Thursday Holiday Trivia Contest – Week 2 Question and Week 1 Answer

The answer for the Week 1 Holiday Trivia Contest is…

The September/October 2002 issue was the first issue that the title Love of Quilting was officially used. Prior to that it was For The Love of Quilting. Many of you got the answer correct.

The week 1 winner of the 6″ x 25″ Omnigrid ruler is Faye.

Week 2 Holiday Trivia question

What is the only living animal to be featured on the cover of a Fons & Porter quilting magazine?

If you know the answer, enter it in the comment section below. If you answer correctly, you will be entered into a random drawing for a Fons & Porter Heart Wrist Pin Cushion and Fons & Porter Crystal Glass Head Pins.










Your comment may not appear at first, but rest assured we have received it. Thanks for participating and Good Luck!



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308 Responses to Thursday Holiday Trivia Contest – Week 2 Question and Week 1 Answer

  1. Wanda Veldman says:

    I think I remember a cat.

  2. Vicki says:

    I would say a dog.

  3. Joy Bowman says:

    Jan-Feb 2005

  4. Debbie Duty says:

    July/August 1996

  5. Debra Revay says:

    July/Aug 1996. A camel

  6. Carolyn says:

    I believe it was a camel on the July/Aug 1996 issue.

  7. Cindy M says:

    Camel..on the July/August 1996 issue.

  8. Kim N says:

    July/August 1996: A Camel! (On a side note, I enjoyed looking at all the back issue covers!)

  9. Patricia Hersl says:

    I’m in for a camel.

  10. Nan Ramsey says:

    A camel that you were riding on July/August 1996

  11. Jenny Hair-Mitchell says:

    A camel

  12. Dixie McClure says:


  13. Jan Gossman says:

    A camel

  14. Theresa Kettner says:

    A CAMEL!

  15. Carol Vickers says:

    A camel

  16. Ginger Komiskey says:

    A camel…1996.

  17. Faye Marcacci says:

    A camel. My 2 favorite quilters were riding a camel in the July/August 1996 issue.

  18. Elaine Gibson says:


  19. Susan Knueven says:

    A camel…. sometime in mid 90’s.

  20. Elizabeth Bellamy says:


  21. Gaétane Lavoie says:

    a camel

  22. LeAnn says:

    That would be a camel.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Diane Kennedy says:

    Must be CAMEL.

  24. Barbara Klaver says:

    A camel!

  25. Jeanne Erdman says:

    Of course it was a Camel!!! and a pretty one at that…with big brown eyes and big soft lips…. oh…and a hump!!

  26. Anita says:

    A camel! That wasn’t the animal I expected to find tho’! :)

  27. Kaye Seese says:

    A camel!

  28. Ronda Martin says:

    A Camel!

  29. Kathy says:

    A camel!!!

  30. Leanne Stoll says:

    a camel

  31. Carol Y says:

    the camel on July/August 1996

  32. Pastor Diane says:

    Who could forget a camel?

  33. Jane says:

    It didn’t look very comfortable, but it was a camel!

  34. Darlene Yanke says:

    A Camel.

  35. Laura Rodriguez says:

    a camel

  36. Judy Hildebrand says:

    Well it appears by all the previous answers and since I honestly don’t know, I will have to go with a big brown eyed camel and thank you for giving all of us this opportunity to win a sewing notion from our favorite Quilting teachers.

  37. Jane McKay says:

    Must be a camel. I wasn’t a quilter back then……But, this is a nice chance to win. Thanks

  38. barbara says:

    a camel

  39. The animal was a camel

  40. Macria Fowler says:

    A cat…

  41. Macria Fowler says:

    Well, I gues I was wrong…a camel? WOW!

  42. Denise Kemp says:


  43. Has to be that beautiful camel.

  44. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    Camel.. thanks for the fun

  45. Debbie Bacon says:

    A camel! July/August 1996

  46. sherry travis says:


  47. Jan Strickland says:


  48. Sher Henry says:

    A camel!

  49. Debra G says:


  50. gpruett says:

    a camel

  51. Glenda H says:

    I remember the camel.

  52. Jo E says:

    A camel. I think I need to win because I have need something to entertain me while I am recovering from surgery that I am having 11/11/11.

  53. Amanda says:

    A Camel

  54. Sandy Simmons says:

    it’s a camel

  55. Susan Edwards says:

    A camel.

  56. dianne peaslee says:

    a camel

  57. Sandie Emig says:

    Has to be a camel!

  58. Susan Weber says:


  59. VickiT says:

    A camel

  60. Carolyn White says:

    It was a Camel!!!

