Scrap Quilts Fabric Giveaway: Closed

We are excited to show you the quilts in the Scrap Quilts magazine from the editors at Fons & Porter. Many of the scrap quilts featured in this magazine have alternate size charts for your quilting convenience. Click the magazine cover to browse through the quilts before the magazine is on sale. You will also get to see the winning quilt in the Scrap Quilts Quilt Contest, Fiesta. Get your Scrap Quilts magazine at as a print or digital issue.

Please tell us which quilt you will use most of your fabric stash to make. Enter your comment in the comment box below and enter to win a 1930’s reproduction fabric fat quarter bundle.

Two lucky winners will be chosen at random. The contest will close at midnight on May 31, 2013. Good Luck!

Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the moderator. Thank you for participating.

This contest is now closed, congratulations to our 2 winners:
Crystal M: Kaffe’s garden at night.
Melanie D: The strippy pyramid looks like a pretty nifty one that I’d love to try out! How did you know 1930’s reproduction fabrics were my favorite?

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1,322 thoughts on “Scrap Quilts Fabric Giveaway: Closed

  1. I would love to make the Broken Dishes quilt I think that’s what it’s called. My grandma was a quilter for many years and she lived in the 1930’s I would make it for her.

  2. I would love to make the Carrie Nation fat quarter baby quilt! I collect 1930’s fabric, and have made seveal Queen and King sized quilts already! I have made a a couple of 9-patch quilts, a Dresdon- Plate Sunflower quilt, and am in the process of making a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt!

  3. I think repro 30’s fabric would look great in the “Feeling Groovy” pattern as featured in the magazine. I am partial to that pattern and I think it would look great in the Churn Dash blocks.

  4. I would like to make another quilt with the pattern of “Fifty Four Forty or Fight. I made one years ago for a friend and now I finally have the time to make another for myself.

  5. Love the fabric, Love your periodical, love watching, ok enough, just thanks for the chance to win this fabric, have a nice day from Northern Japan, Marianne

  6. Although I love the Fiesta quilt, it’s looks a bit intensive. I could see myself doing Color Study and Grandma’s Broken Dishes, well, and then there’s Strippy Pyramids…I love scrappy quilts!

  7. Beautiful fabric, it would be fun to use to make a quilt for some special little one. Scrap quilts are a great way to use up bits and pieces. Going to have to look for that magazine. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. I would use the material to make the Weavers quilt. I have been planning to make a quilt with a white background, and this quilt fits the bill perfectly. It is a very appealing and refreshing pattern.

  9. LOVE Kaffe’s Garden at Night! I have been wanting to make a black backround quilt for a while now, love love love this 🙂 The 1930’s fabric bundle would look great for a Mother’s Lil Helper apron block wallhanging that I want to do with 30’s reprint fabric, kind of as a tribute to my Mom who always wore an apron that she had made.

  10. Any pattern you can make with 30s fabric is a happy quilt. I just finished up two, already to start another one…would love to use the fabric in the giveaway. Pick me!

  11. I like the Weavers-Modern Fat Quarter Friendly Quilt. Something about using traditional fabrics in non-traditional patterns is very appealing to me.

  12. I like the Starlit Path. I have most of these colors in my stash and the ones I don’t have I will be forced to go buy. LOL. Thank you for sharing.

  13. I would like to make a quilt to send to Moore to be given to one of the victims of the Monday’s tornado. I like the Four Patch Puzzle–Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt.

  14. Just recently used a bit of new vintage fabrics, again. years ago I used them for vintage aprons, this time for a table runner. Love to see these up close and personal in my sewing room.. any quilt with hexies, pinwheels or HST will be wonderful for these fabrics. but then you already know this factoid.. lol

  15. It would be great to win .. Would help me get motivated to do more quilting. I would use the reproduction fabric in Weaver pattern. I like the contrast of old print and new pattern. 🙂

  16. I am going to be an aunt again twice over….a baby boy in Sept and a surprise in Oct so I need to make some baby quilts! This 30’s bundle would be great for both. Love retro fabric!

  17. I would love to do the Grandma’s Broken Dishes but I also have a partial Grandmother’s Flower Garden that needs more fabrics, Gotta love those grandma quilts.

  18. I have not done any quilting in more than a year and I am soooo ready to get started on a quilt. Maybe it will be Strippy Pyramids or Feeling Groovy, I love them both.

