Quilty Webinar: Color Me Quilter

When you go to the fabric store, do you steer away from certain colors because you don’t know how to use them? Do you find yourself making quilts from the same color palette repeatedly? Then stop what you are doing and read closely.

The beloved Mary Fons, from Quilty and Fons & Porter, is hosting a series of webinars on using colors in your quilts. In the first webinar, Mary will be focusing on the color RED. Bold and vibrant, but also scary and intimidating.


In the Color Me Quilter: RED webinar, you will learn:

  • How red fabric is made and why it bleeds
  • Red’s position on the color wheel
  • What colors pair successfully and unsuccessfully with red

As a bonus, Mary will be giving a lesson on cleaning your sewing machine.


Let’s get to the details:

When: Monday, June 30th

Time: 1-2 PM (EST)

Cost: $19.99

Where: In your home, with your PJ’s on, and your favorite ice cream by your side.

How to register: click here









Don’t worry, RED is not the only color webinar Mary is hosting. Do you find yourself in a pickle with PINK? Or do you have a bone to pick with BLUE? Mary will be talking about these colors on July 24th and August 27th, respectively.

Do not fear color anymore, quilters! Mary Fons is here to help!

Happy Quilting!

Fons & Porter Rachel

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2 thoughts on “Quilty Webinar: Color Me Quilter

  1. I have a thing for quilts using black. Black makes the colours pop so it makes it hard to stop. But I actually working on two quilts with out black. Not my thing but oh well.

  2. I could not watch the Color Me Quilter: blue webinar in August. I know that it was live and wonder if it is recorded or archived somewhere so that I can watch it.