Quilty July/August Sneak Peek and Giveaway!

The July/August 2013 issue of Quilty magazine comes out July 9! This issue features 19 easy projects, lessons, and special features. We know you’ll love these fresh summer projects! Quilty is available in print, digitally or by subscription. We also have a new digital subscription perfect for use on your tablet or mobile device!

All Tied Up digital pattern




Arbor Walk digital pattern




Boo’s Nursery digital pattern




Four Seasons Table Runner digital pattern




My Medal digital pattern




Ferris Wheel digital pattern




Goose Chase digital pattern




It’s a Plus digital pattern




Lake Shore Magic digital pattern




Lemonade Stand digital pattern




Paper Boat Regatta digital pattern




Pinwheels of Light digital pattern




Farmer’s Market Tote digital pattern




Threaded digital pattern




Several of these projects are also available as kits.

We’re so excited for you to drink in this refreshing summer issue! We appreciate your help in making Quilty a great resource for beginning quilters, so we are giving away special prizes to two lucky winners! The winners will receive Quilty Series 100 and 200 on DVD.

To enter, take a look at the photos above and leave a comment telling us which project(s) you’d like to make! Winners will be chosen at random. The contest will close at midnight on July 11th.


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383 Responses to Quilty July/August Sneak Peek and Giveaway!

  1. I like Pinwheels and Light, and Paper Boat Regatta Patterns. Pinwheels is a great way to use up stash fabrics, and Paper Boat is darling for a boy’s room, or a study.

  2. Darrell Hardenburg says:

    My favorite project is “It’s a Plus”…. can just see it now made with batiks…. yumm

  3. Rosie Jenkins says:

    Love the Goose Chase.

  4. Elaine Gehrz says:

    The Ferris Wheel has me going!

  5. Ann Barnhill says:

    Love the Ferris Wheel. Like to do on-point quilts. They look more difficult even if they are not.

  6. Stephanie Houlson says:

    Will probably be putting Goose Chase on my list of quilts I am going to make. I like the nod to traditional but with a modern take of it.

  7. Wendy Berninger says:

    I like Lake Shore magic and Pinwheels of Light the best. Such pretty colors and a sense of movement.

  8. Lori says:

    Ferris wheel looks really sharp. I love how the look changes with just changing your focus point. Many others have a pull for stash busters.

  9. Janet Taylor says:

    Love Goose Chase, Pinwheels of Light

  10. Krista Foley says:

    I love the Boo’s nursery quilt!

  11. Chris says:

    The Arbor Walk quilt looks very interesting to me, I would like to try making it!

  12. Linda Cartwrght says:

    Love the Lake Shore Magic pattern.

  13. Cathy Crist says:

    It’s a Plus!

  14. charleigh says:

    Would love the # of flying geese in the pattern

  15. Anne Austin says:

    I like the Goose Chase pattern. I’m always fascinated with a black, white, and color pattern. I also like the Boo’s Nursery pattern because it is gender neutral and comes with several other patterns to decorate a nursery.

  16. Maria Murphree says:

    I’m thinking paper boat regatta for my grandson. Goose chase, Ferris Wheel, and My Medal all have possibilities- we’ll see once I have the issue in hand. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Quilty Magazine!

  17. Beth Trestrail says:

    I’d like to make the Lemonade Stand Quilt. Love the colors and also the tiny blocks contrasted with wider borders.

  18. Cheryl Brown says:

    I really like the Ferris Wheel.

  19. Dorothy Kelly says:

    I like Arbor Walk

  20. melinda says:

    Paper boat regatta for my boat

  21. Wanda Slezak says:

    Arbor walk, I can see this done in Batiks with sea life in blues, greens and purples.

  22. marilyn says:

    I would definitely make Paper Boat Regatta! I love anything nautical!

  23. Cruz sundquist says:

    Oh my! So many great choices. I like the baby quilt, My Medal, and Ferris Wheel!

  24. Kay says:

    Farmer’s Market Tote to tote my hexagon pieces/material/necessary items to sew while at appointments, traveling etc. Also use for my QUILTY and LOVE OF QUILTING Magazines to read while at appointments.

  25. valerie csmith says:

    THREADS- great for a sewing room

  26. Kirsten Ricard says:

    All Tied Up. Love it!

  27. JUDY WEITZEL says:

    Love Love the Goose Chase

  28. Priscilla W says:

    My favorites are it’s a plus and Paper Boat Regatta

  29. Lynda DeTray says:

    I like Goose Chase! What fun!

  30. Priscilla Wadlow says:

    It’s a Plus

  31. Allison Evrard says:

    I’d love to make the Four Seasons Table Runner. It looks like something that would make a grea.t Christmas present

  32. Barbara McBride says:

    I like them all, but I’d choose ‘It’s a Plus’ … because I like the looks of variation of the pattern and colors all look playful. Guess my grand baby brings it out in me :-)

  33. Aunt Marti says:

    I’ll be making “Paper Boat Regatta” for my next baby quilt!

  34. Linda G says:

    I’m a tote bag junkie so for sure the Farmer’s Market Tote will be on my list, as well as Goose Chase (which I think is stunning!)!

  35. Evelyn B says:

    I like them all, but would love to make the boat one if there was a little boy in my life.

  36. Margo Akamine says:

    I would love to make the Ferris Wheel for my Granddaughter and the Paper Boat Regatta for my Grandson!

  37. Diane says:

    It’s a plus! So cute!

  38. Jeannine P says:

    Love the pinwheels and light quilt – the silvery grey really makes those triangle colors pop!

  39. anna m brown says:

    i would love to make the pinwheels of light looks fun…

  40. Jess Greni says:

    I like the lake shore magic and the goose chase!

  41. Dorothy Gerard says:

    I would love to do the Farmer’s Market Tote, and the It’s a Plus quilt. I make many totes and handbags and think this tote is especially cute!

  42. Ruth` says:

    I really like Boo’s nursery. I can see it done in several different colors and would be beautiful for any age with different colors. Nice!!!

  43. cheryl barnes says:

    I’ll try the farmers’ market tote since I go to a farmers’ market at least once a week.

  44. Debbie L. says:

    Lake Shore Magic and Farmers’ Market Tote !!