  19. There are so many quilts I want to make that I have to get serious and start making them from my stash with a little help here and extra fabrics. The 30’s fabric will fit right in and I’d love o do an old time snowball quilt with the cardboard pattern that was my aunts from the 60’s.

  20. I think I would make Strippy Pyramids or Grandma’s Broken Dishes or Feeling Groovy or…maybe I would just have to make them all! They are all so beautiful!!

  21. I love the quilt on the cover. While it is called a strippy pyramid modern. It is so fresh looking and would be a beautiful addition to a beach home.

  22. I would make either the Carrie Nation baby quilt or Kaffe Garden at night with this fabric and some from my stash. I love the Grandma’s Flower Garden type guilt, but am afraid of the hexagons.

  23. Maybe a Flower garden quilt with this fabric should I be lucky enough to win. I haven’t done a traditional Flower Garden yet…..we’ll see. 🙂

  24. Currently working on a 30’s 8 point star quilt! I am in need of additional 30’s fabrics and these would be a welcome addition. I’m almost out of what I have.

  25. I have a vintage inspired postage stamp quilt in mind for my bedroom, embellished with bits and pieces from some antique dresser scarves from my mother’s collection. It will be incredible.

  26. I would like to make a wedding ring quilt. My grandmother made one for me 40 years ago and some of the fabrics are so similar. Absolutely beautiful!

  27. I love old fashion materials ….. I’m currently working on a quilt with old fashion materials that my Grandmother and Mother pass down to me, having more old fashion prints would really go well with the quilt that I’m currently working on
    ~~ Thank you~ 🙂

  28. I think id probably use them to make a dresden or a scrappy, im partial to scrappy quilts because i think they “feel” traditional and make me feel happy 🙂

  29. I could not get the contents of the new magazine to come up by clicking on the cover. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 1930’s prints! I would make a scrappy lap quilt and a doll quilt if there was enough left over scraps from making the lap quilt.

  30. My daughter just told me that she loves the soft colors…… so I’ve been looking for 1930’s reproduction fabric…… I was going to make an hour glass quilt for her – with these fabrics and a beautiful white on white print….. for her. So winning these would be AWESOME!


  31. Loving the strippy pyramid quilt, tried to like the others, but I’m on a pyramid binge at the moment and have always preferred working in 30’s fabrics, just give them the grandma feel.

  32. I would use the 1930’s fabric scraps with the Positively simple pattern. I love the simple layout of the quilt, and feel it would best highlight each of the fabric patterns.

  33. Beautiful fabrics! I would make the Monkey Wrench quilt, or the Strippy Pyramids quilt. Both are gorgeous and it would be hard to choose between them!!!

  34. I would make either the Strippy Pyramids or Weavers because they are in the “Modern” family and I am really starting to like the freshness of those quilts. The negative space is refreshing! I haven’t made a Modern quilt and these fabrics would give me the opportunity to do so. Thanks for the contest!

  35. I think I would make your cover quilt Strippy Pyramids cause I have lots of whites left from another quilt project and smaller pieces of lots of colors. Thanks!

  36. My choice of the patterns in the book: Weavers–Modern Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt.
    It would be great for strips and other scraps. Wouldn’t it look great with my stash of 30s fabrics? In fact it would also be a perfect pattern for kiddie fabrics or batiks or …
    Thanx for the opportunity to add to my stash!

  37. Starlit Path and Strippy Pyramids are very pretty quilts and they look like they would be fun to make, especially using the 1930’s fabric. I’ve always want to make a quilt using that fabric line.

    Thanks for the chance.

    1. You mentioned that you use a sunbonnet sue with wedges for the skirt. I am searching for a pattern I saw that has the skirt in wedges and is set with Irish Chain blocks. Is this the one you are writing about? If so, what is the name of the pattern and where could I buy a copy of it?

  38. I still love Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Designs. Those fabric would make a great quilt to make and send to Ok. kids who have lost their homes and everything they own.

  39. I really like the “Feelin’ Groovy” quilt in the magazine. It would make a perfect gift for my sister.

    Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.

  40. If I should be fortunate enough to win these beautiful fabrics, I would make Grandma’ Broken Dishes. (I really need to start a new project! LOL)
    However, I would also use a piece of each in a charm quilt which is currently in progress.

  41. I vote for Kaffe’s Garden at Night for myself. However, a win would mean my donating to our Linus group as we are out of money and almost out of fabric.

