New Quilt Patterns for the Seasons & Great Techniques!

Seasons change with the scenery… and the quilts keep coming!

Happy Harvest Quilt
Happy Harvest by Patrick Lose

There are some amazing projects available now for upcoming seasons and holidays. Quilters like to get started on seasonal projects early so they are finished when the time comes to enjoy them. We’re lucky to have such talented quilters and artists designing quilt patterns and fabrics that appear in our magazines, like Patrick Lose and Jim Shore. These two have contributed so much to Fons & Porter over the years! Happy Harvest, from Quilting Celebrations Fall 2016, is just one of the outstanding projects for upcoming seasons.

There are helpful techniques that can be applied to many of these seasonal quilts, such as appliqué. Windowing fusible appliqué is just one of many appliqué methods that you may find useful as you begin your upcoming quilting projects.

TECHNIQUE: Windowing Fusible Appliqué

**Before you get started: choose a lightweight “sewable” fusible product. The staff at your favorite quilt shop can recommend brands. Always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper fusing time and iron temperature.

Sew Easy: Windowing Fusible Appliqué

1. Trace appliqué motifs onto paper side of fusible web, making a separate tracing for each appliqué needed (photo A).
2. Roughly cut out drawn appliqué shapes, cutting about 1/4″ outside drawn lines (photo B).
3. “Window” fusible by trimming out the interior of the shape, leaving a scant 1/4″ inside drawn line (photo C). Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse web side of each shape to wrong side of appliqué fabric.
4. Cut out appliqués, cutting carefully on drawn outline (photo D). Only a thin band of fusible web frames the shape.
5. Peel off paper backing (photo E). Position appliqué in place on background frabric and follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse shapes in place (photo F).
Sew Smart™ Tip: if you have trouble peeling off the paper backing, try scoring paper with a pin to give you an edge to begin with. ~Marianne Fons

Season's Greetings Quilt
Season’s Greetings Wall Hanging and Card Holder by Diane Tomlinson

Patrick Lose often uses appliqué in his projects, so you’ll find these tips useful when considering his designs. There are other tips to be found on the Fons & Porter website, as well, such as adding a hanging sleeve, which comes in handy for the Season’s Greetings wall hanging featuring Jim Shore’s fabric.

The changing of seasons will be upon us shortly and the time to quilt is now! I highly recommend perusing the latest Quilting Celebrations and Quilting Traditions issues. They’re chalk full of wonderful quilting projects for Fall, Halloween, birthdays, Christmas and more. To get the most out of your projects, consider using a neutral backing fabric for a seasonal table topper — simply flip it over when the seasons change for year-round décor!

Looking for more holiday and appliqué quilt patterns? There are plenty to choose from on our website, including in the free quilt patterns section! There are several methods of appliqué for appliqué patterns offered by the Sew Easy team that are free to you and easy to follow along with. They’re perfect for learning or refreshing your skills.

If you’re interested in learning how Building Up Your Brand, like Patrick Lose and Jim Shore have done, will distinguish you from the crowd, join a live webinar on August 19, 2016 at 10am PT/1pm ET. Hostess Cheryl Sleboda explains what a brand is, why you need to brand yourself and your business, how to create a logo, what to consider when rebranding, and much more. Sign up for Building Up Your Brand to get the most out of your business.

There are great things on the horizon for us with the coming seasons, quilters!

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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