Put A Little Twist In Your Quilting – Curved-Piecing Quilt Blocks

I’ve always been drawn to curved quilt block patterns. So much, in fact, that I’ve actually been using curves in more of my own quilt designs.

Quilters have mastered this technique in quilts over the last 100+ years in many beautiful and creative ways. For example, in a personal favorite, the New York Beauty block featured in these beautiful antique quilts, one of which was from the 1880s and the other one from circa 1930.

photo 1


There are a lot of traditional quilt blocks and patterns out there perfect for using curved blocks. The Wedding Ring, Drunkard’s Path (I wonder who they named that one after!), Cathedral Window, Tea Leaf, and Pickle Dish blocks, to name a few. Also, many Dresden block variations are curved quilt blocks, like the examples in Sheyenne’s blog post BLOCK Friday: Dresden Plate quilt block.

Today’s quilter adds his or her own fingerprint to curved piecing, which has moved curved piecing into contemporary and modern quilts that continue to inspire.

Quilts like these inspired me to make my own Times Square quilt, which appeared in Love of Quilting Sept/Oct ’11, and to teach a Curved Seam Piecing class at Original Sewing and Quilt Expo last year. I really wanted to teach a technique that would open up doors for my students and encourage them to explore designs they might otherwise have thought impossible to make.

Time Square

In class, we learned how to use the Jumbo Curved Seam Template to make two quilts,  Sonoma and Beach Ball Bounce, which have appeared in Quilting Quickly magazine. By the end of the class, I am the one who was inspired and rewarded, watching students arrange quilt blocks into unique and creative designs of their own and share with each other!


Beach Ball Bounce

I encourage you to explore something new, too. If it’s curved seam piecing, check out our Sew Easy Lesson on Curved Seam Piecing, as well as ShopFonsandPorter.com for our 3 & 5″ Curved Seam Templates, 7″ Jumbo Curved Seam Template, and 9″ Curved Seam Template.

Happy curvy quilting!

Diane Tomlinson
Associate Editor

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