QuiltCon Quilts, Magazine Submissions, and more!

I was lucky enough to attend QuiltCon in Austin, TX last week and I still can’t stop thinking about it!  The quilts, the lectures, the quilts, the demo’s, the quilts!  Did I mention the quilts?!?!!

Two of our sister companies, Quilty and QNNtv.com sponsored the event, it was fun to be a part of the inaugural convention.

Working on a magazine that is mainly traditional quilting, it was fun to see how the basic skills of quilting are similar, no matter if it’s modern, traditional, contemporary, art, or improvisational.

Mary Fons gave demonstrations on Contrast and Straight of Grain Versus Bias.  The crowd really seemed to enjoy the demo’s.  Mary is the Editor of Quilty magazine and host of the Quilty video and Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting on PBS, I encourage you to check it out!

Mary Fons giving a demo on contrast at QuiltCon








I was lucky enough to sit on a panel on how to get published in magazines.  There were a lot of great questions and the underlying answer was always, when in doubt, submit the project!  Here is a link to magazine submissions for Love of Quilting and Quilty magazines.

There were so many great quilts at the show!  Below are a few of my personal favorites.  Did you attend QuiltCon?  Will you attend in 2015?

Happy Quilting – Kristi, Publisher

Shattered Spectrum by Lee Heinrich

Untitled Lindsay Stead

Fifty Shades of Groovy by Leslie Tucker Jenison

Double Edged Love by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

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5 Responses to QuiltCon Quilts, Magazine Submissions, and more!

  1. Rozann says:

    I was in Corpus Christi that weekend, and we talked about going, but it would have been a time suck on my short vacation to warm weather. I guess if I’d known it was the first one and sponsored by you guys, it might have made me more motivated to go. I always go to the Houston Festival, and this year is my first to Paducah. Maybe next year I’ll go to this. I’ve never been to the Des Moines one, and I live 2 hours away, I guess I should hit that, too.

  2. Sharon Fenner says:

    Beautiful Quilts. Usually just hit one show a year, going to Grand RAPIDS show in august.

  3. Thanks for featuring my quilt! : ) QuiltCon was great – I definitely hope to attend in 2015.

  4. I was at Austin that time too but I didn’t know about the QuiltCon until earlier.

  5. Victoria says:

    I’m pleased you liked our Double edged love quilt!! So good to see you!!

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