  45. Deborah Myers says:

    The Farmer’s Market Tote bag, Boo’s Nursery, and All Tied Up are things I’d like to make. :)

  46. Linda Ojord says:

    GOOSE CHASE !!! I was looking through all my many books to find a three color quilt for my Granddaughter. She is on a drill team with orange/white/black colors. this is the perfect match, with the large and small geese in order, the movement reminded me of how she looks marching in order with her team. What a fun quilt this will make for her. I know her team will be jealous when she takes it on the over night trips. thankyou

  47. Wanda Heath says:

    I really like the Arbor Walk, so that would be the first I would make.

  48. Addie Recoy says:

    Pinwheels, definitely Pinwheels.

  49. Athena says:

    I would love to make Goose Chase.

  50. Laurie says:

    The Lake Shore Magic pattern looks gorgeous!

  51. Deb Praus says:

    Threaded – for my sewing room, I have just the fabric that I have been hoarding. lol
    Ferris Wheel, I love anything “County Fair” related!

  52. Jennifer Richardson says:

    I would like to make the All Tied Up! This is the first quilt magazine I read and fell in love with!

  53. Love the bag! Have never made one and my daughter brought over material for one Saturday. Guess there is a 1st time…lol

  54. Betty Romig says:

    Oh, I just love the Pinwheels of light quilt. I think it would look perfect out in my sun porch. It is a must to make.

    • joyce says:

      if you are the lady that did a demo at the mo. state fair I would like to talk with you. my hubby was with me and he doesn’t get quilting so I did have much of a chance to hang around.


  55. Ramona Collins says:

    The quilt in Boo’s Nursery is the most adorable baby quilt I have seen in a long time. I like to make baby quilts for family and friends who are expecting. Because of the modern feel of this quilt it will be much appreciated and grow from the nursery into a child’s bedroom. Another plus is that it could be used for either a boy or girl. The elephant pillow rocks too.

  56. Barbara says:

    I like the Four Seasons table runner. Has great possibilities.

  57. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to make Goose Chase, Pinwheels of Light, and Lemonade stand!

  58. Rina says:

    Ferris Wheel and Lake Shore Magic are two that would love to make.

  59. Linda Halcomb says:

    Lemonade Stand would be my first pick. I would probably do a controlled scrappy color scheme. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  60. Judy Tuckr says:

    Goose Chase! it just has sends that thrill up my spine and makes me want to get sewing !

  61. Lyn Kaufmann says:

    I’d have to make “Lemonade Stand” for my yellow loving son. I like the reds in Lake Shore Magic for myself.

  62. tac says:

    I like the Pinwheels of Light pattern!

  63. Bonnie Pfrimmer says:

    I love Goose Chase. I think as a beginner quilter it would be a challenge for me, especially the flying geese as I have trouble with them. But there are a couple more I like also. Thanks for the chance to win in this give away.

  64. Connie El Abridi says:

    I like the Ferris Wheel & The Farmers Market Tote

  65. Jillian Rees says:

    Ooh, tough question – from this month’s quilt designs, I can really visualise the Lemonade Stand quilt on my and my husband’s barley turned 4 poster bed, BUT because my eldest son’s 27th birthday is coming up in December, I would make the Goose Chase quilt for him in a stunning combination of black and greys with bold oranges and brilliant yellows. Thanks for asking and I hope you like my answer… have a great month and thanks for all the hard work the staff there do.

  66. B Parrott says:

    Boo’s nursery quilt

  67. Debra Revay says:

    I really like Goose Chase. I’ve been saving black, white, and red fabrics for quite awhile.
    It’s a Plus is very modern looking and I’m sure my daughters would love it. Love Quilty magazine.

  68. Deborah Campbell says:

    I like them all but all tied up and Boo’s nursery are my favorites! can’t wait to get the issue.

  69. Cheryl McEwen says:

    I like Lake Shore Magic, maybe because of the red and white theme. I need to make a red and white quilt.

  70. Kristen says:

    I like Boo’s Nursery!

  71. Carolyn Shaffer says:

    My favorite is the farmers Market tote. I would like to make that one first.

  72. Janice Folks says:

    This is rare for me, I usually like one & maybe two of the quilts in an issue. This issue has several I really like. Lake Shore Magic with just the two colors is very striking, my favorite usually too. Paper Boat Regatta looks like peaceful nap to me, I’m a coastal girl. Of course, anything with the word thread catches my attention, Threaded. Some women collect shoes but mine is handbags & totes, The Farmers Market. I love the colors of the Ferris Wheel, happy colors with a happy title. One more, no two more Boo & Lemonade. I like them all. Keep up the great work Quilty Team!

  73. Midwest Mom says:

    Pinwheels of light–graphic, quick (of course) and bright for a dorm room!

  74. Lisa Weaver says:

    The Ferris Wheel has just soared to the top of my to do list! For some reason the blocks remind me of cuddly throw pillows :)

  75. Liz Fane says:

    It’s A Plus caught my eye.

  76. Christine Bowens says:

    The Wild Goose Chase, and All tied up look awesome. I just love quilty!!

  77. Sheri Fowler says:

    I would love to try triangles — either the Pinwheels of Light or Goose Chase (in a pink/brown combo!).

  78. Candy Langert says:

    It’s a Plus and Pinwheels of Light! Can’t decide which one so I guess I’ll have to make both!

  79. Francine says:

    I like the Paper Boat Regatta. It looks like it would be fun to make for my grandson.

  80. Doris Norman says:

    Love the Goose Chase.

  81. Laurie Robinson says:

    I love the Ferris Wheel….but the ride scares me to death!

  82. Lesia Key says:

    I love the Farmer’s Market Tote…you can never have too many totes :)

  83. Carolyn P. says:

    Lovin’ the Goose Chase!

  84. Judy Gorchinski says:

    I have not made a table runner yet, so my choice would be to stitch up the Four Seasons Table Runner.

  85. Sarah Craig says:

    I see several I would eventually make, but Ferris Wheel catches my eye as a “gotta make soon”!!

  86. Karen Fox says:

    I would chose My Medal or Ferris Wheel. I just received a letter from my son who is at basic training for the Air Force and thought that the My Medal quilt would be a great gift for him. I also like the Ferris Wheel and if i chose some red, white and blue it could also be nice for a serviceman. Thanks for the great quilts!!

  87. vicki says:

    arbor walk

  88. I would probably start with Lake Shore Magic, followed shortly with the Farmers Market Tote

  89. Robin Woods says:

    I am intrigued by the Ferris Wheel. It would be first on my list.

