Sew & Tell Guidelines

We love seeing your work and what quilt patterns you have made. Pictures are worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand stitches!

We want to make sure photos submitted for our Sew & Tell feature present your hard work in the best light possible.

Here are 5 suggestions to make your quilt pictures perfect:

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 3.41.17 PM

  • Lighting: Take a picture of your quilt outdoors to get the best natural lighting. Indoor lighting can leave a yellow hue in the picture. It could be fun to create a scene in your backyard, but…
  • Check your Surroundings: Avoid clutter or unnecessary items in the picture. We want the main item to be the quilt so the detail can be shown.
  • Focus: Before you click your camera, make sure the photo is in focus. Blurry or fuzzy photos take away from the beautiful details of your quilt.
  • Angle: If you can, hang your quilt. This helps the quilt be square to the camera. Avoid having hands in the photo.
  • Attire: If you want to proudly stand next to your quilt, go ahead! However, avoid flashy or large pattern or advertisements on your clothing. We’d love to see your smiling face, but your quilt is the focus.

Keep sending in your photos, quilters! Just keep in mind these guidelines and check out some examples from your fellow quilters:

2546_slide   2538_slide

The Irish Chain by Sally Werling      Imperial Diamonds by Mary Cattani

Happy Quilting!

Fons & Porter Rachel

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