Take a peek at Liz’ newest quilt!

Liz may have retired, but she’s been busy designing quilts!

We have several here in our office for upcoming issues of Love of Quilting. Liz stopped in today and was showing Jean, our Editor, the quilt she is currently working on.

You can now find Liz spending more time with her family or out golfing, but her love of quilting still shows through.

We have lots of great quilts from both Liz and Marianne scheduled for our next issues of Love of Quilting!

Happy Quilting,

Diane, Assistant Editor




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15 thoughts on “Take a peek at Liz’ newest quilt!

  1. I just want to say kudos to Liz for retiring. I can’t imagine that being an easy decision except when she looked at her grandchildren. 🙂 And I just caught a program with Mary and Marianne and think that it’s so great that they are working together. Keeps the more “seasoned” quilters mentoring the fresh “finger pricked” blood together and quilting alive in the younger generations! I am not young, neither am I older, just right at the perfect age and the new format is refreshing. I’ve searched online to know what had happened and there are some people out there bashing the new format of the show….I say to them, when you don’t encourage change, especially when it brings the younger generations into the fold, then you lose an artform that has been around for a very long time. Please keep doing the new format, having fun and tweaking as you go along….I want to see a truly rich span of generations in my quilting guild, not just the “seasoned” quilters. 🙂

  2. I truly miss Liz, but know what a joy it is to spend time doing things that you like. I also love to see Mary and Marianne working so well together. I think that they will learn from each other. It helps us all to grow in the craft. It is always nice to look at quilting with new eyes and ideas. I really like that the show will still be on.

  3. Liz looks so good! Relaxed and tan. Retirement must be treating you well.
    Just a word – we heard from Liz today – on the show would be encouraging.
    Your fans are concerned and curious.

  4. I miss Liz too, she seemed a good sewing friend! I’m delighted to see Mary join the quilting family. Our craft needs the enthusiasm and questions posed by a whole new generation of fabric lovers and quilters. I remember the kindness of more senior sewing mentors when I was a young curious questioner. Their generosity and kindness of spirit and instruction reminds me of our duty to mentor the young women of today! SEW IT FORWARD!


  5. I enjoy the show with Mother and Daughter team. My daughter is working with me now .She was inspired how well you work together. We watch your show every Saturday. Liz enjoy your grandkids. If I knew my grandbabies was this sweet, I would have had them first.

  6. I am so happy for Liz. Retirement is great an can be lots of fun.

    I enjoy the show with Mary and Marianne. (Kinda off topic) Saw Mary with her longer hair and liked it much better. Keep up the good work Mary I like you as a host.

    Someday my daughter will ask me how to quilt and I will be over the moon!

  7. Love your program . Have been watching for many years. Like the new format.Miss seeing Liz,but understand her wanting to retire.
    Really enjoy the mother and daughter, work.
    Will be watching and following for many years to come.

  8. just wondering where Liz was, kept waiting for her to reappear on the show. still watch it but I miss Liz. Happy Retirement to you. now at least when I watch the show I’m not going crazy wondering.

  9. I love all the shows though the years and with each one I learn something. New. I do miss Liz but I also will like learning something. New from Mary so keep up the good work love seeing you jane