Quilty May/June Fat Quarter Giveaway: Closed




Quilty May/June is on sale now! Get Quilty at your favorite quilt shop or at ShopQuilty.com as a digital issue.

Rainbow Baby
Taggy Blanket
Modern Pinwheels
Super Star
Circle Circus
Losing My Marbles
Petaled Bloom
Tree Everlasting
Play a Card
Ocean Front
Doll Quilt

As a thank you for checking out our quilt pages and for being such dedicated readers, we are giving away a fat quarter bundle of Hoffman California Fabrics Bali Handprints in Bubblegum. To enter the giveaway, tell us what you love most about Quilty magazine in the comments section below. One lucky winner will be chosen at random. The contest will close at midnight on May 29, 2013. Good Luck!

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This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Bonnie R: I love the look of the quilts you publish, they are modern and yet not plain. They are great with all types of fabrics.

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379 thoughts on “Quilty May/June Fat Quarter Giveaway: Closed

  1. I especially like the fact that all of the directions for making these great quilts and projects are spelled out in simple terms. It makes me feel like I can attempt all of them even when they look complicated!

  2. I love the simplicity and cool feel of the “Petaled Bloom” this month. I can’t wait to receive my copy as I love perusing all the different types of quilts that are offered. I have stacks with pages marked for me to ‘get to’!!

  3. I like the fact that there are quilts for all skill levels, and I love the scrappy quilts. Instructions are easy to read and understand. I would recommend this magazine to all my quilting friends!

  4. I can’t tell you what I love about it best because so far I have never found anything I don’t like. I love all the articles and and patterns. I get a big kick out of Spoolie when he shows up. Please keep up the good work and thank you for you magazine.

  5. I love Quilty’s variety of patterns—from simple to more complicated, from classic to contemporary. I also like to suggest Quilty to new quilters as I find the tutorials to be very helpful. My favorite pattern in this issue is Offset.

  6. I love Quilty because they make it seam like anyone can be a quilter. Their patterns are easy to follow and the pictures are beautiful! I’m sending a subscription to my niece who wants to learn to quilt for her birthday.

  7. I love the simplicity of the quilts in Quilty. I am a confident beginner and both Circus Circus, and Losing My Marbles appeal to me. I like circles in quilts and find them fun and different to make.
    Thank you for the magazine and the giveaway!

  8. I love “Butter”, and your magazine has such great pictures and inspires me. The fabric bundle you are giving away would work perfect for a quilt I have in mind. Thanks for the chance to win.

  9. I like the little icon “Spooly” and his great little tips and the overall fun, quirky personality of the mag. It seems to truly represent Mary Fons’ unique self.

  10. I love the mag because of its great layout . Lots of space so it is easy on the eyes and room for my own notes. Bright pictures and fun punchy graphics keep the reader interested. Great job!

  11. I love that the quilts are fast and fun! The pictures and inspirational – great photography. Sometimes you just want something that is fast, easy, and looks great!

  12. Love the Rainbow Baby quilt. You could do this in so may different colors
    Love making quilts for my grandchildren. It warms my heart to see them
    Rapped up in a quilt I made it makes me think of God and my arms around them.
    Love Quilty book because I’m a newer quilter and it make me feel I can do anything.
    Thank you so much for a wonder magazine that is so fun to read and learn from.:)

  13. Quilty doesn’t talk down to beginner quilters, the instructions are clear and the pictures are wonderful. There are also quilts that are more of a challenge so you can continue to expand your skills and Quilty, both the show and magazine, give me the courage to do just that. Thanks Mary!!

  14. I love the simple quilts and the ideas that take me back to my early quilting days and help me remember that quilting doesn’t have to be about the complicated block.

  15. I could make a very pretty quilt for a little girl with the bubblegum color fabric. It is a soothing color & would be real sharp made up in a quilt. Quilty magazine is great magazine with clear instructions.

  16. Love Quilty. I cannot get enough of reading quilt magazines and especially love Mary Fons How can you not want this magazine. I am an addict. Lol.

  17. From the first issue I fell in love with the magazine. I would love to subscribe but it doesn’t seem possible. What a shame. Every article, every quilt is fun, easy and they all have a fun twist. Thank you for the magazine. MER

  18. I like the modern quilts. I am starting to make graduation quilts for great nieces and nephews. These are quick to make and the fabric can change the feeling of them easily.