  42. There are so many great quilts in this issue! I know I would use up my stash to make a bunch including Carrie Nation, Feelin’ Groovy, Kaffe’s Garden, Strippy Pyramids, Weavers and Ring Around the Square! They look like they would be fun to do!

  43. Feeling Groovy seems to talk to me. . maybe it’s a throw back to growing up in the 60’s. . I have lots of scraps from wedding quilts I’ve made over the years that it would be a nice homage to the family members. (and something I’d keep for me!)

  44. I love the bright, cheery colors. I would use these pieces to experiment with 3-d quilting. I can see bright pops of flowers and butterflies on a neutral background! 🙂

  45. I would use the fabric to make a backing for the 1930’s quilt I have squares for. Would love to get it finished as this one would be for myself.

  46. I would use them with a black setting like the “Garden at Night”. I normally use white or a color, but with the vibrancy of the ’30’s fabrics, I think the black would make it really pop.

  47. I love 30s fabrics. after looking at all the yummy quilts I know that a scrappy pyramids would look great using them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. The baby quilt by Carrie Nation would be great in 30s fabrics. 30s fabric are my favorite. They remind me of the dresses my Grandma made for us out of feed sacks .

  49. Would love to have the beautiful fabric. Just found out on Mothers Day that I will be a grandmother again in January, so excited so will use it for a baby quilt

  50. I would love to make Kaffe’s Garden at Night. I am designing a quilt for myself that combines Dresden Plate with Irish Chain, with appliques and fussy cuts. Combining traditional prints with batiks, as I am both old-fashioned and modern.

  51. I would either make a nine-patch variation or a Log Cabin variation (my two favorite blocks). Please enter me in your giveaway. What pretty prints!

  52. I went and visited and elderly neighbor just yesterday and she showed me one of her Sunbonnet Sue quilts and it inspired me so when I win I would have to make one of them too!!

  53. I like the Carrie Nation quilt. Most of my stash is bright colors for baby quilts so this pattern would work well with what I have. Also, I live in a town that has a Carrie Nation festival and was a town where she actually marched through and detroyed some of the illegal bars in town.

    1. Hi Cheri,
      How interesting! When I was looking into the history of this block I came across pictures of Carrie Nation and her ax. I thought it was a little heavy for such a sweet little baby quilt but I love the pattern. I’d love to see a pic of yours with all your brights when you’re done! Happy stitching,

  54. I’ve been haunted by a gorgeous antique 1930s quilt I saw two years ago while visiting Pennsylvania, and this fabric would be the push I need to reproduce it.

  55. I think some of my stash combined with the reproduction fat quarters would make a beautiful Strippy Pyramids–Modern Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt from the new Scrap Quilts! Thanks for the chance!!

  56. I really like the Weavers–Modern Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt which I would like to make into a baby quilt with my bright scraps. Would also look great with the bundle of 30’s FQ’s that I am going to win. LOL

  57. It is so hard to choose – they are all wonderful patterns! I think I’d have to challenge myself and take on Kaffe’s Garden at Night.

  58. What beautiful colors. They remind me of some of the fabrics that my Mom used to sew my school clothes. Would love the chance to win and pass along a quilt to my Grandkids. Thanks!

  59. I would love to use this fabric in the “Feeling Groovy” pattern! The fabric is beautiful and I think this would look amazing! I have just the place for this fabulous quilt and it would definitely be a keeper, since most of my quilts have been made to give to those special people in my life! :0)

  60. Actually I like all of the Quilts in the New Scrap Quilts magazine! But I guess my most favorite would be: Family Traditions & Strippy Pyramids & Starlit Path! They all look fun to make!
    Love, love, love your magazines! Every single one of them!

  61. I am retired and have 7 grandchildren. I love sewing quilts for them. I would certainly be able to put this fabric to good use. Thank yiu

    1. This would be perfect to use in the 30’s Dresden Plate quilt I want to make. I love my Fons and Porter quilt magizine and look forward to its arrival each time. I was priviledged sit in on a lecture given by Liz and Mariane at “A Mountain Quiltfest” at Pigeon Forge Tennessee a few years back, and I will always remember the fun and laughs it was. Keep up the good work!!!!

  62. Years ago in a guild with my sister we started a patchwork sampler quilt with 30s fabrics. In memory of my twin Sally I would finish that quilt with additional 30s fabric.