  90. Lovisa Wiseman says:

    I really like It’s A Plus and Ferris Wheel.

  91. Cindy Kennedy says:

    I would love to make the Threaded Pattern…I love spool blocks

  92. Doris says:

    I’d love to make the Ferris Wheel Quilt. I love the bright perky color combos, the large blocks and the modern feel to it. That just went on my to ‘do list’.

  93. Sandra Miller Johnson says:

    I like the look of Arbor Walk…it is probably the first one I would make from this
    issue. The design has a clean look to it, yet shows much movement.

  94. Connie Rodriguez says:

    I like Boo’s nursery

  95. Marcia herath says:

    I like Goose Chase. Looks like fun.

  96. Carmen says:

    LOVE the Farmer’s Market Tote! I’m always looking for a clever tote for both shopping and book hauling.


    I love the “Arbor Walk” but I’m looking for a tote bag pattern ,as I want to make a gift for a special friend’s, special birthday in August,we use tote bags for grocery shoppping here so it needs to be a good size.

  98. Rebecca Starry says:

    I’d love to make the sailboat quilt for our new grandson.

  99. Just J says:

    I like the Lakeshore Magic quilt. It looks so crisp and fresh. Also, it is named after my favorite brand of pumpkin and best teacher’s supply store there is.

  100. Amanda L. says:

    I’m really liking the lakeshore magic quilt off the top of my head!

  101. karen says:

    I LOVE the Goose Chase but wonder how prairie points would work out for some of the geese? Just thinking out loud!


  102. Jane McKay says:

    I would love to pinwheels of light. It looks like a “leaders and enders” a la Bonnie Hunter project and would go quickly. Thanks

  103. Jeanne says:

    I love It’s a Plus because it is so playful, and I also like Lake Shore Magic! Both summery and bright. Love F and P; I’ve been watching them for years WAY BEFORE I EVEN STARTED QUILTING! They gave me the bug! Jeanne

  104. Sharon thomsen says:

    It’s a Plus would be the first quilt I would love to make. It just seems fun and festive! Thanks for the opportunity.

  105. Melissa Yarnell says:

    I could see myself making “All Tied Up” and “Pinwheels of Light”. “All Tied Up” because it looks like something that could be made quickly and “Pinwheels of Light” because I am a sucker for anything that will use up small pieces in my stash.

  106. Sue says:

    The Ferris Wheel quilt looks like something I’d have fun making!

  107. Julie Vine says:

    Lake Shore Magic is lovely… I would make that one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  108. Erika says:

    I really like the Feris wheel. Very fun design

  109. tiara says:

    Boo’s nursery considering my friend’s baby is four months old and still no quilt…..

  110. Laura N says:

    It;s Ferris Wheel for me.

  111. I would make Lake Shore.

  112. nellie says:

    LOVE the look of the Goose Chase quilt!!! So modern, yet classic!

  113. Mary Jo Prosser says:

    I will definitely make “All Tied Up!”

  114. Kay Mc says:

    I think I would like to make Lake Shore Magic. It is so pretty in the red & white.

  115. Susan K says:

    I like the Ferris Wheel quilt. That looks like lots of fun to make.

  116. Georgette Mitchell says:

    The It’s A Plus pattern would be the quilt I’d love to make from the July edition of Quilty.

  117. Ellen Chavis says:

    Arbor Walk would be stunning in my hallway, Ferris Wheel would be great as a learning tool and then across the end of my bed. I love how striking Lake Shore appears.

  118. Barbara Turner says:

    The Goose Chase quilt is outstanding!! I would love to make this. My teenage grandkids would love it!! I may have to make and then hold a drawing for who gets it. It’s the only way for something this cool!

  119. Vicki Ciucio says:

    I’m intrigued by and will definitely make Pinwheels of Light and also plan on making Boo’s Nursery.

  120. Mary Stephens says:

    Boo’s nursery pattern

  121. Vickie Bastien says:

    Boo’s nursery is super cute and I also love It’s a plus. Pretty much anything in the magazine is fair game though! Keep up the awesome work!

  122. Deb Patterson says:

    Boo’s Nursery, My Medal and Paper Boat Regatta are all speaking to me.

  123. I would like to try the Four Seasons table runner and, if I accomplish that; do the Pinwheels of Light which fascinates me. I love everything in Quilty and look forward to receiving it each time. Such easy to do instructions and fun articles.!

  124. Barbara Pricola says:

    I really like Ferris Wheel and Threaded. I am looking forward to receiving this issue!

  125. Julie says:

    Arbor Walk looks interesting and likes like a possibility.

  126. Chris Kishazy says:

    I would love to make Boo’s Nursery. I love the colors and it doesn’t look to complicated. :o)

  127. B Fama says:

    Pinwheels of Light is my fave.

  128. Keryl Vair says:

    Boo’s Nursery is a must make. What baby wouldn’t love a fabulous new quilt to snuggle under and drool on. Plus I get all the fun of making it!

  129. Josefina says:

    I really like Lakeside Magic. Thank you for the chance to win Quilty.

  130. Lake Shore Magic is my favorite – but there are a lot of good ones there! Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Karen Propes says:

    I love the Boo’s Nursery digital pattern, love the colors and my Granddaughter would love it!!!! All the projects are great!!! Thanks for the chance.

  132. Mary Jo says:

    Love the Goose Chase and Threaded! May make them BOTH!!!

  133. Quilting Tangent says:

    Arbor Walk is the most interesting. How about doing a basting show.

  134. Maegan Schaefer says:

    I love the Farmer’s Market Tote. I got to the farmers market weekly and and in desperate need of a new bag!! Might just have to make one…hhnm…

  135. MB says:

    It’s a Plus. I’ve recently “discovered” Brigitte Hietland. I really liked X’s & +’s from the March/April issue and Play a Card in the May/June issue. Her new fabric line – Barcelona – is amazing!

  136. Sueanne Mockensturm says:

    I like the Lake Shore Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Jessica Troian says:

    I certainly couldn’t choose just one, but I think my favourite was Lake Shore. I also liked the movement in Ferris Wheel and the modern beauty of Arbour Walk and All Tied Up. The Boo’s Nursery is a cutie, too! Great work!

  138. Denise W says:

    Love the Threaded quilt. It would look great in a sewing/craft room.

  139. Roxanne S. says:

    I love the Arbor Walk!