  19. I enjoy the simplicity of the quilts and other projects. Quilty really lend itself to projects that I can work on whenever I want, knowing that they are not so complicated that they will drag on and on and eventually get shelved as UFO’s. They are, instead, projects I WANT to finish.

  20. I love this magazine and show because I helps me continue to learn the fundamentals of quilting since I have moved away from my “teacher” and great friend. I love that the magazine and show have given me the ability to help comfort family and friends with a hand made quilt as well. Thanks and keep up the wonderful work!!!

  21. I enjoy the mag because it’s down to earth inlay mans term. As a new quilter who quilts with ladies who have quilted for 20 yrs, sometimes they forget to tell you the why or how you can get from point a to point b. Quilty explains it so you understand the process. I have ventured out more and try harder blocks because of your mag. Thanks, Linda

  22. I love all the color pictures, not only really showing the quilts but also suggesting possible color paring. I also love to see the new products advertised.

  23. Oh my!! that is a toughy, being that I love everything about the quilty magazine. Its whimsy style is what I am going with, if I have to put my finger on it. When I read it I smile and laugh out loud.

  24. I have not had a chance to look through an issue yet. I just subscribed yesterday. I am sure it is a great magazine and that I will get tons of good ideas/information as I enjoy watching Quilty online.

  25. I like that the projects are “doable” for any of us. I have been sewing a while but still stick to the basics and your patterns are so easy to follow. And the magazine has great tips! Love it

  26. I’ve been watching Mary Fons with her Mom since she first appeared on F&P Love of Quilting show. Mary brings a modern twist to traditional quilts using inspirational settings with today’s modern prints and geometrics. I love the refreshing new quilts. It is what my younger children and grandchildren are looking for, they are not excited about Grandma’s old quilts, but will fall in love with the quilts in QUILTY. Thanks for a great new magazine.

  27. As someone who has been quilting a long time, I appreciate the more modern approach Quilty takes to a subject I thought I knew well. I don’t always want to make (or even like) all the quilts shown but I’m always struck by the new combinations of colors and the new take on old designs in each issue. And, of course, there’s always that one quilt that is simply stunning.

  28. I love quilty because of the great directions and hints. Even a seasoned quilter can find plenty of projects to do from you magazine. I love bubblegum too.lol

  29. I love everything about Quilty…easy to follow patterns…the helpful hints…thanks for the great magazine and the chance to win the Bubblegum Bali Handprints fabric!

  30. I still consider myself a beginner even though I have been quilting for a couple of years. I think the magazine’s target is for the beginner. It is straight forward with a lot of easy patterns & it always had a great tutorial. I look forward to getting each new copy.

  31. I love the colours, fabrics and ideas. It’s very calming to flip through the Quilty magazine and dream about all the quilts you can make, and all the fabric you can buy!

  32. Quilty’s quilts are all “Yes.” Yes, I can make that. Yes, I have the time. Yes, I can finish that quilt. I especially like Ocean Front in the upcoming issue.

  33. Patterns, patterns, patterns! I love collecting different patterns and then trying them out. In this issue the petals one is really calling my name 🙂

  34. I love the upbeat and helpful tips and instructions. I love the magazine and enjoy all the videos as well. I love all sorts of fabrics and would love to win more!

  35. I love the simplicity and uncluttered appearance of the magazine. As a beginner quilter I’ve learned so much already from the clear cut project directions and great tips. Refreshing!

  36. I love that the patterns are fresh and not the same similar patterns repeated from other publications. They inspire me to try new design options and branch out on my own.

  37. I love that the directions are easy to understand and the pictures are clear for the steps of construction. I also like all the tips that are included.

  38. I really like the bright, lighthearted patterns in Quilty. Rarely are there ones that are dark and dreary. I suppose I just like to wrap up in something fun. Thanks for the variety also!

  39. As with all of your magazines, I enjoy so many things… the variety in designs, detailed instructions, beautiful photography and informative and educational quilting lessons and tips. I just can’t get enough of the Fons and Porter magazines! From Love of Quilting to Quilting Quickly and Quilty! I wish they all came out every week! Great job!

  40. I love Quilty Magazine. I found several quilts that I want to make and I get lots of helpful tips. The quilts are very current looking without seeming too difficult.

