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From the expert quilting staff at Fons & Porter, we welcome you to our quilting blog filled with rich content, perfect for quilters of every level – whether you just picked up the bug or have been quilting for years.

Here, you’ll find quilting techniques, tips and tricks from quilting experts aimed at helping you improve your skills one step at a time. You’ll also find information about quilt styles and blocks, like our popular BLOCK Friday series where we profile different quilt blocks and give you suggestions on using them in your quilts. We also talk about some of the important questions in quilting like how to bind your quilt and whether or not you should prewash your quilt fabrics, along with some surprises.

CreateTV's Quilt-a-thon!

Quilt-a-thon & Giveaway – This Weekend!

Love to learn new quilting techniques? You’re in luck! Create TV® is airing a 6-hour quilt-a-thon this weekend featuring 12 hand-picked episodes of the shows you love, including Fons & Porter’s “Love of Quilting.” Get a sneak-peek at some of the things you’ll learn in 6 exciting “Love of Quilting” episodes, plus a couple of instant downloads… free quilt patterns!

Sangria Quilt - Big Block Quilts

BLOCK Friday: Big Block Quilts

Big quilt blocks mean maximum impact in a minimum amount of time – quick quilts that make a statement! These quilts won’t top off your UFO (unfinished objects) pile – check these quilts off as complete! We love big block quilts and quilt blocks by many other names. This BLOCK Friday is extra special, with a free quilt pattern and a quick single free download of quilt blocks galore, 100 free quilt blocks in fact!

Nancy Mahoney - Quilt Binding

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: My Favorite Quilt Binding Technique

Finishing your quilts can be a process, but you can do it with confidence! I think of quilt binding as the last chance to add to the overall look of the quilt – it should complement the quilt top. So, get those unfinished projects out of the closet and turn them into finished quilts. Follow along and learn about my favorite quilt binding technique.


BLOCK Friday: Star Quilt Block, Pt. 2

Do you like Star quilt patterns? We looked at a variety of projects featuring an array of colors, designs and variations on Star quilts in part 1 of this BLOCK Friday series. There is so much more to talk about – there’s an abundance of arrangements and Star quilt blocks available in the quilting world. Star quilt patterns are popular because they make gorgeous quilts! Come take a look…

10 Quilting Hacks - Quilting Notions

Tip Tuesday: 10 Quilting Notions Hacks – Templates

Today’s Tip Tuesday is all about quilt supplies, specifically quilting templates! Quilting notions are a huge part of quiltmaking, so 10 quilting hacks come in handy. You know what else is fun about today’s Tip Tuesday? You get to vote on which tips you like the most! It’s a Tip Tuesday quilting notions quiz. Check it out! There are 4 free easy quilt patterns waiting for you just for taking a look.

Love of Quilting Jan-Feb 2016

We want YOUR Opinion! What do you think??

We’re proud of our magazines, but we want to know what you think! After all, we’re thinking of you when we put them together. We love quilting and we want our quilters to be happy! So readers, what do you think of this issue? Tell us and get easy FREE quilting patterns!


Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Mitered Quilt Borders

Some quilters add mitered quilt borders to all of their quilts. I only add them when I’m using a gorgeous border stripe – they are the perfect choice and nicely frame a quilt. There are several ways to sew the corners on mitered borders, but I’ve found a particular method that gives me the best results. I’ll give you step-by-step directions in today’s blog!


Thimbleberries Project of the Month Club

The Thimbleberries Project of the Month Club is similar to block of the month quilts, but instead of quilt blocks, you get an entire project! This exclusive club features projects designed by world-famous quilter Lynette Jensen of Thimbleberries! Find out what’s waiting for you in the mail!


Easy Quilts Spring 2016 Contest! Enter to Win!

Do you like to appliqué with wool felt? Tell us for a chance to win! The Lumenaris Ladybug Collection consists of pre-cut wool felt kits to make items for your sewing basket, home décor, and something just for you! These kits include all of the wool felt parts, wooden bobbins with floss, stuffing, instructions, and even a needle. Entering is easy! See how!