  63. I recently received several vintage pieces that were my great-grandmother’s. She had some pieces already cut and its really exciting for me to try and figure out what she intended to make with them. I believe it would great to use some of them in a pattern similar to Starlit Path.

  64. Oh, I think a small “lap” quilt in a Feed Sack Flowers or Technicolor Braid would be perfect in these scraps. And being born in the 30’s they bring back memories of scrap quilts I saw as a child – especially quilts made from feed sacks (I even had quite a few dresses made by my grandma from feed sacks).


  66. Our new next door neighbors moved in after losing everything in a fire. After becoming quick friends and great neighbors I would use the EasyPeasy Blocks quilt to bust my stash and adapt the size to make both of them a cuddly quilt to comfort them. I have been through this and a friend did the same for me. Now it is my turn. Gonna go sort my scraps!!!

  67. I have many smaller sized fabric scraps that are a multitude of colors…I think the “Easy Peasy Blocks” or “Ring Around the (Winterset) Square” would be great patterns to use for my quilt!

  68. I want to try a Dresden Plate quilt, I’ve never tried it and I have some other 1930’s prints from my hubby’s grandmother that would blend well with these!!

  69. My Mother-in-law have decided to try a double wedding ring quilt together. A perfect way to create memories on this beautiful Memorial Day. Thank- you for this offer.

  70. I love the Four Patch Puzzle although a traditional square could persuade me away from that pattern. I love reproduction fabrics from the 1930’s.

  71. I would like to make the Feelin’ Groovy quilt. I love these fabric pieces. Thank you for sharing this give away with us. Can’t wait to get the magazine.

  72. My daughter and I made a quilt for my mother (her grandmother) using some of the reproductions. It would be wonderful to make another using the reproductions.

  73. I think the 1930s reproduction fabrics are perfect for the Carrie Nation baby quilt. I would definitely love to win these fabrics and make this quilt.

  74. Not sure which quilt I will try. Probably use for a table runner or placemats. Don’t have much room for full -sized quilts anymore as I am living in a RV

  75. Definately need to get this issue!!! Easy Peasy and Four Patch are my favorites…..but would love to share all the patterns with my quilting buddies at my church’s Prayer Quilt Ministry!!!

  76. I am working on a quilt from one of F&P’s books; I can’t remember the name if the book or the quilt, but it has squares with 3 daisies plus leaves and vines. The other blocks are pieced and it’s a scrap quilt. I would LOVE to use these fabrics in my quilt.

  77. Making each of the quilts from this magazine in queen size would make a gentle dent in my stash! I would start with the Fiesta quilt because I have always wanted to make a Pineapple quilt. From there, I would make my way through the magazine one by one to make each quilt at least once! Love Love Love 1930s prints! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  78. Collecting this line of fabric to make a farmer’s wife quilt to honor my grandma, farmer’s wife and daughter and the strongest women I know next to my mom.

  79. I’d love to make the Starlit Path quilt, haven’t made a star quilt yet & have been looking for a pattern to try. And the fabrics remind me of a wedding ring quilt made by my husband’s grandmother.

  80. I think they would look fantastic for the Starlit Path ore Feeling Groovy patterns. Of course they would also look good in many of the patterns from this magazine.

    This magazine and these fabrics have given me the inspiration I need to re-start quilting. I have put it aside for several months now (too many ideas left me indecisive, so I just stopped).

  81. Easy Peasy reminds me of my grandmother’s quilts (made from real scraps out of necessity). My Mom has some of her quilts and some of my great grandmother’s quilts too. Now that I am close to retirement, I need a comforting project.

  82. The FOUR PATCH PUZZLE is just what I’ve been needing for my fat quarters! I’d love to add the 30’s prints to my stash …maybe then I’ll have enough for a Dresden quilt

  83. I like the Easy Peasy for a “to be determined on arrival” baby quilt but was actually thinking of a pattern called Card Tricks for my friends Grand-whatever baby.

  84. If I had to pick one, I would do the garden at night. All the quilt patterns look great and would be fun to do. If I’m lucky enough to win the reproduction fabrics, a Sunbonnet Sue quilt would be first then the scraps would go into the garden.

  85. I don’t know yet which quilt I will make if I win. I will wait for the fabric to inspire me and will remember with fondness the countless vintage quilts that were made with the “original” fabrics!

