Spring is in the Air

My favorite flower is the lilac, and as I walked to lunch today the distinct fragrance of lilacs filled the air.

Hedge of Lilacs near Winterset, IA Courthouse

In Winterset, our courthouse grounds have a lilac hedge that is in full bloom. I took the time to stand and inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale…it was invigorating!


In the last Fons & Porter newsletter, I talked about how nature has the ability to inspire as the earth begins to bloom and come alive during the season of spring. These pictures are from some of our readers, I thought you might enjoy seeing the inspirational beauty that surrounds them. Enjoy!

Mandy C. Editorial Assistant

Cactus Garden blooming in Gilbert, Arizona
Blue Bonnet Fields in Mesquite, TX send from Linda N.
Azaleas in Georgia sent in by Kris Straton
Dogwood Trees in Georgia send in by Kris Straton

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