National Craft Month Dedication – Mimi

“I love quilting and for some time, I’ve been fascinated with 2″ charms, and all the possibilities they offer. About 2 year ago, after seeing some rainbow quilts on the web, I decided to make one myself. To collect a wider variety of fabric, I took part in an international charm swap and started begging my quilting friends for scraps. It took me more than a year to collect enough suitable pieces to start.

For nearly three weeks, the floor of our guest room (and my sewing space) changed into the designer board. I started with laying out 1000 2” charms – each one different – with only a very vague vision where I wanted to get from here. And then the most interesting, but also the most difficult part started: shuffling, swapping, replacing the charms into new shapes and shades, until I was satisfied – and the design was approved by my husband.

Quilt 2

I’d studied a couple of ways of sewing together the charm quilt pieces, but I decided to put mine together in the 5×5 block, as this approach made it easier to mark the pieces and keep the colors in the right order – I called this process “the shrinking” because with every seam, the quilt grew smaller and smaller.

For some time, I pondered the quilting, but finally decided to go simple, ripples – to break the square feeling – across the light core. And tha’s why I named it THE CORE. I put it on the wall in our guest room and would never sell it.

And why I’m proud of myself? I think I created something worthwhile, learned a lot about quilting during the process, became more courageous in experimenting with fabric, and made a couple of great friend through the swaps.”

Mimi from Bratislava, Slovakia


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3 thoughts on “National Craft Month Dedication – Mimi

  1. I love your quilt. I wish you could tell me more. How did you go from very light to deeper colors? Did you start in the middle? It also looks like light rays are coming from the center, how did you get that effect? I will never get the same effect that you have accomplished, but I think I will have to try.
    And I Thank You For Your Time, Diana

  2. As always I’m your huge fan and I’m proud to be your name and see this wonderful piece shared to the entire world. Congratulations Mimi for such a lovely accomplishment! You deserve this and more! Looking forward to see more!