  86. I think that this fabric would make beautiful Churn Dash Blocks. I have wanted to make one for ages. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  87. oooooh So many wonderful choices … Color Study… Four Patch Puzzle … Strippy Pyramids … Weavers … BUT MY CHOICE IS “FEELING GROOVY”!!! Yumm

  88. Would like to make a number of the patterns in this issue, however I think if I were to win this particular bundle I would put it toward the Strippy Pyramid pattern. Thinking the contrast between the 30’s fabric and the modern feel of the pattern would be interesting.

  89. I love color study, but I’m not ashamed to say I have enough scraps in my stash to make them all! Can’t wait for the magazine to hit the newsstand.

  90. I would use the fabric for Family Traditions or maybe Easy Peasy. They are both wonderfull quilts. Actually all of them in the magazine look great.

  91. I love the Color Sturdy Quilt. This would be my first quilt. It looks modern and simple for a beginner quilt project. Using the vintage reproduction fat quarters would give it a modern and vintage flair.

  92. Fiesta makes my heart pound. I love the tedious..the more the better. Just finished piecing a THIMBLES quilt top today. 6,708 little thimbles and so sad that part is over. Next on board Postage Stamp. But Fiesta looks promising.

  93. I love your fabrics. They would be a wonderful addition to my stash. They’d look great in the “Feeling Groovy” quilt pattern featured in your magazine.

  94. 1930’s Reproduction Fabric remind me of my grandma. She use to wear house dresses made of this type of fabric because things were tight. When she died, my sister used the fabric from her dresses to make pillows for each of us. If I had these I would make a dresden plate quilt in memory of my grandma.

  95. I love the Easy Peasey quilt which would make up wonderfully with your fabrics. We (my guild) are in the process of sewing for the tornado victims here in Oklahoma. We are donating 59 quilts and everyone is sewing pillowcases and putting together additional quilts due to the tremendous numbers of families displaced. Please pray for these people in Moore and Shawnee.

  96. I am leaning toward 3 – the scrappy pyramid for the clean bright colors, but the dresden plate one would work too! But think most of my fabric now would follow the Starlit Path. So many choices and too little time.

  97. I want to make ALL of these !
    But if I must choose, Grandma’s Broken Dishes would be my first choice … (and Ring Around the Square next ) … Thanks for the chance to win !

  98. I like to make quilts and donate them to Quilts for Kids. Recently over 1900 quilts were sent to the children in OK. Because fabric is expensive and I donate my quilts, these fabrics would help me make some more quilts to donate.

  99. I love the Flower garden quilt with the dark background, however I would use the fabric to make the pyramid quilt on the front cover. It is so bright and the pyramid shapes make me think Spring!

  100. I really like both the strippy pyramids and weavers quilts. But I think my favorite would be the weavers, I have never done one like it so it would be a new adventure.

  101. I have already broken into my secret stash and started sorting colors for Fiesta. Kaffe’s Garden, pyramids, weavers, dresden plate, G’ma’s broken dishes, and more from the magazine are lined up to be made. Thank you.

  102. Bought my magazine this weekend – loved the cover. I like Color Study and Pineapple and make scrap quilts for QOVF – lots of friends give me their scraps for that project!

  103. Hello it was hard to choose which quilt I like best. But I did narrow it down to 2 I have a new great grand baby I can see Talon wrapped in Carrie Nation Baby The Strippy Pyramids would b great to use up some of my fabric stash Thank you for a look at the quilts in the new magazine.

  104. Feelin’ Groovy would be my choice, especially in those lovely 30’s prints. I could also use up my 30’s stash in a Double Wedding Ring quilt that I’ve always wanted to make.

  105. My favorites colors are in the group. I like to use every last scrap and create a quilt for my family members. So I would make a strip-pieced quilt. Love F&P TV shows. so helpful. Thanks.

  106. They all look wonderful. I love scrappy quilts, but somehow I have not yet made one. From my stash, I believe I could made a fabulous quilt using Easy Peasy Blocks. Love your magazines, ALL of them. I have never been disappointed. I record Love of Quilting and often watch an episode several times. Thanks for contributing to my enjoyment over the last few years.

  107. I would love to use these colors and the scrap pattern to make a quilt for my youngest daughter or make her a receiving blanket and crib set as she has found out she’s expecting a baby girl!

  108. Although I love all of the patterns, I would probably make either “Grandma’s Broken Dishes” or “Ring Around The Square” as I am a beginner and I love the challenge as well as being drawn to traditional patterns 🙂

  109. “Which quilt you will use most of your fabric stash to make”…. the answer to which would use MOST of my stash is I would need to make all of the quilts a couple of times! But I really like Weavers and Colour Study!