  41. the tons of blocks…..in this issue the tree everlasting block and the super star block would make a great scenic wallhanging…have a great quilty day!!!

  42. I like that everything needed for each pattern is on the same page, whether it be tips, or tools, or videos. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  43. I love the fact that it is so much fun to read!! And all the gorgeous patterns too. And I am with Mary- The Churn Dash is still on of my favorite blocks. Can’t wait to make a Modern Version now!!

  44. I look forward to each Quilty because they talk about basics and things that I need to know as a beginning quilter. I love to look at quilt magazines, but with Quilty, I feel that the designs and projects are manageable for my novice skill. I told my friend about it and we are now addicted!….to Quilty.

  45. Quilty has filled a niche in the quilting magazine market by having such good visuals and instructions for not only the beginning quilter, but for the more experienced quilter. I read each issue cover to cover!

  46. Quilty is my absolute favorite quilt magzine. Many quilters find enjoyment by taking the craft very seriously. I’m a beginner and I’m all about having fun. Quilty is a perfect fit for my style of quiltying.

  47. I love the fabrics. As a fabric hoarder from way back this is one way to enjoy them without having to find the space for them. Thanks for a great magazine

  48. I love the fabrics. As a fabric hoarder from way back I can enjoy them without having to try to find the space for them. thanks for the great magazine

  49. The thing I enjoy most about ‘Quilty magazine’ is the young, refreshing quilts that are with easily made patterns. I am older, thus it is more difficult for me to KNOW what the younger people like, your magazine hits the spot! Thanks!!

  50. I am fairly new to quilting and I have been pouring over old issues of the magazine with my mother learning lots of techniques, patterns and just having a wonderful time!! Thank you so much.

  51. I love the simplicity of “Quilty” and the fresh new insights it gives us older quilters.
    Your family has a history of sharing your knowledge of quilting to us, and we need to in turn teach our family members to keep Quilting alive.

  52. Love the clean lines of the new quilt patterns! Will visit this site more often. I am new to quilting…..I believe my interest began watching Fons and Porters quilting show on cable.

  53. Quilty magazine represents Mary Fons’ unique personality, has wonderful layouts, great photograph, clear detailed instructions, tips and quilting ideas, for quilters of all levels.

  54. I dig Mary’s style. She makes everything seem like it’s do-able even for us beginners and it gives me confidence. I enjoy and learn from both the Quilty magazine and the Quilty videos.

    Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway.

  55. This is a perfect opportunity to share with my 7 year old granddaughter who is excited to learn how to sew. She has watched me, my daughter, her aunt and great-grandmother make quilts and other crafts, and now she would like to try to make a quilt for her 2 year old sister. Keep the email’s coming! We enjoy them and look forward to them!

  56. I am a traditional quilt lover and this magazine has given me a challenge to broaden my horizons in the quilting world!! Try something new and learn something new!!

  57. I love all the tips, tricks, visible and simple instructions provided for making the quilts, along with the different color choices gives a person more inspirational ideas to create their own special quilts. Love the ideas be creative on my own.

  58. I love the more ‘modern’ patterns…many of them based on OLD patterns but updated. They are fresh and appealing. I also like the articles that ‘talk’ to other quilters and/or collectors.

  59. I love the scrappy quilts. Your instructions are easy to read and understand. It is wonderful you include quilts for all skill levels. Your magazine also teaches new techniques & some of the new tools that are available.

  60. “Fresh” is the word to describe Quilty Magazine! There are fresh, new ideas, with fresh, new fabrics and fresh, new patterns. I read it over and over, because I always find something I missed with the first look.

  61. I really like the clear instructions on techniques. No matter how long one has been quilting, there is always a new or different way to achieve results. It keeps everything fresh!

  62. I love the fact that there are a lot of beginner style blocks in Quilty…and that at no matter what level a person is there written up in a beginner style…This quality that Quilty has is what influences me to buy the mag….loving it…thanks for a wonderful magazine…

  63. Truly a magazine for beginners. Good instructions. Enjoy the many tips. Knowing how to do something right makes quilting fun and satisfying.

  64. I enjoy everything about it. I like looking at all the quilt patterns, even if I don’t make something out of the magazine I come up with ideas for other quilts that I can add. It helps me come up with great color combos. I have a stack of magazines marked with all of the quilts I want to do.

