National Craft Month Dedication – Karen from Bowling Green, KY

“The quilt I decided to submit is one that I made for my husband’s Air Firce Retirement. I love this one because it reflects all his hard work during his 19 years of service. The fabric used are uniforms he wore during his time of active duty. I also used civil war repro fabric (cream, red, and blue with stars). I thought this was a perfect way to memorialize his service and sacrifice.

I loved how the blocks made one big star and I thought the points were perfect for adding his patches and ranks. As mentioned before, the blues are from his service dress uniforms and the camo is for his ABUs (BDUs to some). I didn’t use any templates to make this. Just my square rulers. The quilt is 24″x 24″.”

Thank you,
Karen from Bowling Green, KY


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