  110. I love these scrappy pieces, they remind me of the fabrics that my grandmother used in a quilt she made sometime in the early 1900’s. The quilt uses a block similar to baby bumper wheels block or the dresden plate, but used differently. These fabrics will go great with the collection I have started for this quilt.

  111. I love the “Color Study” modern pattern in the “Scrap Quilts” magazine. I have a lot of bold tone on tone fabrics in my stash to use and this pattern would make a beautiful, flashy statement. Thanks for creating such great patterns!

  112. When I was a child an elderly church member made me a quilt using fabric in her stash, and this fabric reminds me of that quilt. The quilt has gone by the way side and I would love the make another to replace the one I lost. Thanks for a chance to win.

  113. My favorite pattern in the Scrap Quilts magazine is the Carrie Nation Baby – Fat Quarter Friendly pattern! It is bright, cheery, and full of movement! I especially like to use pattern that call for fat quarters because I find those easier to buy – you don’t have to stand in the cutting line! 🙂

  114. I’m currently working on a scrap quilt in the Feeelin’ Groovy pattern. The 1930’s fabric in the same pattern would bring back a lot of memories of my Grandmother’s quilts. Thank you.

  115. I think I would make “Starlit Path”. I think I’d use a deep navy/purplish for my background. I can see it all ready. Thanks for the contest.
    Rose in OHio

  116. The patterns are all delightful and I find it hard to make up my mind. I like the triangle quilt but I just printed your Nine Patch Rings quilt pattern and would like to try that one also.

  117. I would make these lovely fabrics into a pattern that is bright and airy, very much like they were back in the 30’s. Maybe the pattern that is ‘square within a square’, though I’d probably do the classic “patchwork quilt” as it’s fairly easy (i’m a beginner) and in my opinion, extremely fun – I think the basics can oftentimes be the best. Thank you!

  118. I like all fabrics, especially batiks (I am starting a double wedding ring for my son and his wife) and thirties reproductions. We have a small group from within our guild who make projects exclusively from thirties fabrics.

  119. Weaver’s Modern quilt in 30’s fabric would be a perfect baby quilt. My great-grandson, premie (1lb 7oz) is now home after 6 months in NICU. Although still on life support, he is a happy, good, active little boy. I have not had much time in the past 6 months to make baby quilts for him, so now is the time to start! Happy Quilting!

  120. Well I’ll be picking up a copy of this magazine once it is available locally. I see several that I want to try. (Kaffe’s Garden at Night & Fiesta for sure!). To answer your question, I see one that would use a lot of my stash and that is Four Patch Puzzle. I could get a lot of use out of that and coincidentally spent last weekend organizing my fat quarters (most of my stash is in fat quarters) and I think I’m ready to make it now!

    Thanks for the chance at the fabric.

  121. I’m expecting a new great-granddaughter in August, and these will be a perfect addition to what I already have to make her a darling quilt!

  122. All the quilts in the mag look great…my eye picked Kaffes Scrap Quilt at night…learning the dresden block quilt is a lot of fun…so that’s my pick to make…have a great quilting day…

  123. I probably have made more bags, purses (of all shapes and kinds) this past year.
    Really like the strip style, zippered, quilted, lined, pocketed, over the shoulder.
    Use many colors and variations of colors. A fun project.
    Also this year made some doll clothes for an 18″ doll. It really doesn’t take much fabric to make a doll dress with bloomers. Creativity of garment is limited to your imagination.
    Another possibility: made oval shaped, lined and quilted oven mitts with scraps.
    They are the only mitts I use daily.

  124. Oh, that fabric would be perfect for the Grandmother’s Flower Garden that I’m working on. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric.

  125. I love them all.
    I would start with WEAVERS since I don’t have much of a scrap pile at the moment. This would be a cute baby quilt. Thanks for a chance to win.

  126. I love making quilts out of scarps, especially bright colors. My favorite is the “Strippy Pyramid” because of the bright colors. I always made quilts using browns and my taste has changed to brights. But they are all beautiful. Why not make them all!!!

  127. My favourite is the Easy Peasy Quilt. I would like to make in purples,,my niece has asked me for a quilt and I think this pattern would suit her.