  65. Quilty is really for everyone. I love the accessibility of the readings and patterns for me… The dumbest of beginners! The mag really inspires and motivates me to keep creating.

  66. I love the variety of quilts highlighted in the magazine. They provide inspiration. The tutorials are wonderful for a newbie to quilting like me.

  67. I love your web site but even more love the magazine. I anxiously await the next issue. I wear the current one out nearly before I get the next one. I love the tips.

  68. Well as a male who had never made anything on a sewing machine in his life and is now unable to work I stumbled across one of your videos on You tube and thought I wonder if I can do that well I can thanks to your forums and videos . Your videos and my seam ripper are my of my best friends now lol..

  69. I like the whole magazine, but I especially love the suggestions for other colorways in the patterns. I am very visual, so this really helps my imagination fly!

  70. I think I love the name more than anything, all other publications suggest that a person is already a quilter, where “Quilty” suggests things that have to do with all things quilt oriented. That leaves a lot more room for interesting articles and variety of subject matter. Keep up the good work, so far its been great and I thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  71. It is modern, fresh and “young at heart” in design and content. It does not assume that readers are experienced sewers and covers the basics really well, with great visuals to support the lessons. Great approach and great job! Thanks

  72. Quilty is a great new quilting magazine! There’s patterns for different skill levels. I love the way that tips are in balloons set into the text! Mary’s joy in quilting is apparent in every issue. Love, love, love Quilty magazine! I’m recommending it to my LQS.

  73. I love the mag from cover to cover but I especially like the tips – as I have found new ways of quilting which has in turn improved my quilts. Many thanks for the giveaway.

  74. Scrivo dall’Italia e vi ho scoperto su internet. I vostri consigli sono meravigliosi soprattutto per me che sono agli inizi. Mi sono ammalata di questa arte bellissima e spero di continuare a leggervi. Grazie

  75. Love Quilty. I am a real beginner, I’m just learning how to sew. My 2 friends are teaching me my new passion/skill! Beside Quilty, I subscribe to 2 Quilt Magazines. After I dream of making these beautiful works of art some day, I pass them to my friends to enjoy. They take them to their Senior Quilt Club for the others to enjoy too. Their Club makes Quilts for Charity groups (vet hospitals, children’s Hospital, homeless and Senior homes). I hope to be able to join them with their cause, very soon.
    The Beginner hints are great and all the quilts give us inspiration. Thanks so much.

  76. I have not seen the Quilty Magazine sounds so great from all the comments I have read . I have several other copies of quilt magazines and they are great. this one sounds exciting

  77. I have a habit of turning down corners on the quilts I want to make or an idea I want to try. Seems I have a LOT of corners turned down on my latest issue of Quilty!!

  78. This magazine is the greatest — for beginners, experts and everyone in between. Love the tips and always the wonderful patterns. Want to try them all! My closet says I have the stash but my life says I don’t have the time to do every one, oh well, still having fun.

  79. I love the way the patterns are presented I’m teaching myself and I feel
    confident about making the following quilts.
    Ocean Front, Butter and Play a Card.

  80. I love the magazine. I picked up one and was hooked. So simple and great info in the publications. Love all the ideas it presents. Thanks for creating it.

  81. Even though I consider myself an experienced quilter, it is fun to see how others do various techniques. I have learned how to quilt from my years as a garment sewer and from many quilters and quilt teachers. it is fun to have my technique validated or learn another way! Quilty does a good job of this as well as help bring along the new quilters of today. Thanks!

  82. Quilty has projects that are not intimidating, and there are quite a lot of great tips throughout the magazine. I enjoy the simplicity of the designs as I seem to lean toward the modern style quilt designs.

  83. What I like best about Quilty is that there’s something for everyone. Clear directions help make successful projects for dear friends and family. Thank you Quilty!

  84. I love the quilty magazine for so many reasons – there are heaps of fabulous projects made by modern quilters who I can check out online, there are easy beginner projects, and there are heaps of amazing tips – keep up the fantasic work 🙂

  85. Quilty magazine is just a delicious eye experience that makes you want to work at your next quilting project….the directions are easy to follow and the quilt you pick always will be a project you will enjoy making !

  86. The patterns are simply quality fun – great designs, options and even some kits. As an added extra, interesting articles and helpful hints. Quilty makes me feel quilty!

