National Craft Month Dedication – Marla

“This is my 3rd quilt of about 37. I found the pattern (loosely based) in an old magazine of my mother’s. I made this in 2007 specifically for my kitty, Toya, who was 16 at the time and 23 when she died in 2014.

My piecing had come a long way, and I’m most proud of the fact that I am a hand quilter, and stitched it all with love. I’ve washed this quilt many, many times, and it’s a testament to my hand piecing skills that it’s looking about the same as it did when I finished it. Toya loved it and always slept on it. Log cabins are my favorite block. I enjoy your magazines and always look for log cabin patterns.”

Marla Brown, Sparta WI


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34 thoughts on “National Craft Month Dedication – Marla

  1. I LOVE this!! What are chances of getting this pattern in a queen size and your color scheme? I usually get as close as I can when I find one I like.

  2. Would love to have this pattern, it almost looks like it’s been embroidered but after closer inspection, I believe it’s just the fabrics and the way they are pieced together that givers it that look.