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From the expert quilting staff at Fons & Porter, we welcome you to our quilting blog filled with rich content, perfect for quilters of every level – whether you just picked up the bug or have been quilting for years.

Here, you’ll find quilting techniques, tips and tricks from quilting experts aimed at helping you improve your skills one step at a time. You’ll also find information about quilt styles and blocks, like our popular BLOCK Friday series where we profile different quilt blocks and give you suggestions on using them in your quilts. We also talk about some of the important questions in quilting like how to bind your quilt and whether or not you should prewash your quilt fabrics, along with some surprises.

My First Quilt Logo - Quilting Video Tutorials

My First Quilt – Quilting Video Tutorials

Those of us who have made quilts before remember the feeling of anticipation when planning our first quilt – “I hope I do this right!” You may have had a family member or friend helping you along, but some quilters (like me) make their first quilt relying on the knowledge they’ve accumulated from fellow quilters.…


Tip Tuesday: Machine and Hand Quilting Basics

When quilting our quilts, a little friendly advice can go a long way. Machine quilting and hand quilting are acquired skills that take time. Sometimes, ideas on quilting designs – free motion quilting designs and hand quilting designs – are a hot commodity. Here are some quilting basics from fellow quilters that are meant to inspire you with your…

Lines By Design - Quilt Pattern Books

Lines by Design: Bed-Size Quilts & FREE Patterns!

What’s in a line? For a quilter, that question has many answers. For Debbie Grifka, author of Lines by Design Quilts, she doesn’t just answer the question, she quilts it. Including straight lines, curves and pictorial shapes, Lines by Design Quilts demonstrates a clean, modern approach to quilt design, using the endless creativity of lines…

Patchwork Designs

BLOCK Friday: Patchwork Designs and Quilt Blocks

Patchwork quilts are, to put it simply, pieced quilts. As with many of the quilt blocks that we see today, patchwork designs, like the patchwork quilt blocks in Checkerboard Shuffle, originated during the pioneer days, when people migrated and settled in the American west. Block-style patchwork can be divided into 2 categories, explains Quilting in America,…


Tip Tuesday: Paper Piecing Quilts & Projects

Paper piecing quilts, or foundation piecing, is a skill that quilters work hard at! Quilting paper for foundation piecing is essential to completing this technique, but what of all the other tricks of the trade? We asked quilters like yourself to pass along their paper piecing quilting tips. Here’s what they had to say: My old…

Snowbirds - Flying Geese Quilt

Crafters’ Blog Hop: Snowbirds Quilt & Great Prizes!

This month we’re celebrating all things crafting – it’s National Craft Month! Of course, those of us at Fons & Porter have a special place in our hearts for National Quilting Day this coming Saturday – always fun to celebrate what you love! Quilting is our #1 passion, but it’s exciting to branch out a bit and revisit or…

Crafters Blog Hop

Crafters’ Blog Hop: Fun Project Ideas & lots of Give-a-ways!

March is National Craft Month and March 19th is National Quilting Day! Since Fons & Porter has a love of quilting and all things crafting, we got together with a few of our closest crafting friends and set up a blog hop – a round of blogging about the same topic, in this case, a love of crafts. We have some great project ideas for you and some really neat prize give-aways. This is the perfect time to get oodles of expert knowledge for crafts and crafters of all levels and to take advantage of free stuff!

Fat Quarter Quilts 2016 SIP

Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns & Techniques!

What quilter doesn’t love a fat quarter quilt? There are more quilt patterns using fat quarters than we can count and there are just as many quilting techniques to go along with them. We’ve put together 15 of our top quilt patterns using fat quarters in a special publication called Fat Quarter Quilts. Find out more about these fat quarter quilts and their accompanying Sew Easy lessons here!


BLOCK Friday: Quilt Blocks Galore

We’ve brought many interesting and informative BLOCK Fridays to you for some time now and it’s time to revisit some of our best. Take a look and see what moves you – there’s plenty more where that came from. Today’s BLOCK Friday has quilt blocks galore, so come and explore!

Electric Blue - Two Color Quilts

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Two-Color Quilts and More

Two-color quilts are all the rage! Blue and white quilts, read and white quilts, yellow and gray quilts – two-color quilts are timeless and traditional. I definitely recommend giving them a try. Whether you’re using a scrap quilt pattern or arranging your own quilt design, these quilts make unique designs and lasting impressions. I’ll tell you all about it in Nancy’s Quilting Classroom.


Tip Tuesday: Storing & Organizing Sewing Supplies

I’m always on the lookout for more efficient ways to store my quilting notions and sewing supplies and I thought you might be, too! I’ve gathered 12 of the best tips from Love of Quilting watchers and readers for you. They’re all about storing and organizing sewing machine needles, hand quilting needles, quilting rulers, sewing supplies, and more.


Scrap Quilt Patterns: Free Quilt Patterns & Scrappy Tips!

Do you love scrap quilt patterns? I don’t think I even need to tell you that we do. We love them so much, we have a magazine titled after them – Scrap Quilts! We have a lot of scrappy free quilt patterns to share with you and some wonderful tips that will set you up for scrap quilt success!


BLOCK Friday – Pinwheel Quilt Block

Every quilter knows the Pinwheel quilt block. We love this quilt pattern – block designs that are tried and true! It makes really neat quilts, too. And, what a history! Quilting has evolved quite a bit over the centuries and quilters have seen a multitude of quilt designs and arrangements pass through over the years. The Pinwheel quilt block is here to stay and it’s better than ever.