Tip Tuesday: 7 Tips for the Quilter

We’ve got a mix bag of quilting tips for you today. You’ll find tips on quilting designs and helping out your quilting friends. There are a lot of little quirks about quilting that we don’t think about or even realize we could make easier until we find a tip like one below. Hopefully you find that little golden trinket of wisdom in this week’s tips.

Tip #1: Non-slip Template
To keep my templates from slipping, I use adhesive-backed sandpaper. I cut ½”-wide strips from the sandpaper and use a paper punch to punch out little dots. My stiletto comes in handy for removing the paper from the back of those little pieces of sandpaper. You can also use scrapbook punches to cut cute shapes like butterflies, hearts, and flowers.

Tip #2: Quilting Templates
I find that the wooden figures sold at craft stores make good quilting designs, especially for kids’ quilts!Templates at Fons & Porter

Tip #3: Quilting Practice
I practice quilt designs on a dry-erase board until I get the feel of it. You can doodle away and erase over and over. Use a scrap of cotton batting as an eraser.

Tip #4: Machine Oiling Trick
Whenever I am going to be gone on a trip for an extended period of time, I oil my machine before leaving. That gives the oil a longer time to soak into the parts. When I return, I clean the residue!

Tip #5: Marking for Quilting
I use Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Markers when I mark quilting lines for hand quilting. I like them because they’re small and easy to handle when I do a lot of marking.

Tip #6: Cheer Up a Quilter
Instead of sending flowers to a quilting friend who is sick, Reproduction fabrics fat quarter packgive fat quarters or a gift certificate from her favorite quilt shop.

Tip #7: Two at a Time
Like lots of quilters, I give many quilts away. Because it is sometimes hard to part with them, I now make two quilts at the same time—one to give away and one to keep. I do all of the cutting and piecing at once so I don’t feel as if I am starting over to make the second one.

My personal favorite was tip #6. It makes sense! Quilters love quilt supplies, and I can’t think of anything that would cheer up a quilter faster than giving them something to look forward to when they’re feeling better.

Happy Quilting!

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2 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: 7 Tips for the Quilter

  1. Top tips very useful. As I’m spending some time in hospital at present I have some hand sewing with me to help me relax and pass the time… I get bored with lots of TV. I brought a felt candle mat kit in with me. I think a useful tip would be to take a little kit as a present for a quilting friend. Just make sure it has all necessary materials and notions and maby include a small plastic box to keep everything together. Love your magazine, received April edition from my son yesterday….. Another very lovely top tip. Breda Healy, Ireland.