BLOCK Friday: String Quilt Scrapbuster!

The string quilt is a scrapbuster, no doubt, and it can also be incredibly liberating. Constructed from a series of thin strips (the strings), string-pieced blocks come in a wider variety of shapes and designs than you might expect.

Kris Peterson, staff technical writer at Fons & Porter, talks about the series of string quilts she’s been working on:

Oh, Look! Oh, Look! string quiltI’ve completed a couple projects recently in my series of string quilts. My first one, Oh Look! Oh Look!, was originally inspired by Karen Griska’s Fandango, which I loved for its wonkiness.

For my second string quilt, I drew inspiration from Dodi Poulson’s String Me Along. It was fun to piece on a paper foundation in a “controlled” color scheme of blues and greens and my favorite black and white polka dot fabric.

String Me Along string quiltMembers of a small quilt group I belong to contributed scrap strips of differing widths. I tossed all the fabric into a large basket and then just pulled strips as I pieced the blocks.

I found it so freeing to work without a precise plan, and the possibilities are endless.

~Kris Peterson

If you’re intrigued, check out Virginia Baker and Barbara Sanders’ String Quilt Revival.

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