  61. Carol Carman says:

    It was a camel.

  62. Joyce Long says:

    A camel, July/August 1996

  63. Angie Peruski says:

    a camel !

  64. Marti Zieg says:

    A camel.

  65. Myrna says:

    A camel!

  66. Helen Dempsey says:

    I think it was a CAMEL. I really enjoy your mag. and show.

  67. Janet Crossman says:

    I think it was a camel.

  68. Debbie Greenfield says:

    A camel.

  69. Nora says:

    I think -a CAT

  70. Donna McKeown says:

    A Camel

  71. sharon spaulding says:

    camel….july/aug 96

  72. jean huntsinger says:

    camel of course!

  73. Nancy Hubbard says:

    A camel July/August 1996 issue.

  74. Denise says:

    Camel..and thanks for another chance to win something :-)

  75. L. Burks says:

    A Cat !

  76. Sherry Milliken says:

    Must be a camel!

  77. Deb Nelson says:

    A Camel !

  78. Deb Nelson says:

    A Camel

  79. Cherie C says:

    A camel

  80. Deb Nelson says:


  81. Patricia Frappier says:

    A camel???? nooo it was a tabby pussycat :)

  82. heather caswell-hathaway says:


  83. Mary Scholl says:

    I would have to say a CAMEL

  84. Julia Grigsby says:

    July/Aug 1996 A camel with 2 lovely ladies sitting on it.

  85. Julia Grigsby says:

    July/Aug 1996 A camel

  86. Julia Grigsby says:

    July/Aug 1996 Camel

  87. Karen A says:

    I think it was a camel.

  88. sheila taylor says:

    a camel

  89. marilyn logan says:

    A Camel

  90. Carol Blackburn says:

    Must have been a camel! Thanks for the contests……

  91. Judy Cappas says:

    A camel!

  92. Sally johnson says:

    It was a camel.

  93. Judi R says:

    I remembered this one. A camel!

  94. Rina Mason says:

    A Camel

  95. LeAnn says:

    A camel.

  96. Debbie French says:

    I feel like I am cheating at this point….so all the other ladies before me really deserve to win because they answered first! Thank you for the opportunity. And thank you for the awesome information in each issue. I am so excited each time I get my new issue. I am disabled and it is so wonderful to be able to share in making such beautiful quilts, and all other items!
    Bless You, Debbie French

  97. Karen says:

    The first animal to appear on the cover was a camel.

  98. Caroline C says:

    A Camel!

  99. Kathy M Boice says:

    I thought it was a dog but alot of good people think it was a camel and I trust their thoughts. Good luck to everyone.

  100. Patsy Becker says:

    I thought it might be a cow.

  101. Kathy Emberley says:

    a camel

  102. Laurie Quinn says:

    a camel on july 1996 cover

  103. Stephanie Echols says:

    A camel!

  104. Joyce Kirkpatrick says:

    A camel!!

  105. Robin A. says:


  106. Alice McFarlane says:

    a camel

  107. Jean McMurry says:

    It was a Camel!

  108. Jean McMurry says:

    A camel

  109. Barb Park says:


  110. Sally W says:

    July/August 1996 – camel :)

  111. Rhonda P says:


  112. Deborah Hester says:

    A Camel

  113. Judi Nixon says:

    A cat would be my guess.

  114. Lynn says:

    A camel!!!! :)

  115. M Merritt says:

    Who says Quilters aren’t an adventurous bunch? It was a Camel!!!

  116. Susan Menzel says:

    A beautiful, fluffy camel.

  117. Judy Nell says:

    A camel from July/August 1996.

  118. Peggy Poole says:

    It was a camel!!

  119. Beverly Holst says:

    A dog

  120. Patricia says:


  121. Jenny Fifer says:

    A Camel

  122. joyce hammer says:

    a camel

  123. joanna said says:

    I’m guessing a kitty. =oX)

  124. Kathy Dulzo says:


  125. Phyllis McClendon says:

    A Camel

  126. Donna Brakensiek says:

    A Camel on the July/August 1996 issue

  127. Pamela Coughlin says:

    It was a came on the July/August issue 1996. What a great picture of you on the camel!
    Thanks for the contest

  128. Willa Bush says:


  129. Sharon Kerswell says:

    A camel!

  130. Martha J. Riley says:

    A Camel

  131. marilyn logan says:

    I think it was a camel.

  132. Joelene Didora says:

    I would have to say a cat.