  140. Christine Sherman says:

    It’s A Plus!

  141. Julie Beard says:

    Hi Liz and Marianne,
    I get your fabulous magazine via digital download as well as subscribe and watch QNNTV. I love the magazine and video shows. I regularly get totally inspired and learn heaps. I’m so glad your their because as I’m a confident beginner in quilting I often need the assistance of a more experienced or professional quilter. Love the style and quilt designs that you manage to come up with. Thank you both and your team’s so very much for all your inspiration in my quilting journey! Julie Beard.

  142. Joan Schüler says:

    I like the goose chase as I love to make flying geese patterns.

  143. Hi, I am a beginner and I love your easier quilts and fabrics that you use. I’ve bought your magazine a couple of times at the grocery store to give me Ideal’s and help. They have really helped me. Thank You for all that you do!

  144. Lorraine Maggio says:

    I love Pinwheels of Light and Ferris Wheel patterns, both of which I’d like to make for my family!

  145. Kathleen Fischer says:

    I love the cool temps, apple picking with my grandchildren. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, because it all about family, food, fun, and football. Of course I also love the extra sewing time.


  146. Kay Weckman says:

    I am especially interested in working with the Four Seasons Table Runner digital pattern for Christmas gifts. Since I have arthritis, larger projects are difficult for me, and I love to see the finished projects quicker than a large quilt allows.

  147. Audrey says:

    Pinwheels of light is my favorite.

  148. Teresa Boggs says:

    I love change in seasons, High School football, and fall festivals with my grandchildren.

  149. Anita Macan says:

    Pinwheels of Light! Love the scattered appearance.

  150. I like the market tote pattern. Made in fall colors, it would be a delight to make and use, or give as a gift.

  151. Lori H. says:

    I like Pinwheels of Light & Book’s Nursery!!

  152. Pam Robbins says:

    All Tied Up looks amazing and could be made with so many different color combinations!

  153. Jan Gossman says:

    I adore Boos Nursery pattern. One of my little grand daughter’s nickname is Boo and this would be perfect for her! The colors are so bright, just like her personality.

  154. cr says:

    the four seasons table runner is beautiful great for all seasons

  155. Heather says:

    I really enjoy the hints Mary Fons shares.

  156. Georgia says:

    Would love to try the Goose Chase which looks difficult but, after seeing how to do something similar on Fons and Porter TV, I think I can do it.

  157. AJ says:

    I am liking Pinwheels of light or feris wheel. Those both are bright and fun!

  158. Cheryl Gherna says:

    I would like to Lake Shore Magic, I have not done a two color quilt and this looks so crisp, but yet appealing.

  159. EllenB says:

    Ferris Wheel is the project that is calling to me.

  160. Mary says:

    I love Paper Boat Regatta. It looks very nostalgic to me. I’ve always lived near the water – a river in New Jersey summers growing up. Now on the ocean in Florida in the winter and on an Adirondack Mountain lake in the summer.

  161. Connie German says:

    going to have to put Ferris Wheel on my bucket list. Very pretty!!

  162. Regina says:

    I love the paper boats – what a perfect project for a child -especially a baby boy, but I bet if is was done in pink and white any little girl would love it too

  163. Jean Graham says:

    As a newer quilter, I’d like to make the Lake Shore Magic pattern so I can practice some traditional quilting basics.

  164. Sonya Kostner says:

    I like a lot of them but the one that really caught my eye was All Tied Up. Thanks for having a magazine for the beginner quilter, which I am.

  165. verib says:

    I love It’s a Plus, but might be a bit prejudiced by the fact the example is made out of Moda’s Comma, with I am currently in love with. Also, I’d love to make Goose Chase. In that color scheme, it somehow makes me think of woven blankets made by some of the southwestern tribes.

  166. Veronica Boss says:

    I love the farmer’s market tote bag and four seasons table runner. I have never made a tote bag or table runner yet. I love to try.

  167. Rebecca says:

    Arbor Walk looks interesting.

  168. Kris Smith says:

    The colors of fall and the winding down of the family’s summer activities. Time to take a break from preserving the garden’s bounty and enjoy the slower pace of life.

  169. Carol Gearey says:

    My Medal pattern. It would go to an injured service man or woman.

  170. Lori H. says:

    I love Boos Nursery & Pinwheels of Light!

  171. Beverly Presley-Munguia says:

    I had been looking for just the right pattern for a quilt I wanted to make out of adorable fat quarters featuring red, white and black cats. When I saw Boo’s Nursery, I knew I found the “ONE”! I immediately did a rough colored pencil sketch and knew I made the right choice. It was a hard decision to make because all of the designs are amazing (as always)!! Thanks!!

  172. Lourdes Fay says:

    I am in need of a new tote bag so I would like to make the Farmer’s Market Tote.

  173. Teri powers says:

    I love them all but the paper boat regatta is my favorite

  174. Tess Perry says:

    “It’s a Plus” & “Lakeshore” are the first two on MY list! I LOVE a pop of color on a sea of white! It looks so crisp & clean! I haven’t made a single quilt yet, but have been gathering supplies, pattern ideas (and a new machine!)….oh! and building up a stash, of course! ;) Also looking forward to receiving my first Quilty Magazine from my recent subscription!

  175. craftytammie says:

    all tied up and four seasons look like my style!

  176. Janet says:

    The summer fresh design of Lake Shore Magic is my favorite.

  177. Donna Schmitz says:

    The Farmer’s Market Tote would be fun and make gifts for others.

  178. Pam from CA says:

    It’s a Plus and Pinwheels of Light would be fun to make!

  179. Sharon Meyer says:

    Oh so many to choose from…but i think i would start with the farmers market tote, i just love bags. Then on to the pinwheels of light so refreshing, then to lake shore magic i see this in purple batiks then to the four seasons runner that has possibilities for Christmas gifts. Thank you for the chance to win, Happy productive quilting to all!

  180. Lois Hammer says:

    Love Pinwheels of Light – it’s scrappy and it’s not!

  181. Linda Pommeranz says:

    As a first-time grandma of a 4-week-old grandson, Boo’s Nursery is the one for me!

  182. Kay Statom says:

    I would like to start with Abhor Walk and then just go through the list. There are so many patterns and just not enough time to do them all.

  183. Dianna Whitehead says:

    Hi! I would like to make Lakeshore Magic and Threaded! I see these done scrappy, as I have so many to work with! LOL Thank you for the chance to win! I just love watching Mary every chance I get!

