National Craft Month Dedication – Michelle & Teri

“Here is a quilt my best friend Teri and I made long distance. She actually bullied me into doing it – I was terrified since it was curves and thousands of tiny pieces, and only my second quilt ever. But I can’t turn away from a challenge so we got together a couple of times to pick out fabric and make our master plan, then went our separate ways. She’s on the west side of Colorado and I’m on the east side.


After three years, many phone calls, emails and texts later, we finished it. We even employed my mom and sister when we could and Teri’s brother and mom to help.

Not to mention several near disasters and dramas – One whole row of arches got sewn with bobbin thread and had to be ripped out and redone. Then we had a minor emergency when a set of twenty rings went missing for two weeks. Teri was literally binding it on the way to the wedding; I couldn’t help because I was stuck at the pre-wedding picture event.

Nearly 3000 pieces make up this quilt and we are so proud of it.”

–Michelle from Colorado



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10 thoughts on “National Craft Month Dedication – Michelle & Teri

  1. This quilt is a beautiful quilt. It looks like a double wedding ring quilt but the several I have made didn’t look like rows going vertical. Maybe it’s because I didn’t piece the sides I just cut out 2 long pieces for each of the 4 sides. Also colors have a lot to do with how your quilt looks. I like the colors you chose and you did a very good job for your second quilt.