  128. 30’s fabric is my favorite… I think it is because it reminds me so much of the quilts my Grandmother’s had around when I was little. I would use this fabric to make a quilt for my future grandaughter!

  129. I would love the opportunity to fill in my stack with any of these fabrics. I can just imagine a beautiful graduation gift for my wonderful granddaughter who just received her Masters in Education. Wouldn’t that be great??

  130. The Four Patch puzzle would be great with the light and dark contrast of scrappy fabrics and using fat quarters
    The wide border is terrific and so bold.

  131. I would dearly love to have theses fabrics to use on about a dozen different patterns of that period. I would make a sampler quilt for my granddaughter who has just graduated this year. Pick Me. This may just be the 1st time I would have won anything. I love the fabrics.

  132. I would make the Carrie Nation Baby–Fat Quarter Friendly Scrap Quilt to use up flannel nursery prints that I have leftover from burp clothes and baby washclothes.

  133. Hi,

    I haven’t made a quilt yet with 1930’s fabrics, but the idea is great! I love the fabrics! I think I would try and use Jacob’s Ladder with these fabrics.



  134. I like Ring Around the Square, as I have many matching fat quarters that I have in my stash and this is a beautiful pattern and quilt. I would love to win the fabric so I can make this quilt. Thank you.

  135. Lovely fabrics!! I would use the 30’s bundle in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden lap quilt. My friend is making one, all by hand…many, many hexagons! and I would like to do the same. Oh, I hope I win!!

  136. I like the “Feelin’ Groovy” or the “Four Patch Puzzle” quilt patterns. Thanks for giving material away. One of my downfalls is picking material to coordinate with each other to make a quilt. When someone else does it, it always looks so neat.

  137. The first pattern I would make is the Feeling Groovy. I love the traditional block set in a light, modern setting.
    Then I would go on to … too many choices, too little time.

  138. …love scrappy quilts. I am finishing a ‘Charm’ quilt (766 half-square triangles–ALL DIFFERENT!, making up 9-patch squares -many designed by me and printed on my computer using family photos and other little vignettes)…what fun!

  139. I will use the Scrap Happy quilt pattern by designer Sally Schneider. The quilt I make will have scraps of most of the other quilts I have made and will remind me of those other quilts. I know my grandmother will be so proud of me for using scraps. This pattern is just beautiful. Thank you so much.

  140. I like the Easy Peasy blocks quilt for making a dent in my stash since I have lots of strips of different widths to use. It could make any size quilt from crib to queen. I’d bet I have enough strips to make the queen size, but will probably make a couple of crib quilts.

  141. I think I would make the “Starlit Path” with some of my stash. I have so many different colors, it would truly be a scrappy quilt! Thanks for the chance to win.

  142. Scrap quilts are my favorite as I never seem to have enough cash to buy big pieces of fabric. I collect lots of long quarters, and make scrap quilts. I would love it if Fons & Porter had a regularly published scrap quilt magazine I could subscribe to… that would be pure bliss!

  143. I would definitely make the Washtub Pinwheels quilt. I love the 30’s fabrics and have some to add to a project along with the ones being given away. Great patterns! Thanks!

  144. I am in love with pinwheels. I would make the washtub pinwheel quilt for my daughter that recently got married. If I won that is what I would do, make a quilt that she can pass down and they could remember me by. Thanks!

  145. I do love 30’s reproduction prints. I think a great pattern to use with them would be the Four Patch Puzzle quilt. There’s so much room for a variety of fabrics.

  146. I have a lot of squares in my stash right now, and I’d like to try using them on the Four-Patch Puzzle. I’d like to see if I could make those knots look 3-dimensional.

  147. I have a collection of quilt tops from the 1930’s my great-grandmother pieced that my mother left to me. My mother-in-law is in the process of hand quilting them for me and I will share them with my daughters. I would like to make an Irish Chain quilt in depression era fabrics to add to this collection for my first grandbaby due this fall.

  148. I would explore a pinwheel pattern because of the movement in them and I would make a quilt for my mother who is an invalid in a nursing home.

  149. I think that I would make “Feeling Groovy” or “Strippy Pyramids” with most of my stash. I love colorful designs created by the assorted colors in a scrappy quilt. Perhaps I could use some of my existing scrap stash in combination with this assortment. Thanks for the opportunity to win beautiful fabrics.