  184. Allen Lawrence says:

    I like the modern twist on the Goose Chase, it is one I would like to do with a neighbor who is 82. She is showing me the older ways of quilting and this would be a great one to do with modern tools and sewing techniques.

  185. Jan Hamman says:

    I like Boo’s Nursery.

  186. Crystal Renfro says:

    Wow! Hard to choose, but Lake Shore Magic is simply stunning. I think that would win my vote!

  187. Joyce Ward says:

    It’s a plus! Use up a lot of different fabrics. Quilts made with just two featured fabrics are really pretty but I prefer to use up what I have – which is a lot of different prints.

  188. Mary Ann says:

    I think threaded would be fun to make using all my favorite thread colors.

  189. Shelby Wilder says:

    The Farmers Market tote would probably be the one I would tackle first.

  190. Lynn Wallen says:

    Farmer’s Market Tote would be fun to try. There are about 5 others, too, that I would like to make, but the tote is at the top of my list!

  191. patty says:

    love them all it is really hard to chose i love the lake shore but i will really end up making them all thanks for the chance

  192. Mindy says:

    I’d like to make the paper boat regatta quilt for my grandson, but with a bit more color in it.

  193. Barbara says:

    I like Lake Shore Magic and It’s a Plus.

  194. Vivian Hancock says:

    I love the log cabin quilts, they are so beautiful.

  195. Mary Power-Burke says:

    So hard to pick as they are all great! Ferris Wheel and Arbor Light are my 2 favorites (at least for today).

  196. Roseanne Morgan says:

    It’s a Plus is my favorite. It reminds me of argyle socks!

  197. Susie De Soto says:

    I love the Lake Shore Magic quilt. The pattern looks like it is one that I could handle as I’m new to quilting.

  198. Darlene Thompson says:

    Ferris Wheel…..Very pretty……really like this one.

  199. Vivian says:

    I thank I would like to make Goose Chase. Look fun to do

  200. Jadine says:

    I love the “It’s a Plus” pattern, modern yet scrappy, a perfect combination!

  201. ruth shelton says:

    I would like to make the four seasons table runner as this could be used all year around.

  202. Paula Cox says:

    I would love to make the Lake Shore Magic. I love the colors and the design. It is not busy looking and is very clean and sharp.

  203. betty drake says:

    I would like to start with “Lake Shore Magic”. Can you put 35 hours in a day so I can make them all?

  204. Mavie Quarles says:

    I would make the Lemonade stand

  205. I like “Goose Chase.” I love flying geese quilts.

  206. Cathy Morrison says:

    I love the All Tied Up quilt pattern and the fabric in this is absolutely gorgeous!

  207. Lorene Frischknecht says:

    I would love to make the Paper Boat Regatta quilt. I love anything nautical! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  208. Theresa says:

    My favorite is the Farmers Market Digital tote. this is practical and will help the environment by not using plastic or paper bags.

  209. Sandra S says:

    It’s a Plus is the winner for me!

  210. ROBIN says:

    Boos Nursery Quilt is exactly what I’ve been wanting to make. It looks modern and this is the new style that I would like to try. I’ve always been a lover of the traditional style.

  211. Trudy Rhoads says:

    I love them all, but especially the Ferris Wheel catches my eye. I think the All Tied Up, Arbor Walk and It’s a Plus would be great for doing with my grandkids!

  212. Aleeta Haskins says:

    Living near the shore of Lake Michigan I would have to chose Lake Shore Magic.

  213. Judy Brehmer says:

    I love Boos Nursery and will hope it makes a home in my stash fabrics.

  214. Debbie H says:

    My favorite is Lemonade Stand. I love the contrast of colors. Thanks!

  215. Joyce Kludt says:

    I love the Ferris Wheel pattern. Geometric type designs have always intrigued me because you can do so much with the color scheme to change up the look.

  216. Jennifer Powers says:

    It’s a Plus and Pinwheels of Light. I would love a kit for the pinwheels too.

  217. Pastor Carrie Smith says:

    Lakeshore and Pinwheels of light are my faves.

  218. Cindy Walton says:

    I’m loving the Paper Boat Regatta (for my new Grandson) and the Lake Shore Magic (for my beautiful daughter)!!! I’m a new quilter and can’t get enough of it. Always looking for my next project! Love all the shows by Fons & Porter.

  219. Marie Chat says:

    I think I love Ferris Wheel the best for my project, but Paper Boat Regatta would be my runner-up pattern project! Thanks!

  220. Jacqueline says:

    Coming from a place where geese were every where, I love the goose chase pattern! The colors and pattern really have punch and I am sure my great nieces would love it on their beds!

  221. Susan Nicol says:

    It’s a Plus – finally, all the seams don’t have to match – on purpose!

  222. Vivian Orr says:

    I really like the Ferris Wheel, so colorful and a good use of scraps!

  223. connie kapralos says:

    Ferris wheel would be perfect for my 2nd granddaughter born within 2 months…she was born 2 days ago!

  224. Ilene Schmitt says:

    I am drawn to the Lake Shore quilt. Partly due to the colors (Love red!) and partly to the shapes. This would be a new learning experience for me.

  225. Susan Shapiro says:

    I love the boys nursery design. Great for a beginner, I think.

  226. Connie says:

    I like boo’ nursery

  227. Carol Vickers says:

    I love Arbor Walk. What an interesting pattern!

  228. Jessica Reno says:

    I love Goose Chase and the digital pattern…

  229. Hedda Eyben says:

    Love the Four Seasons Table Runner. I’m in love with patterns that are smaller projects than an enormous quilt which takes months!

  230. Laura V. says:

    I’m in love with Pinwheels of Light. I’m going to go pick up the new issue this weekend!

  231. Alex says:

    Love the “all tied up”! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a design like this!

  232. Dee Dee says:

    First Boo’s Nursery for a sweet baby who is on the way, then Ferris Wheel using the Happy Go Lucky fabrics (I don’t care how much it will cost, LOL), I love those fabrics.

  233. Joi Brimmer says:

    It’s A Plus is just calling my name! What a fun way to use up my scraps! Not a single unit would be a mistake…every combination would work with the variety.

  234. Priscilla Pride` says:

    All tied up – looks like it would be fun to do for one of my grandchildren.

