Quilting Quickly Jan/Feb 2016 – We Need Your Help!

Did you read the The Quilting Quickly Jan/Feb 2016 issue? We’d love to hear your opinion and hope you’ll take the issue survey! We create our magazines according to what you like most, so it’s important that we hear from you.

Quilting Quickly Jan-Feb 2016


As a thank you for taking the Quilting Quickly Jan/Feb 2016 issue survey we’d like to offer you our easy FREE quilt patterns eBook – Easiest Quilts Ever!

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2 thoughts on “Quilting Quickly Jan/Feb 2016 – We Need Your Help!

  1. Hello, I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase Angela Huffmans course for Longarm Instruction. Although it is on sale at this point…I am still unsure. I would like to have a better idea of what the course offers. Any comments?

    1. Hello – Angela Huffman is an extraordinary longarmer and teacher! We have her on our Love of Quilting TV show at least once every season and we ask her to return for videos on Craft Daily and courses on Craft University. You can also find a blog she wrote for the Fons & Porter website here, called . As far as her Craft University course titled, Longarm Fundamentals, this course offers specific instruction for: batting, threads, needles, tension, loading a quilt on a stand up quilting frame, what to quilt on your quilt, using pantographs, how to do edge to edge free motion, all about custom quilting, using cursive handwriting to develop unique border and sashing designs, straight line quilting, beginners guide to ruler work, fun & easy beginner feathers, placing feathers in common shapes, heirloom quilting, stencils and grids, quilting for others, and resources and where to go next. There are more details available on these lessons here (click on “Outline” under the preview). Thanks for inquiring! ~Carrie