Quilty September/October 2013 Sneak Peek!

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We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new issue of Quilty! The September/October 2013 issue of Quilty will be on newsstands next Tuesday, September 10th. If you can’t wait that long, browse through our pages now in a sneak peek! Let us know which quilt project is your favorite and why, and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win seasons 1 & 2 of Quilty! The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, September 10th. Good luck!


This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Judy F. from Boulder, CO on winning Seasons 1 & 2 of Quilty! Thanks to everyone who participated!

Click here to get this September/ October 2013 issue of Quilty!

3 Aprons
Blue Keys
Chain + Link
Mod Shape
Modern Plaid
Old School Cool
Pyramid Dance
Tangerine Dream
Vintage Cross Baby Quilt

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180 thoughts on “Quilty September/October 2013 Sneak Peek!

    1. Oops. I forgot to write why my favorites are Chain + Link and Mod Shape. Both quilts have that modern look and would feature the types of fabrics that I like in neat ways. I’ve been wanting to make a chain link type quilt and I can picture Mod Shape in fabrics that will remind me of butterflies. Then again, I really like Modern Plaid because my favorite background neutral has been gray.

  1. I like the Mod Shape the best but I do like the colors in Tangerine Dream. Perhaps the Mod shape done in orange, grey and white. I also like the lesson on lining up strips that was referenced in the Tunisia pattern.

  2. tunisia is my favorite quilt. The colors are so bright and gorgeous together – it reminds me of the perfect summer off from school years ago. The one summer that came together perfectly before having to take adult responsibilities! Absolutely love it!

  3. I think my favorite would be the Tangerine Dream, followed closely by the Pyramid Dance. I would LOVE LOVE to win the Quilty DVDs as our Satellite company doesn’t offer the stations that you are on. I have spent many hours on the phone and constructing emails about it but no one seems to care. No more small time companies taking care of their customers. 🙁

  4. Can’t choose just one! I like the “Linked” because it looks probably more difficult than it actually is, the “Pryamid Dance just looks so happy, and “Tangerine” reminds me of a quilt my Grandmother made for me.

  5. I just Luv the Old School Cool pattern ! So cute. Would like to do in similiar colors. We are only getting the old Fons & Porter tv segments. Please enter me to win !!

  6. Tangerine is so pretty, but I like the Suburban because it would make up in a hurry with all the large uncomplicated blocks. Since I haven’t really made a large quilt, this one would be an easy one to start with!! Love the Fons and Porter magazine, as well as your PBS TV show.

  7. Just one huh? Well I would say Old School Cool is my favorite. I just love the Amish yet modern appeal. I could definitely curl up in it with my Kindle this winter.

  8. My favorite is the one on the cover – Mod Shape – because it’s colors are crisp and cool, and so soothing. Because I am a “beginner” quilter, I am attracted to ths pattern because it’s rated for beginners. It would give me the instruction I need to complete this project and would help me to feel confident to tackle a more complex pattern.

  9. I’m going to have to try the Watershed. That is so cool! I have never seen one like that before. I also like the chain & link. Will need to try that one too. I love getting ideas from magazines. When I see a finished product and what it will look like, I get excited to make one similar! Thanks for sharing.

  10. 3 aprons, is my favorite, as it is a traditional style, with crisp lines. I like the fabric choices, that were used. These aprons would make great gifts for all occasions. I am thinking right now I need to make one for a elderly neighbor who shares her family recipes with me. And making 3 is a super, idea, one for her, one for me, and one to have on hand for that next upcoming gift giving occasion.

  11. My favorite is Suburban. I quilt for my family and also with Quilts for Kids. I think the Suburban pattern will work well with kids’ prints and solids for these projects.

  12. I just has this mag recommended at our quilting guild last night & I would love to win an issue (or more)! I really like the chain + link design, lots of interesting circles!

  13. I love the patterns in the new issue. I think my favorite though is chain + link and this is the one I want to make because it makes me think of a modern day wedding ring quilt.

  14. The possibilities are making the creative juices flow. I choose Watershed as my favorite pattern, but with a twist. The blues are cool and soothing, but I think I would warm up the design with reds, oranges, yellows and purples for a sinking sunset. Looking through my stash now!

  15. After looking at the names, I immediately went to Tangerine Dreams…I looked at all the others after Tangerine Dreams but my eyes kept seeing TG…so I think that is my favorite of the sneak peaks….can’t wait for the new issue to arrive!!!

  16. Tangerine Dream is my favorite because of the colors. Love Mod Shape too. Looks like a challenge for a new quilter. I have been enjoying the Quilty videos. Been sewing since I was a child, but new to quilting. The Quilty videos have taken the intimidation out of the process. Thank you!!!!!!!

  17. Vintage Cross Baby Quilt. I love vintage fabric and patterns, modern designs and babies! These little quilts are a perfect combination, I can’t wait to make one. I also love this magazine!!!!

  18. I really like the look of Chain +Link. It sort of mixes the old style with the modern. I am more likely to make Tunisia. It would be a great way to use up all these scrap strips I have in gallon ziploc bags.

  19. I couldn’t wait and already have the digital version. Chain + Link would be my favorite and looks the most interesting to me because it would be a nice challenge requiring more technique than most of what I do. Suburban would be something I’d do because it wouldn’t take as long and it has a nice modern feel.