  133. Elaine Rieck says:

    Camel :-)

  134. Rachelle says:

    Human beings, members of the animal kingdom, appear very regularly! I would have to go with them as they appear most frequently:)

  135. Laurie Evans says:

    A Camel :)

  136. Claudette Adams says:


  137. Cynthia Arrington says:

    It was a Camel

  138. Brenda Johnson says:

    :) i believe it was a camel :)

  139. Stacey Contenti says:

    A camel

  140. Marie says:

    Hard to dispute the answer…Camel.

  141. Diane A says:

    A Camel

  142. Deborah Campbell says:

    A Camel !

  143. Deane Kinsel says:


  144. Loretta says:

    A Camel!

  145. July/August 1996 – Camel (Such brave women – camels can have such a nasty attitude)

  146. Ethel Chinander says:

    Took me a while to find it. But it is a camel.

  147. Sharon Whitfield says:


  148. Carol says:

    I’ll go along with everyone else-CAMEL!

  149. Barbara Stewart says:

    It is just guess,but I would have to go with cat……

  150. Margit Kidd says:


  151. Barb Johnson says:

    I’m going with the consensus – a camel!.

  152. Joyce Ensey says:

    a camel

  153. Vicki Hendrickson says:


  154. Sally King says:


  155. Jessica Cunningham says:


  156. Susan Kelton says:

    It’s a camel.

  157. Janet Frank says:

    Must be a camel!

  158. Marianne Derr says:


  159. Judith Lively says:

    I believe it as a camel.

  160. Charlotte says:

    How about a camel? :-)

  161. Carol says:

    July/August 1996 issue was graced by a camel.

  162. Judy Strigel says:

    Camel is the answer. Thanks for a chance to win some prizes.

  163. Corinne Getman says:

    it was a camel

  164. char grant says:


  165. Sue K says:

    Not sure what a camel has to do with quilting…a cat makes more sense, or dogs, my dogs love to help me quilt….but we all know that it was a camel!!!! Love your publications…..would love to win!

  166. Rhonda Reynolds says:


  167. mary says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t quilting back then, but it seems lots of your fans know the answer, it starts with a “c” and someone even says two people are riding it. GL to ya’ll. Enjoy the site.

  168. Loretta says:

    a camel?

  169. Levi T Henson says:

    Is it a cat?

  170. Terry says:

    A camel!!

  171. Lori says:

    I do believe it is a Camel

  172. Monica says:

    A Camel…

  173. Debbie Rogowski says:

    :) census is that it is a camel But I had to look and see. Sure enough it’s a camel, what fun

  174. Marge says:

    I’ll guess a camel also

  175. Faye Coatney says:

    I’m pretty positive it was a camel

  176. Linda Mulholland says:

    It was a camel.

  177. Nancy Josephs says:

    A camel was on the cover of the July/August 1996 Sew Many Quilts magazine.

  178. Polly Beckley says:

    •Wacky Log Cabin Zoo Quilt showed a Camel in the July/August 1996 issue.

  179. Christine Miller says:

    I remember the camel!!!

  180. Christine Miller says:

    The camel.

  181. Bea Morris says:

    a camel

  182. Judy Maggio says:

    It was a Camel. Thanks for your contests. I love your shows.

  183. Diane Johnson says:

    A camel. Thanks.

  184. Terry Borger says:

    It was a camel.

  185. Hannah says:

    It was a camel. :)

  186. Gidget says:

    Wow a Camel it is!

  187. Dottie Alexander says:

    Maryanne and Liz on the back of a camel.

  188. Phyllis Brown says:

    camel. I too enjoyed looking back.

  189. cindy stearns says:


  190. Connie German says:

    I agree with most of the others. A camel.

  191. Gunda says:

    Looks like a camel.:-)

  192. BEVERLY says:

    a camel july/aug 1996

  193. Monica Esau says:


  194. Linda Kountz says:

    Camel for sure.

  195. Karen D'Amato says:


  196. Ro Block says:

    A camel

  197. Karla Hall says:

    I guess a camel… who would have thought

  198. Jane says:

    It was a camel on the July/August 1996 issue.

  199. Viola McShannon says:

    A camel

  200. Mary Hills says:

    a camel

  201. Patricia Jager says:

    It was a dog on the cover of the 2009 Premier Issue of Make-Ability. What a fun issue!

  202. Mouselett says:

    I will have to go with the ship of the desert…..the humble camel.

  203. Patty Swatzell says:


  204. Monique Lavigne says:

    A Camel.

  205. Debbie Samuelson says:

    A camel!

  206. anne lewis says:


  207. Marie Mitchell says:

    A camel.

  208. Kim Gouzie says:


  209. Donna Harry says:

    Camel it is!

