Start “Connecting Threads” Today!




Are you in a fabric slump? Have you been visiting the same fabric store for years and think you’ve seen it all?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to try Connecting Threads! You’ll find exclusive fabric collections, quilt kits, samplers, and more at

Bulk up your thread stash with the Essential Threads collection. These spools are 1,200 yards and work great for top stitching, appliqué and piecing!


You’ll find fun, modern, contemporary or traditional fabric solids and patterns at These fabric collections have a little something for every style of quilter for only $5.96/yard!

198 191 197




 meets every quilting need from beginner quilt kits to samplers and bestseller quilting books.

Visit today and find inspiration for your next quilting project!

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4 Responses to Start “Connecting Threads” Today!

  1. Joyce Cooke says:

    When you advertise material, please include information about the country where the material was produced.

  2. Joan Terrell says:

    Please remove the above email from your mailing list. When i want to go to your site i wil go to it without 10 msgs in my email.
    Thank you…

    • FP Editor says:

      Joan– If you would like to unsubscribe to this mailing list, you can find an option at the bottom of your email that says “If you no longer wish to receive newsletter emails from Fons & Porter, click here”. Click on the hyperlink and you will find an option to unsubscribe.

      – Fons & Porter Staff

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