  235. LaNell Dobyns says:

    I like All Tied Up, Boo’s Nursery and Lake Shore Magic.

  236. Joyce Mitchell says:

    It’s A Plus is my favorite of the patterns – would love to make it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  237. ann Hetland says:

    I would like to make the Farmers market totes for my nieces they would love them.

  238. I absolutely LOVE the Ferris Wheel Quilt and I would definitely make it! I think it is quite unusual because at a glance I can see a variety of block shapes, for example: simple starburst, complex starburst, squares on point, and inner circle blocks. Then on closer inspection I see that this is completely due to the value of the fabrics chosen, since I see that the blocks are actually all constructed in the same way. I am fascinated by the multiple effects one can get just by changing the value of the fabric chosen in particular components of the quilt. I can’t wait to create this myself and try out the magic!

  239. Brittany Franse says:

    I like the pinwheels and the farmers tote bag.

  240. Sandra Beck says:

    Lake Shore Magic and Arbor Walk is a must try as they are both beauties. It is so hard to chose as all are so pretty .

  241. Charlotte says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the BOO NURSERY and GOOSE CHASE are my favorites just a new beginner and would love to make these

  242. Susan Sorrells says:

    I like Threads, but right now I am looking for quick and easy gifts. I want to make the Farmer’s Market Tote.

  243. Karen P says:

    Love that Goosechase quilt!

  244. Sheila Fernkopf says:

    I would like to make Ferris Wheel or Lake Shore Magic. I would really enjoy winning and watching the DVDs. :)

  245. Melissa says:

    Would so love to tackle the Goose Chase.. gotta finish the one I started first though!

  246. Cindy Y says:

    I like the “Farmers Market Tote.” Bright, cheerful and fun!

  247. Char Bateman says:

    Love the Paper Boats but may have to make them ALL!!! Love Mary and Quilty!!

  248. Avis Westfall says:

    I like the Ferris Wheel pattern.

  249. phyllis.singler says:

    I would love to make the PINWHEELS OF LIGHT!

  250. JoMarie says:

    You can never have enough totes and they make great gifts.
    The tote pattern is what I will make.

  251. QuiltyKate says:

    Gosh, I like them all! But my favorites are: Ferris Wheel (though I’m not ready to tackle it, it’s gorgeous!), It’s a Plus, Lake Shore Magic (still need to learn curved piecing!), Lemonade Stand, and Pinwheels of Light. Love them, Mary!! xo

  252. Pat K says:

    Goose chase, for sure!!

  253. Frances says:

    Would love to try Lake Shore Magic as I don’t do alot of curved piecing and would enjoy the challenge.

  254. Boo’s Nursery look so bright, my favorites are for the little ones

  255. Judy Maggio says:

    I like the Paper Boat Regatta. I want to make a boat quilt someday.

  256. Jean McMurry says:

    I would love to try the The Lake Shore Magic, the colors are so vibrant.

  257. Sue Jones says:

    Lake Shore magic is the one for me.

  258. Beth Topping says:

    I like the Four Seasons Runner; the simplicity and elegance appeal to me. But the boats look like a lot of fun and I know a little boy who’d like them!

  259. Patti says:

    I like the Farmer’s Market Tote. Our town has outlawed bags of any kind to be given out with a purchase, or charge .05 each if you must have a bag. Need to make lots of totes…

  260. Marsha Bohannon says:

    I love the Ferris Wheel–it really could be adapted to many color schemes and needs.

  261. Carol Richardson says:

    I just love the “Boo’s Nursery”, “All Tied Up” and “Farmers Market Tote” can’t wait to get this edition to try some of the new quilts.

  262. As I live near the she the shores of one of the great lakes, am eager to try the Lake Shore Magic. Love it when a quilt ties in with some location or event in the lives of those who might receive my latest quilt creation.

  263. Vicki H says:

    I would like to make ‘It’s a Plus’. Thanks for the giveaway.

  264. Mickey says:

    love all the quilt patterns but I would probably make the farmers market tote first because its something I could use right about now…thanks for opp to win!

  265. Sue singer says:

    I want to make them all.

  266. Catherine Dorsey says:

    I like the Four Seasons Table Runner, the tote bag, and The Paper Boat Regatta.

  267. Doris Worthen says:

    I will defiantly make the Farmer’s Market Tote and since I will be welcoming my first great grandchild into the family in Dec, I am thinking the Boo’s Nursery quilt would work wonderfully for that event. On a personal note, I would love to make the My Medal quilt for myself. Thank you, thank you for the chance to win this contest. It’s great!

  268. Diane Calvi says:

    I would love to make the Paper Boat Regatta quilt. Sail boats are my thing. I can see the red and white boats among a sea of blue. It would look beautiful in my home which is decorated in a beach/lighthouse theme. Thanks for the chance.

  269. Maureen Peloquin says:

    I would like to make the paper boat regatta and Lake Shore Magic quilts as I have made one boat quilt some time ago and enjoyed doing it and would like to make a red and white quilt at some point.

  270. Cindy Shelley says:

    Boos nursery quilt

  271. Kathy Elamon says:

    My favorite is the Lake Shore Magic. I’d probably use a teal instead of the red. Would match my bedroom.

  272. Nancy Weaver says:

    Blue is such a soothing color to me, so not only would I find comfort while making it, but I would like to think of the child it might bring solace to. Also, this pattern is a little higher than my present skills but would challenge me to a new level of quilting!

  273. Krystal Rowe says:

    They are all so amazing but Ferris Wheel is my favorite!

  274. Kathy Willhite says:

    I recently purchased the magazine and LOVED this issue! I want to make All Tied Up, Four Seasons, It’s A Plus, Lemonade Stand, Pinwheels of Light and Threaded!!!

  275. Jennifer J says:

    I like “It’s a Plus”. Looks like it would match my abilities, while being very versatile.

  276. Cristina says:

    The farmers market tote would be fun to make to give as a gift.

  277. Darla says:

    I’d like to make Ferris Wheel!

  278. Peggy Moller says:

    I love the pinwheels, going to make that next.

  279. Nancy Mongeur says:

    I really like the Lake Shore Magic pattern. I think it’s the red and white combo that has grabbed my interest.

  280. Ginger says:

    Arbor Walk caught my eye right away!