  210. DeAnn Oliekan says:

    A Camel!

  211. Sue Willard says:

    A camel

  212. Mary Curtis says:

    Purrfectly sure…..;) Was it a cat? I think it was Liz’s cat? Hope so.

  213. Susan W says:

    a Camel. It was on one of the first F&P “For theLove of Quilting” magazines.

  214. Terry Bridgham says:

    My guess is a camel. I saw your show for the first time tonight and really enjoyed it!

  215. Audrey Ostrowski says:


  216. Georjann Deutsch says:


  217. Kay says:

    Camel…it was so much fun going back and looking at old issues…thanks for doing the contest…I actually found a few patterns that I now need to try.

  218. Sandy Slack says:

    A camel

  219. lindy enlow says:

    Just got my laptop back….but found the 96 issue and it WAS a camel!

  220. Rosemarie Umland says:

    A brown camel

  221. Robin Burton says:

    It was a camel on the July/ August 1996 issue.

  222. Robin Klein says:

    Animal on cover= Camel

  223. Helen Hensley says:

    I believe it was a CAT!!!

  224. Judi Thayer says:

    a camel

  225. Jo E says:

    DebbieFrench, I don’t know if you can really “cheat” at this contest or not. There are a lot of disabled quilters. I am mildly disabled both physically and visually and I am recovering from surgery. I agree that it is fun to be able to participate in these contests.

  226. Linda Towers says:

    A camel !

  227. wordygirl says:

    A camel–hard to believe, but I’ve confirmed it. My dad was in Morocco during WWII and he had a very low opinion of camels after that. How about you?

  228. Susan Ioanou-Silver says:

    camel…two people riding it

  229. Elma Lutman says:


  230. lori haver says:

    It’s a Camel!!

  231. Camel. (But a cat &/or dog *should* get a cover shot soon ;-)

  232. Kathy Anastasi says:


  233. Helene-Audette says:

    Je crois qu’il s’agit d’un chameau !

  234. Linda Boerner says:

    Camel is my 2 cents worth!

  235. Paula Schaef says:

    A camel.

  236. Marge Barlow says:

    Definitely a camel with 2 lovely ladies riding on it. Brave souls!! It was fun looking back at the covers of past issues.

  237. Jill Bohrnell says:

    A camel.

  238. Bette says:

    I believe the animal was a camel.

  239. Linda says:

    A Camel of course!

  240. Nellie Rowe says:

    Yes.. I remember a camel!

  241. dawn pry says:

    It was a camel and I have that issue!

  242. Mary says:

    A camel! What a hoot!

  243. patty kercher says:


  244. Janet says:

    A camel.

  245. Cynthia Green says:

    It was a camel…..!

  246. Sarah Holzworth says:

    It was a camel :) Good luck to us all!!

  247. Dorothy Mullins says:

    It was a Camel August 1996

  248. dolores says:

    A camel?

  249. Jessica Holmes says:

    Camel on the cover of July/August 1996 issue. You were sitting on it.

  250. ellen olson-sax says:


  251. Angela Aslinger says:

    A Camel

  252. Marilyn Snow says:

    A camel on the July/ Aug 1996

  253. Sharon Caplinger says:

    A camel!
    July/August 1996

  254. Charlotte Henley says:

    A camel.

  255. Linda L.Johnston says:

    It think it was camel also

  256. R. Hoover says:


  257. Yolanda Robinson says:

    a camel!

  258. Angèle says:

    Could it possibly be a camel? Sounds weird but…. I guess it’s true.

  259. Barb Kimball says:

    A camel

  260. Brenda Duncan says:


  261. Karen Roberts says:

    A camel

  262. Nancy K says:

    A camel.

  263. Jodi G. says:

    A camel is the answer.

    Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.


  264. Wanda Holland says:

    I guess by the looks of your question, the almighty Camel from your 1996 issue . Just wanted you to know that I now have a computer, so I can keep up on all your e-mails and issues to come. You have a very awesome show, and your book are very interesting. Looking forward for the one. Thank you so much. Wanda

  265. Wanda Holland says:

    A camel

  266. Jodie Grimm says:

    A camel.

  267. Barb Reck says:

    A Camel

  268. Kathy Edmonds says:

    July/Aug 1996 – Camel

  269. Stacey says:

    A camel (who woulda thunk that lol ?!?!?!).

  270. Jennifer P says:

    It was a camel in July/August 1996. You guys looked too cute “in the saddle.”

  271. Pam Murphy says:

    A CAMEL!

  272. Janet Meldrum says:


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