Stand Up Quilters, Learn the Longarm Fundamentals

A quilt without quilting is just a blanket. Not only does quilting add another level of texture and personality to your quilt, but quilting a quilt on the longarm, midarm or shortarm is just plain fun! Usually when we start quilting ourselves, we begin tentatively, with questions and feeling unsure we’re doing it all right.

In this class for beginner to intermediate standup quilters, you’ll get expert tips from blue ribbon-winning longarm quilter, Angela Huffman, on how to get started on your quilting adventure, and even how to move past quilting loops and swirls. This is the class that should come with every new machine. Our past students agree. Here’s what they say about this class:

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!, THANK YOU! for offering this class. I have learned so much, and realize just how much more I have to learn. — Gloria N

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.39.47 PM

I will follow with all the courses you teach. I have enjoyed getting so, so much information. People always assume you know the information already. Please let all of the students know when you will be teaching other courses. This is the first online course I have enrolled in. I will enroll in other courses to further my education in longarm quilting. Thank You! — Judy W

Angela, I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with all of us. You are inspiring and so talented. I would recommend this course to any quilter out there. Your tips are true, (worth the) time and money. — Debra K

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.38.11 PM

This class has inspired me to new levels on my longarm. I thank you for teaching this awesome class. I have learned so much from the videos and downloads and will review them often. I created a binder with the printouts and saved all the videos and files to two places to make sure I don’t lose them. This has been a wonderful experience. – Jeanne K

You are a gifted teacher. While my head is spinning with all the info, you have taken away a lot of the fear of being able to justify such a huge financial (and space) investment. – Beth S

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.38.42 PM

Words can’t describe how thankful I am for this course! I have learned so much, and so many tricks! Your quilting talents have truely brought JOY into my quilting world. — Vickie W.

You’ll be another happy student after taking this class. This is your opportunity to stretch your quilting skills and take your quilts to the next level. You’ll be amazed what you’re capable of doing if you just have the right foundation. Angela knows what she’s doing when it comes to longarm quilting and she wants to teach you in this Longarm Fundamentals course. Learn more and register at Craft University.

Happy Quilting!

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