National Craft Month Dedication – Elaine

“I am proud to submit my version of a starburst quilt, made by me for the family of a U.S. soldier lost in Baghdad, Iraq, on June 6, 2007.  In this rendition of the starburst, the large center star represents Matthew. The medium-sized stars represent his surviving parents, grandparents and siblings, and the smallest stars represent all of Matthew’s nieces and nephews.

In the second photo, I show the other side of the same quilt, revealing my idea for the other pattern which represents Matthew and his siblings in the full-sized stars; the full-sized stars are surrounded by ‘half-stars’, representing the broken lives of his parents and siblings, upon receiving the news of his death.

I am most proud that my quilt was received with gracious smiles and warmth. This holiday photo was sent back to me, which shows me his family treasures the quilt. They’re holding the quilt during a family holiday get together in 2014.

I designed both sides of the quilt after watching videos and looking at books in which quilting instructors provided tips and tricks for making the stars that I incorporated into the quilt patterns.”



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2 thoughts on “National Craft Month Dedication – Elaine

  1. I am the proud mother of Sgt. Matthew Ryan Soper, for whom this quilt honors. Each stitch in this beautiful quilt was stitched with love by Elaine. I wrap myself in it’s warmth of love, each night. It makes me feel like I’m being wrapped in love from my son. The stars not only represent each and every family member, but reminds me of something Matthew included in the letter to us, should he not make it home. He said “when you find yourself missing me, look up at the night sky, and I will be the first star you see, and I will always be with you”. What has been created by Elaine, is a priceless heirloom, that will be lovingly passed on, for many generations to come. Thank you Elaine for bringing my Matthew home in such a beautiful way, you are truly a light, and a gift to our family.