  281. Kathleen Dalecio says:

    The “My Medal” quilt appeals to me the most. It would make a fine Quilt of Valor.
    I also like the “Lake Shore Magic” quilt, but prefer rectangle quilts over large square quilts.
    I enjoy watching your shows. Thanks for your inspiration & the opportunity of viewing shows I’ve missed!

  282. Sandra Day says:

    I love the farmer’s market tote. After all, one can never have too many totes and this one is very nice.

  283. Martha S Jordan says:

    Like all the patterns but if I had to pick one I would pick Paper Boat Regatta so I could make it for my grandson. Just what a little boy would need.

  284. Jo-Ann Gauthier-Boisvert says:

    There are two that tickle my fancy and I’ve put on my to-do list. The Boo’s nursery seems easy enough and I really like the mix of colors with the grey. The Lake Share looks more challenging (I’m ready to tackle the curved piecing) and I love the red tones. Can’t wait to receive the issue!!

  285. Marilyn Gussman says:

    I love the Arbor Walk — simple yet wonderful! Can’t wait to make it.

  286. Dorothy says:

    It’s a plus is my favorite. Great quilt for a guy!

  287. Susan Guarneri says:

    I’d love to make two projects:
    1 – Farmer’s Market Tote
    2 – It’s a Plus quilt
    Hugs – Susan

  288. kbo says:

    I’d construct the Lemonade Stand then work on the market tote.

  289. Patricia Hersl says:

    Lake Shore Magic tickles my fancy.

  290. Lisa Marino says:

    All tied up!

  291. Lorainne Green says:

    All Tied Up. Looks like one I could do since I am a beginner.

  292. Jane Hensley says:

    I would like to make It’s A Plus. I’ve been seeing this pattern or some variation of it for a little while now. It just seems like fun!

  293. Kathleen Hartley says:

    It’s a Plus!

  294. Shirley says:

    Goose Chase ! !

  295. David W. says:

    The one that looks like fun and a challenge is the Lake Shore Magic Quilt.

  296. Pamela Hankins says:

    Would love to make Boo’s Nursery! Just had our “13th” grandbaby! So adorable!

  297. Sandy Curtis says:

    Definitly Ferris Wheel

  298. Janey Cook says:

    “Lake Shore Magic” for sure!

  299. Sharon says:

    I would use the Farmers Market tote every Saturday that I go to the Farmers and Art Market. It would be the perfect bag to carry all those wonderful fresh veggies and fruits, plus a little something for myself, home in.

  300. JulieCC says:

    I’d love to make the Farmer’s Market tote because I love making bags – they are completed quickly and don’t seem to lay around as “UFOs” as much as larger projects. Plus, they are well-used!

  301. Marsha Brown says:

    I LOVE GOOSE CHASE. I think this has become my favorite block to make. Boo’s nursery quilt is adorable.

  302. patricia crocker says:

    I would love to make Lake Shore Magic digital pattern. it just seems to flow.

  303. Diane Steiger says:

    Boo’s Nursery quilt looks like fun.

  304. Margo Wilson says:

    Lake Shore Magic and all tied up are my fans.

  305. Janeen says:

    Pinwheels of Light!

  306. Kelly McMillan says:

    I would love to do the Pinwheels of Light quilt. Also, I really liked the Farmer’s Market Tote.

  307. Linda Martinez says:

    All Tied Up catches my eye as one I would like to do.

  308. sherri wolters says:

    I like the ferris wheel patern i would love to make this thanks

  309. Barb S. says:

    “It’s a plus” pattern is modern yet could be more traditional depending on fabric, what a great way to use up scraps or charm packets…Cute!

  310. Yvondia says:

    Lake shore magic is beautiful, it would be a reminder form me of lake Ponchartrain where I use to live.

  311. Margie Nelson says:

    I like It’s a Plus & Boo’s Nursery.

  312. Janie says:

    Lakeshore Magic….it’s very intriguing!

  313. Kris Walter says:

    Pin wheels would be my favorite and next project.

  314. Shawna says:

    I would love to make the four seasons table runner. I have just discovered table runners as quick fun projects

  315. Tammy O says:

    Goose Chase is my first choice and then Pinwheel Lights second. Two new quilts on my list to make!

  316. Teresa says:

    All Tied Up has be in a knot! I love the way the bowties pop out.

  317. Teresa says:

    All Tied Up has me in a knot! I love the way the bowties pop out.

  318. claudia corbett says:

    Arbor Walk and Boo’s Nursery are the two quilt I would love to try and make for my grand niece and nephew.

  319. Shelly S. says:

    Paper Boat Regatta would be fun, especially since I live so close to Annapolis, MD.

  320. Karen says:

    Arbor walk, definitely!

  321. Tania Untalan says:

    I would like to make “It’s a Plus”. I have been looking for a fun and modern pattern!

  322. Barbie says:

    I love the ferris wheel quilt. There is so much to look and enjoy. It’s fun.

  323. Debbie Ainley says:

    Lemonade Stand!!!

  324. Judy George says:

    Arbor walk and lake shore magic are my favorites

  325. Pamela Troxell says:

    I would like to make Paper Boat Regatta. My Dad was in the Navy and for the longest time my parents have had hanging in every house we have lived in a painting of the Cutty Shark they got from a starving artist sale when they were first married. Ironically, my Dad does jigsaw puzzles. I discovered on the internet that a lot of the jigsaw puzzles he did were artwork from the same artist who did the painting!

  326. Nancy Johnson says:

    Paper boat regatta for me!

  327. Maria A. D. says:

    As a newbie sewer and quilter, I’d love to make “All tied up” and “Paper boat regatta” :)

  328. Michele Kuhlmann says:

    I would like to make Boo’s Nursery pattern. Being a beginning quilter, this pattern looks like it would match my current skill set. It is a perfect pattern for small children, like my granddaughters, not just for babies.

  329. carol says:

    I like the My Medal quilt. The colors are gorgeous, the spacing is balanced. Looks like a fun quilt to make.

  330. Jean says:

    Ferris Wheel, A fun summer ride

  331. Jo Ann Pilgrim says:

    All Tied Up would make great quilts for children which my guild supports and my grandchildren would love as well. All the different colors and novelty prints put in it.

  332. Bonnie H. says:

    I love the Lemonade Stand pattern and the Farmer’s Market Tote.

  333. L.Kubik says:

    Ferris Wheel – I think this one done in bright scraps would remind me of being at the fair and watching all the combined twinkling lights as you wander thru the midway!

