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“I just saw your National Craft Month giveaway post on facebook. What fun! I’m attaching photos of a quilt I made that I’m most proud of.

A couple years ago our son’s best friends’ wife, Kyla, was diagnosed with breast caihLTBcHQDr5cykN72yAPiaG1-49SuUTaZRzQq4L8bPIYeUmMyq1Wy0gWAdim4r-fskCYDVXVE1KaiNDeR4255lM-vbSBiH8XSL_xfN7x1_crUQsubNolLMFnyodiZsMFJ2HXigD_pZethYrha9ZMm1_0jKIHspg9tnJriBQfgCK9sLq7LRJRZ-lQrqAwokVyUCGSI4p6WuuM9Cceos_A7SHB7inmQqncer. It was a complete shock to everyone as Kyla had had no symptoms and only found out about it from a random mammogram. Needless to say for the next year or so their lives were turned upside down and sideways! They are also parents to two handsome special needs sons, so finding care for the boys while they traveled for Kyla’s surgeries and treatments was very tiring and stressful as well. They are loved by so many folks near and far and it was impossible for everyone to be near them to offer support in a tangible way.

So I got to thinking that a “Healing Quilt” would be a wonderful way for all their friends and family to express their love and prayers to Kyla and Todd and sons, and I wanted the quilt to be a complete surprise. I cut out 100’s of white 4.5″ charms and divided them up and mailed them to several groups of family and friends of Todd & Kyla, including a bunch in Canada. I ironed freezer paper onto the back of the white fabric before I cut it into squares so that it would be easier for folks to write on them. I also drew seam lines on each square so that folks would know where to stop writing; I didn’t want their messages to get lost in any seam allowances! I included detailed instructions as well as several permanent fabric markers. I told people to write anything they wanted such as:  encouraging words, scripture, jokes, funny memories, etc.

It took awhile for me to receive all the squares back from all the locations I’d sent them to but fortunately I had allowed a couple months time for the project. And in the meantime I began cutting and sewing a gazillion colorful HST’s for the quilt. I wanted to keep the pattern very simple because I wanted the messages to be the focus rather than a fancy quilt pattern. I added a scrappy dark border, then another border where I couldn’t resist doing some folksy applique flowers and vines. (Kyla loves flowers!)

By this time Kyla’s hubby, Todd, found out about the project and he arranged for a big get-together at their church for us to surprise Kyla with her quilt. Unfortunately that day Kyla was feeling very ill from her recent treatment so the get-together had to be cancelled. I really wanted Kyla to have the quilt asap. Instead of waiting until the get-together could be rescheduled I wrapped it up pretty, put it in a box and mailed it to her. One of her friends who live near them was able to be at their home the day the quilt arrived and she snapped these photos for me.

Thank you allowing me to share about my favorite quilt project.”



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6 thoughts on “National Craft Month Dedication – Julie

  1. Oh my! What a surprise and an honor to have one of my quilts on your blog! Thank you ever so much, you’ve made my day. Peace & joy to you! Julie

  2. Julie, who created this wonderful Healing Quilt, is a remarkable woman who continually thinks of others first. She has created numberous quilts for charity events, adoption fundraisers, mission trip fundraisers, and to give as “hugs” to folks going through a difficult time. She uses her gift as a ministry to love others and her work is beautiful!

  3. I loved reading your story and seeing your quilt. What a tremendous gift of love you’ve made! I’m working on a “healing quilt” right now and hadn’t thought of having blocks with good wishes written on them. It’s not too late to add some to my quilt – can I steal your idea? Thank you for sharing this!

  4. What you did is truly a ministry. I’ve made prayer quilts before with a number of quilters sewing blocks for other quilters with cancer or relatives of quilters who are ill. The messages are a great idea! What a beautiful quilt that will be a treasure for generations! God bless you!