So–what’s going on this morning?

Here are a few pictures snapped this morning, here in Winterset.  Some of us are at IPTV taping our next PBS series this week or scheduled to go later today to help out, but here’s a quick trip around to see what’s happening!

Laura, our Website Assistant comes in early every day and brings her smile with her!  Would you believe she gave up caffeine a month ago?

Kristi, our Publisher, is smiling because she didn’t give up caffeine and has her all-important second cup of the morning!



Here’s Deb, our Managing Editor, sorting through tips that our readers have sent in, and deciding which ones will go to IPTV later today for Mary and Marianne to present on the shows.



Jean, our Editor, catching up with email before she starts final proof on Kids Quilts. She’s off to IPTV later today also!



Tony, our Art Director for Easy Quilts and many other projects, is busy working on layout.  You’ll find him walking his dogs later this evening and possibly stopping at the local ice cream shop for doggy ice cream cones!  Lucky dogs!


Kris, our Technical Writer is busy figuring out instructions for a project  for Easy Quilts.  Any day you go by her desk, she is writing instructions and figuring out yardages needed for the next project.

And here’s Sharon, our Retail Manager, smiling and cutting fabric to ship out for the 2 quilts we are offering for the Alaskan cruise in May.

Whatever you are up to today, enjoy and Happy Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor

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