Right before your eyes—

Usually the seasons skate in without much notice, but on Friday… Fall just seemed to appear on cue here in central Iowa.

Garage and yard sale signs were everywhere.  People doing their fall cleaning or making room in their garage for their cars for the winter.

The mornings certainly have been cooler lately. Homecoming signs were on lawns with the occasional TP decorating the trees, and the landscapes was starting to turn reds, browns, and golds out in the country.

I may as well go with the flow!  Here’s a sneak peek of a few blocks in the quilt I’m making for a spring issue from warm Moda fabrics.  It’s funny how color choices just seem to pop up before your eyes sometimes.

Don’t forget to share your quilts on the Fons and Porter website in the  Reader’s Slideshow.

Enjoy the season!

Diane T – Assistant Editor

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