  20. It’s difficult to pick a single favorite, but the 3 I like most are:
    Tunisia — I’m in the middle of several scrappy strip projects, and this would have really helped me on one of them. I love how the little yellow squares make a consistent transition between the individual scrap strips and also form a vertical pattern from row to row.
    Tangerine — The orange-y colors are boldly brilliant, especially mixed with the white and gray, a combination that looks very contemporary and cool. That each block is made of squares cut of the same fabric, but reassembled in a way that’s different from the whole-cloth pattern of the fabric is intriguing to me.
    Modern Plaid — Again I find the use of gray as a neutral to be appealing, even with the blues, most of which are close to it in value. Best of all is the application of these modern colors with a traditional block pattern (sparingly mixed with so much negative space) and gorgeous quilting to make a really stunning quilt.

    I guess I’ll say this last one, Modern Plaid, is my final selection as favorite!

  21. Love Tunisia, Watershed and Suburban, BUT I really like them all. I am thrilled that each issue of Quilty continues to deliver really great designs that I find appealing.

    Great job!

  22. I love Quilty Magazine and the videos too! I am a beginner and am loving quilting. I just finished a quilt top and I still need to quilt it – so the article in this upcoming issue is right on time for me – yippee! 🙂

    1. Oops! My favorite project above is the Modern Plaid. I like how it is somewhat traditional still, but also had a clean look to it. And, I think it is something that I could do… triangles… eeek! But I’m ready to tackle them! 😉

  23. I’m loving the chain + link and mod shape. The striking colors and designs together create a clean, modern feel that is very calming. The secondary pattern that appears in chain + link makes it look more complicated than it really is – it’s always so fun when that happens.

  24. I absolutely love Mod Shape, already checking my stash to see what I need to start this. Went out yesterday looking for your magazine, which is my favorite, but not available in Canada yet. Hopefully soon!!

  25. Tangerine Dream! Love the color choices. The size of the blocks really gives you a big view of the fabric instead of just a little bite. So simple but great impact. Also love Modern Plaid. The quilting is beautiful. Thanks for so many great designs. Keep em coming!

  26. I would choose the Vintage Cross Baby Quilt because I am a first-time grandparent to a darling little boy and this would be something he would enjoy hauling around the house and taking with him in the car. Thanks for publishing a magazine that is great for beginners!

  27. There are so many great projects in this issue. I can’t wait to get a copy. I’ve already started looking for the new issue at my local quilt shops. I think my favorite is Tangerine Dreams because the colors are perfect for my home.

  28. Only choosing one favorite!?! This is too hard (from the links alone I have 4). 🙂 I guess if I must only choose one, the cover quilt ‘Mod Shape’ is my favorite. If I didn’t already stalk the newsstand for current issues (and own past digital copies), I would buy Quilty based on that cover alone. I find the quilt both modern and classic and can not wait to have one in my home. Thank you for this wonderful publication.

  29. This magazine has many nice patterns. My favorite is Modern Plaid because it looks close to a traditional quilt. Those are my favorite. Watershed is also very pretty but looks hard to make. Thanks for the opportunity to have a sneak peek. 🙂

  30. My favorite is Chain + Link. It looks like a complicated pattern but is probably easier than it looks. I love Celtic knots and this quilt has that feel to it. There are others in the preview that I also like. Thank you for sharing and the opportunity.

  31. I have been waiting patiently for this to come out!! I want to make Chain + Link first and then jump right into the Watershed quilt using purples instead of blues. Thank you for the opportunity to win! Have a great Monday!!

  32. I love the TUNISIA pattern. I enjoy quilts with bright bold colors, this one looks like it could be a great fall quilt and also easy to put together for me, still a rather new quilter.

  33. I love the colors in “tangerine dream”. I love the leaf motif in “mod shape.” But I think I’d like to make the “modern plaid” quilt. It is so striking with it’s star block “plaid” off-center and background of grey. My nephew would love it. Thanks!

  34. Another amazing issue! My favourite has to be mod shape – and what a good excuse to hone some new applique skills! Second fave is blue keys – gorgeous in its simplicity…

  35. Wow, Some great looking quilts! I think I would start on pyramid dance first. It’s rated level 1, but it looks more complicated than that. I love creating beautiful quilts that are easier than they look. 🙂

  36. I love the show, the magazine and ofcourse the hosts. I’ve taken advantage of the sneek peek and my favorite quilt is…… “Tangerine Dream” The colors are fab and would look great year round. The name goes perfect with the quilt.

  37. I love your magazine! I’m really drawn to modern quilts and the colors used to express this style. I like all the quilts I’ve seen in the magazine so far but drawn to the pattern for Suburban.

  38. YIKES! I also just looked at the Tangerine Dream! My son is OSU Beavers fan and I was looking for a great pattern for him for Christmas! Love this one….it will look great in orange and black!

  39. Went out looking for a copy of this today…guess I was a day early, it doesn’t come out until the 10th….will check again Wed….can’t wait to try several of the patterns!!

  40. I really like the apron patterns. Not only do I like the Dresden Plate, but I like the tutorials which teaches some basic sewing technics. This is really nice for people who are just starting to learn. Videos are nice so they can replay the technique again. The techniques can be applied to other projects. Thanks for the really interesting magazine.

  41. Wow! Quilty always has such fabulous quilts! I love Tangerine Dreams because its a modern take on the courthouse steps, and Old School Cool totally looks like a Jacob’s Ladder which I’m loving lately, and Chain + Link because Elizabeth Dackson’s patterns are always beautiful!