National Craft Month Dedication – Phyllis

“My favorite quilt is the first one (besides one made in a beginner class) I ever made.

My then three-year-old grandson loved what he called ‘broken barns’. I drove him around the countryside to see them and took photos. Quilting friends suggested a quilt made with photos. It became an engineering challenge to print the photos on fabric and then, using a log cabin format, add blue for the sky and green for the grass, etc, to make them the same approximate size.

I had no pattern. I pieced several blocks to make barns for additional blocks, then used sashing between them to get the rows the same width. I did a lot of measuring, but had no templates. I just made it as I went.

The sky is light blue at the top left – with a sun appliqued on the corner – medium blue in the middle, and dark blue at the bottom – with a crescent moon at the bottom right. Two of the blocks were done by a friend on her embroidery machine – they say ‘Carson’s broken barns’ and ‘with love Gramma Phyllis 2008’.

For the back, I pieced leftover fabric to make a “path” and appliqued a photo of my grandson on his bicycle riding down the path.

My skills and techniques have come a long way since then, but this is my favorite and my grandson, now 12, still loves his broken barns.”

Phyllis from Gaines, MI

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3 thoughts on “National Craft Month Dedication – Phyllis

  1. Wow! You should be very proud of yourself!! This was a great story of how it all came about! Thank you for sharing it and you have encouraged me to grab a hold and give it a try…. being a total beginner of the quilting projects. All I have ever done is read, look and wish that one day I will be able to do one for myself. Grandma Phyllis from Gaines, MI, I am from Kalamazoo/Portage area and I am so thankful to God for bringing me to this site. Thank you again Phyllis, it was greatly appreciated!

    God bless you on the future quilts in your future… and write stories with them also!!