  87. I love that your easy, beginner’s quilts are great ideas for the quilt backs for my projects making them reversible. I get “double duty” for each quilt I make. Thank you Quilty & keep the wonderful quilt patterns, ideas, tips & more coming!

  88. I bought the last issue of Quilty and just loved it. I am a new quilter and love the hints as well as the quilting diagrams. Seeing samples of the blocks drawn in different color combinations is also giving me inspiration. Keep up the good work.

  89. l love quilty for the informative lesson and the variety of quilt patterns. They are original and upbeat patterns with a twist. This is my very favoritew site when l am looking for great ideas!

  90. Fairly new to quilting. Fons&Porter was my first and only quilt magazine I have ordered. I was so excited when it came I couldn’t wait to make something. Everything was clear and the best part was I didn’t have to buy templates as they were right there with the pattern. I thank you for that.

  91. I have been getting your magazine for years, and really look forward to getting it each month. I have made several items from them and love each one. THANK YOU for a job will done JANINE

  92. I’ve been quilting for over forty years and Quilty is like a breath of fresh air. It’s so
    good to see more people coming into quilting because of its’ easy, breezy way of
    presenting the quilts and their patterns. Thank you!

  93. I love anything to do with quilting. I love all the quilt kits you have available. All the new patterns and techniques. So I will definately be able to use more fabric. I would be very excited should I be the winner.

  94. I have only finished 3 quilts, ( 2 in the works ) but could see using the Rainbow Baby pattern as a very fast quilt project, just made bigger for an adult bed. Squares and rectangles, how easy !

  95. My favorite thing about Quilty magazine are the articles! So many quilt magazines are just patterns. I love that the articles are always interesting and cover many of the topics I’m interested in. Of course I also like the patterns, but I really buy this magazine for the articles (not to mention the humor and the little cartoon drawings)!!

  96. My ’30 something’ kids are asking for quilts, but not ‘the old fashioned’ kind. Quilty is just the ticket to their quilt destination ! And mom can actually handle the patterns !
    Thanks you so very much for a marvelous and inspiring magazine !

  97. Hi! I like the way that the directions for the patterns are detailed and very easy to understand. I love every issue! There is so much eye candy! There will never be enough time for me to make all the quilts that I want to put on my list!!!

  98. I love the patterns that are featured and the directions are clear and straightforward. The quilts featured are usually able to be completed in a relatively short time.

  99. The ideas and creativity that is offered in simple terminology is a fantastic motivation to enjoy and appreciate such a rewarding field of constructing coloured fabric into priceless works of art.

  100. What’s NOT to LOVE??!!!?!!!?!!! It’s the best magazine ever!!!
    Always fresh & new ideas. What more would a quilter need?????
    OK, time, thread, material and the Quilty Magazine!!!!

  101. I love all the neat little hints. Even though I’ve been quilting since high school, I always find little ideas that help in my sewing now! Plus I want to be BFFs with Mary. I think she’s pretty cool. 🙂

  102. I love the magazine with it’s clean, contemporary look. It is great that it offers all skill levels and I love the tips!

    Keep up the good work!!


  103. Love Quilty! Love the fresh modern vibe! Love the helpful tips! Eye candy! It’s just fun all over! I have them all! There’s no other magazine like it. Keep up the great work!

  104. I actually have a subscription to a different magazine, but I always grab this one off the rack! It has clear, precise direction, and great photos! This will be my subscription next year. Keep up the great work!

  105. I appreciate the clear directions and hints/tips you are always sharing with your readers. The bubblegum colors are really perky. Thank you for your inspirations and encouragement.

  106. I love the enthusasism in the Quilty issues and the techniques. I consider myself an intermediate quilter, but I learn something from every issue. But its greatest achievement was making me want to continue to quilt. The articles show that quilting is fun and that no quilt police are going to come if I use machine instead of hand applique.

  107. Quilty provides ideas with beautiful photo’s along with instructions and tips that take even a beginner from start to finish. Inspirational and motivating.

  108. I love the wonderful ideas I get from your beautiful full color pictures. I also enjoy the free downloads that are available. Keep up the great work.

  109. I really love Quilty. It’s such a breath of fresh air! I love that it’s encouraging young people to take up the hobby. We are never to old, or young, to learn. I just started teaching my 10 year old grand daughter to sew and we’re both having a great time! Thank you all for all the inspiration!