uses cute and contemporary prints in bright colors to make this the perfect Valentine’s Day gift or year-round accessory in your own home. This belongs further up the list, but the competition was stiff! Just know, we really love this one.
Hugs & Kisses Pillow
Hugs & Kisses Pillow by Patrick Lose
This one tugs on our Heartstrings. This throw-size quilt uses asymmetrical hearts appliquéd on Shoo Fly blocks to create a harmonious combination of traditional and contemporary – yesterday and today. For a different color scheme, change up the fabrics for a throw that comes out just for Valentine’s Day. Otherwise, follow June’s lead for a year-round affair.
Heartstrings Quilt
Heartstrings by June Pease
This Flirty table topper makes it into our Best Quilts countdown at number 11. We love this one since it’s perfect for quilters who like to quilt in a day or a weekend! There’s not mistaking this project – it’s definitely for a Valentine’s Day table. Add some light-heartedness to your decor with this easy-to-make table topper!
Flirty Table Topper
Flirty Table Topper by Jenny Doan
Everyone needs a baby quilt pattern in their back pocket for that upcoming baby shower or birth. Why not kill two birds with one stone and make a baby quilt that also works as a Valentine’s Day quilt? Since Skipping Hearts is rated easy, it works up quickly and, to sweeten the pot, it’s simply adorable. Again, versatility saves the day!
Skipping Hearts Quilt
Skipping Hearts by Kelly Bowser
With a name like Pretty in Pink, you can guess that this table topper is going to be a Valentine’s Day success. This project makes it in at number 9 due to several reasons: it works up fairly quickly, it can be embroidered by hand or machine, and it would look great on my mom’s table because it’s sweet just like her and pink is one of her colors. I’m a bit biased on this one!
Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink by Patrick Lose
Here’s the thing about curved piecing: we have great notions and instructional materials including a 9″ Curved Seam Template, a Jumbo Curved Seam Template and a free tutorial on how to piece curved seams, a video on Curved Piecing Two Ways, and even an on-demand webinar called Making Curved Piecing Easy. BUT, after all is said and done, we realize that sometimes people might not be in the mood. So, we bring you A Game of Hearts! This heart quilt is so much fun to make and looks amazing without curved seams. You might want to keep this one for yourself after you put it together. (Maybe this should have been number 1? We don’t want to encourage any anti-curved seams movements!)
A Game of Hearts Quilt
A Game of Hearts by Cindy Carter
This Valentine’s Day project, called Hearts and Flowers, comes in at number 7 on the Best Quilts countdown. Apart from the whimsical addition of the work “Love” in the design, you get two for the price of one! Any teenage girl will love this matching set of wall hanging and pillow.
Hearts And Flowers Quilt
Hearts And Flowers by Marinda Stewart
Coming in at number 6 is the Sweethearts Baby Quilt. Yes, another baby quilt. But, this one is special because it can lose all baby quilt qualities and instantly become a Valentine’s Day quilt! Change the color scheme and, if desired, change the size! If you’re wondering how you can make your quilt patterns bigger, take a look at the Fons & Porter blog: Want King-Size Quilts? Resize your Quilt Patterns! Oh yeah! And, no curved piecing with the added bonus of a free Quilting Quickly video tutorial on how to make this quilt.
Sweethearts Baby Quilt
Sweethearts Baby Quilt by Joy McKeon
These Chocolate Valentine Holders are a clever way to conceal a treat in the back pocket for your Valentine! RJR Fabrics for the top and backing make these the cutest. What else could you possibly want? How about all of this wrapped up in a ready-made quilt kit for under $10? You got it! Ribbon and instructions are included, as well. If you’re thinking of getting the ornament stand for #17, you can switch off displaying your Swedish Hearts and  Chocolate Valentine Holders!
Chocolate Valentine Holders
Chocolate Valentine Holders by Patrick Lose

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day mini quilt to give as a gift. The heart hanging from a bow and the postage stamp border tell the receiver that someone special is Sending Love to them. It’s perfect for the quiltmaker since this quilt kit costs just over $10. It’s a win-win! Throw in Ackfeld’s 3 Heart Header (#19) which fits a 12″ stand for some extra love.

Sending Love Mini Quilt
Sending Love by Patrick Lose
This is one of my personal favorites. I LOVE these Metal Barn Quilt Blocks! Each one is made of laser-cut, heavy-gauge steel and can be displayed indoors or outdoors. It’s a fashionable way for your family member or friend to let the world know that a quilter cares about them! (You might want to keep one for yourself, too.)
Metal Barn Quilt Heart Star Block
Coming in at number 2, Patched-Up Hearts gets the runner-up prize! Like previous quilts in the countdown, this heart quilt doesn’t require curved piecing, but adds a little more oomph to the overall quilt with a kaleidoscope of colors making up each individual heart. The cherry on top? It’s hard to beat a scrappy quilt pattern! You’ll notice that our quilt is made with batiks, but we want you to choose fabrics from your stash that speak to you. This quilt will give you that “ah-hah!” moment once the strategically placed triangle-squares come together to create the heart pattern you see here. It’s like magic!
Patched-Up Hearts Quilt
Patched-Up Hearts by Susan Emerson
We’ve made it to the number 1 slot in our Best Quilts countdown! This is a double whammy – it is our gift to you for your continued loyalty to Fons & Porter and you might just find the quilt pattern that works as a gift for someone else. We love free quilt patterns, don’t you? Get 3 free quilt patterns from this free Hearts eBook to download and use as you please. It’s on us!
Free Heart Quilts eBook

It’s true! The gift of a quilt can make anyone feel loved, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or any of the other 364 days in the year. Did you decide on your Valentine’s quilt project? Which did you choose?

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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