National Craft Month Dedication – Lisa & Michelle

“Lisa and I have been friends since college. She lives in Maine, where we went to school, and I now live in South Florida. She just took her son off to college for his freshman year this past fall. I thought it might be fun for us to do a project together and give her something to take her mind off her son going away.

We spent about 6 weeks emailing various patterns back and forth. We knew we were going to do a scrap quilt and that it would be pieced but other than that, we were pretty open to just about anything. We had the pattern picked around Labor Day and hat-cKpFcs4nYy3KrULjGjNU3M1uSHc0sYirWJqy9ePmmKBbcWQKl3CKZhPHiY_gWZMGNHeYBX_r81as9G6eNwdu2hKqBvoQTFm_4Q_Fu2jVd1xvFyBKndfYU7r_u110mVjpIJ-nD0t4yXHehkNPAiLD0t6s5kMBDb9qpLh3Rh6sNguCdL5mj5D0GhhsY4D1nylKlmW_dgT9Ehxou0fMb4_hWloWKAU8d decided on an October 1, 2014 start date with a target completion date of January 1, 2015.

We spent the month of September getting our fabric collections ready. Lisa was going to make this for her bed and was going for blues and tans as a starting point. I wanted to use the scraps I had gotten from the scrap bin at my local quilt shop as a starting point, which included a lot of purple batiks. I was intending my quilt to be more of a throw that I could use on the living room couch or use outside to curl up in when the weather was cool.

The techniques used were some strip piecing, a lot of half-square triangles, and as far as cutting the fabric, it just depended on whether we were using yardage or if it was a small scrap that we were just getting one or two pieces from. A did I mention all the half-square triangles?? 🙂

Lisa plans on machine quilting hers herself and I plan on using the big stitch technique to hand-quilt mine. We both considobsgOjWTMr8rEnANXj0bFehB8agHOoam3j1ilggytWSt0TMPjj7muNpfOAD-GU5Yc9DXZL5kZ1TQRqrqEHAg_EZN9qbgZxJki-3cI1IWV9RFfWXmguOEoEh6-vf01nAuufOq-VTTSac_8Sj-TXIUB2qzKFNQSd-u7GuLkKHusnbITfkTTZVcSyOQqWdeBlMUFl0-tDd-7gG52zj2CyejmZc_aoIqqyered sending them out to be done on a longarm machine but we both want to finish them ourselves.

We both love the way we did the same pattern but how the different fabrics gave them completely different looks. We both loved doing a scrap quilt. For me, it’s my favorite kind of quilt, and it gave me a way to dig into the stash I had from my quilt shop’s scrap bin.

For Lisa, each piece of fabric reminded her of a different quilt she had made for someone else. Since she is keeping this one, it’s like having a history of her quilting experience. For each of us, these are one of the few quilts we have kept for ourselves, which I think made it an even more personal experience.

I will say, this project started as a way to help distract her from her son’s leaving and while I am always up for a scrap quilt, I was startled (in a good way) by how much this project added to my healing from a recent divorce. And, of course, we both love that we did it together. Even from far away, we kept in touch with our progress and shared photos. We always looked forward to the next picture like seeing a mystery quilt unveil.

For those wondering, Lisa met our January 1, 2015 target even after throwing in a few other projects along the way to slow down to give me time to catch up, LOL!! I finished over President’s Day Weekend.  Not bad at all, I’d say.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our quilts with you!”

Michelle from Wilton Manors, FL & Lisa from Orono, ME

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