National Craft Month Dedication – Beverly

“I have attached a recent ‘cheddar’ quilt (Cross and Crown) I made after seeing a photo of an antique quilt with this pattern. I generally make a series of quilts in the same color genre until I run out of blocking ideas; then move on to something else.

The first cheddar quilt I wanted to make was a Burgoyne Surround. The second was 16 half-square triangle squares using cheddar for the common background color and mostly Civil War prints for the darks.

The third was this Cross and Crown, using cheddar in the background and Civil War and some other prints for the darks. Each “square” of the five that make up the Cross and Crown are 5” blocks. This is a queen-sized quilt and made with simple quilt blocks of nine-patches and half-square triangles.

Over the years, my quilts have tended to look more ‘antique-y’ with my piecing getting smaller and smaller, and I think this one fits the bill.”

Beverly from Lee’s Summit, MO

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