  334. Linda Barnes says:

    I think first, is My Medal, then Lake Shore, Farmer’s Tote, But of course then is Threaded Digital, so that I could wrap up in it in the sewing room making more LOL

  335. Out of all those I would make the Goose Chase one and the Lake Shore one I LOVE those two ALOT! I am new to quilting but I sure love those two!~!

  336. Heather Boyer says:

    I like the Farmers Market Tote bag and the Ferris Wheel Quilt. They just look fun. Boo’s Nursery blanket would also be fun since I am finally a Grandma!

  337. Bev Maul says:

    I like the contemporary Pinwheels of Light. The use of negative space really makes the colors and shape pop.

  338. quiltnut says:

    my favorites are the Lake Shore Magic and the farmers tote.

  339. Anita says:

    I’d like to make Ferris Wheel. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  340. Terry Schutt says:

    Boo’s Nursery — it looks like it would be a quick quilt to make. I could really make a dent in my stash!

  341. Jeri Niksich says:

    Love the Arbor Walk it reminds me of my love for Chevrons but with a twist.

  342. Louise says:

    I think the Arbor Walk digital pattern looks like it would be a lot of fun to make and look great hanging on my wall!

  343. Kristina says:

    I intend to make “It’s a Plus” – it’s fun and not as structured as traditions quilts – that appeals to me.

  344. Susan Ioanou-Silver says:

    I am thinking that Goose Chase looks like a lot of fun to make! Especially if you went scrappy with it.

  345. Chris says:

    I love the Goose Chase.

  346. Sammi G says:

    It’s a toss up between the paper boat regatta and the lake shore magic. They are both lovely!

  347. Kathy G says:

    Love the Farmers Market Tote. Could use scraps of the many fabrics leftover from other projects and can personalize to so many situations: holiday, beach, shopping etc.
    Makes grocery shopping a more pleasant experience and reduces plastic bag usage.

  348. Tina Wright says:

    Lake Shore is certainly one I’d love to try. Being from Michigan and surrounded by so many shorelines, well, it just makes sense. Also, who doesn’t love sitting by the water?

    Side note – just found your videos on You Tube. Love it! I think I’m hooked!

  349. Sheryl G says:

    I would like to make the paper boat regatta quilt! I think my grandsons would love it!

  350. MoeWest says:

    I like Lake Shore Magic and the table runner.

  351. Karen Usoff says:

    Love All Tied Up, Lake Michigan Magic and Farmers Market Tote. I hope they are included in my magazine. So excited to make them.

  352. jo says:

    Pinwheels of light and Lake Shore Magic.

  353. Annette Deardurff says:

    I like “Threaded” – it would be fun creating colorful spools!

  354. I love two color quilts and Lake Michigan Magic will be a beautiful adddition to my quilt collection!

  355. Shawna says:

    I immediately loved the Ferris Wheel pattern! Would love to make that someday!

  356. Chris Herron says:

    Pinwheels of Light – great scrappy quilt

  357. Carla Ferrier says:

    Pinwheels of Light looks like a great pattern for using up scraps, but still keeping the design spare & modern. I also like all the solid space for showcasing the quilting design.

  358. Heidi says:

    I think I am going have to get a subscription, I am always loving what is in your magazine! I especially love Goose Chase, Ferris Wheel and It’s a Plus!

  359. Susan says:

    Lakeshore Magic and the Ferrish Wheel quilts.

  360. Cindy Cantin says:

    I would love to make “Treaded”. I like that is has spools of Thread yet works up into a nice looking quilt design.

    I envision using bright colors for each of the spools of thread with a creative quilting design :-)

  361. I would love to make the farmers market tote bag. It would be so handy going to the craft fairs and local farmers market. It would also be handy for my sewing, crochet, knitting, and quilting projects that I take on the go with me.

  362. Bev says:

    The Lake Shore Magic quilt is my favorite.

  363. Samantha Zdrojewski says:

    I like its a plus. Think this would look great using fall colors.

  364. Linda says:

    Goose Chase – I love the color combo and the different directions the pattern is moving in. This quilt is definitely on my to do list and will be one of first fall projects.

  365. Sue Nelson says:

    I was so excited to purchase your July/Aug issue and just love all your patterns. The Boo Nursery was a hit with my daughter, on my to-do list. Keep up your creative juices, it is so inspiring.

  366. Deb San Antonio says:

    I am a sucker for sailboats so naturally Paper Boats definitely caught and held my attention. I definitely believe I will be making that in the not-too-distant future.

  367. Barb says:

    I really like the Lake Shore Majic. Looks like a cosy quilt.

  368. Darlene Krystal says:

    The Paper Boat regatta looks like a pattern that would help me practice my half squares more…way cool…that’s the one I would start with for shore……have a great quilty day..

  369. Donna H says:

    I like “It’s a Plus”. It has a funky, non traditional look.

  370. Paula Howard says:

    I like All Tied Up

  371. Lynn Merrow says:

    I really like the Boo’s Nursery and Farmers Tote. They are both stunning in their own way.

  372. Donna Bushkie says:

    I have been getting over having a new knee put in and can not wait to get started sewing again. The Ferris wheel pattern looks like something I would do

  373. Amanda says:

    I haven’t done a lot of curves yet, so I think Lake Shore Magic would be an awesome challenge!

  374. SewCalGal says:

    All cute designs, but paper boat regatta certainly catches my attention.


  375. Lisa M Smith says:

    It’s so hard to choose! I think I would like to make the pinwheels of light most because I love scrappy quilts. My 2nd favorites would be tied with the Lake Shore Magic – love the look of cathedrals – and Lemonade Stand :)

  376. teresa s says:

    I love the movement in Arbor Walk…All Tied Up would be a wonderful ‘scrappy’ project, and Lake Shore Magic is lovely…so hard to choose!!!

  377. Karen says:

    I love Boo’s Nursery. I am always looking for different baby quilts and this one fits the bill!

  378. The farmers market tote bag would make a great gift. I love quilting for friends and family!

  379. Shirl Kay says:

    CA is banning plastic bags, sooo need the Farmers Market Bag Pattern.
    Those gorgeous reds are great in Lake Shore Magic Pattern.
    Both for my sis to make for me.

  380. Kay Killion says:

    CONTEST CLOSED ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  381. Kellie Stines says:

    I like them all but Lakeshore is the one that makes me smile – bright and colorful yet modern and fresh!!

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