The sky is the limit!

When you start choosing the fabrics for a  project, how do you choose the background fabric?

Traditional quilts prominently used cream or white, mainly because that is what was available. I always smile when I see a bold and vibrant background on an antique quilt. I think- wow! I’d like to have met the person who made that quilt. How creative she or he must have been.

Today, the sky is the limit. We see a lot of different fabrics used in backgrounds. It’s neither brave, nor bold, but with all of the choices out there, why not play?

There are a few things to think about when looking for a background fabric.

  • Do you want to complement, contrast, or blend with your patchwork?
  • Is there a certain pattern in your design you want to enhance?
  • If your patchwork fabrics are dark, you may want to look towards a medium or lighter background. If the patchwork is light, you may want to try something darker.
  • Our sewing specialist Cindy makes our test blocks for the magazine. She suggests that if your patchwork is busy-you may want to make your background less busy. In the same respect, if your patchwork is reserved, you may want to make your background busier with a print.

Above all, please yourself!  You’re the one making it, so make it fun!

Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor





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