  150. They’re all lovely quilts, but I think I’d like to try something different, and use my fabric stash on “Color Study – Modern Scrap Quilt”. I’ve never done a “modern” quilt before, and this pattern intrigues me. I think it would make a beautiful double-size quilt for my bed. Thank you! 🙂

  151. I would add this to the fabrics that I have been collecting to do a double wedding ring quilt. It would be the first major undertaking using paper piecing.

  152. I really like the Starlit Path quilt to really use up a lot of my stash. It looks very simple, yet has a really nice look to it. Those fabrics are really nice! 🙂

  153. I learned to quilt from my Great grandmother and in fear of this art dying I am passing on my skills by sharing and teaching a dear friend and two young girls one age 7 (her granddaughter) and one age 13 (my granddaughter) how to quilt. I would love to use these fabrics to help discuss and show how quilting has evolved and how much fun it is to mix prints. Thanks a bunch for consideration.
    yours truly, Laura-Jean

  154. I would like to use them to finish a quilt for a dear friend and her friends started in the 30. she’s gone now and she gave me her top so I could work on it as there is no one left in the original groupe.Then take whats left and use in a baby blanket,as I have 15 great-grand children and more coming.

  155. I really like Kaffe Fasset’s Garden at Night and have many scraps of his fabrics to make it with, together with the featured give away fabrics. I also really love “weavers, and the “modern” look of it.

  156. Ooh, so many to choose. Scrappy pyramids first, then Grandma’s Broken dishes. I would love to have the 30s reproduction fabric to go with my stash of 30s feedsacks that i have been saving for something special. 🙂

  157. Definitely love the Carrie Nation pattern! I love making baby quilts with repo 30’s fabrics and this pattern is perfect. It’s easy and shows off fabrics well. I look forward to making this one!

  158. Starlit Path called out to me. I love stars and thee way that they can look complicated, but are easy to make. Stars are also great for using up lots of my smaller scraps. This is going to be MY quilt.

  159. I really want to do a Double Wedding Ring quilt for my master bedroom. Most of my family members have a quilt from me except me! The ’30’s fabric is gorgeous and I think my stash would go a fair ways.

  160. Three of the quilts interested me so far as my stash is concerned–the Weaver’s Modern Fat Quarter quilt, the Carrie National Baby quilt, and the Garden at Night. I could possibly make variations on all three.

  161. Love them all, but we have 2 new great-grandbabies due this year, along with the 2 born last year, so the Carrie Nation Baby quilts would be great for them. And, oh my, do I have scraps!

  162. I really think those fabrics would look great in the Strippy Pyramids design that is on the cover. I also think it would be a fun quilt to make.

  163. I love the reproduction fabrics and have been collecting them to make a quilt. I think they would look awesome in the “Feeling Grovey” quilt.

  164. Baby number FIVE is due,
    And I said,”I’ll make a quilt for you.”
    My fabrics “stash” is lacking shades
    To wrap around a brand new babe.
    But the 1930’s stash would be
    A lovely addition to the “family”!

  165. My wife and I are currently making baby quilts for friends and co-workers. These would be perfect for the quilts we are working on. Beautiful colors and patterns.

  166. If I win these beautiful retro fabrics, I would do a retro strip quilt to compliment the 30’s applique quilt (unfinished) I found unloved in my Aunt’s belongings.

  167. Quilts made from scraps are the best mental exercise – figuring out how to make the most beautiful thing from what some people would toss out without a thought. I love scrap quilts.

  168. The Ring Around the Square quilt caught my eye right away. Love the dark and light colours. It would be a great way to practice my quilting skills 🙂

  169. I am torn between 2: Color study and strippy pyramids. These are unusual because normally I am not into a modern look.but they look easy and I am a fairly new quilter. I also look for things I can do in small segments as I am recovering from back surgery and can only sit and sew in short stretches. I could also use the material if I were to win and Social Security doesn’t go far and I’d like to do some quilts to give away to charity but can’t afford the extra material (and yes, I DO save ANY scraps from the quilts I do make as well as cut up any clothing, etc. but it only goes so far).

  170. I love the colors and I would enlist the help of a quilt guild member for pattern suggestion. I’m leaning toward the pyramid pattern, tho. Edie

  171. These are lovely and I would dive into my stash to make Positively Simple – what a great baby gift that would be! And Strippy Pyramids and Weavers are calling to me too.

  172. I love the colors and would enlist the help of a quilt guild member for suggestions. I’m leaning toward the pyramids tho. Edie