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Our first dedication comes from Carol in Loveland, CO. This beautiful quilt comes with a heartwarming story that is sure to give you goosebumps too! Here it is:

Here is my very favorite quilt (today, at least).  It is called “A Part of My Heart is In Malawi”. It was made in 1997-98 after my first mission trip to Malawi, Africa.

When I returned home after 3 months volunteering at a school for the deaf in Malawi, I found that the reverse culture shock was so bad that I was actually unable to shop except for essential groceries. I had been living in extreme poverty among the poorest of the poor, and I lasted 5 minutes at the mall. I had shoes – several pairs – why did I need more? I had clothes and to spare – why buy more?

Then one day I went into a quilt shop and saw what was probably the first Moda Marbles fabric I’d ever seen. “It looks like Lake Malawi!!” I threw my arms around it, and bought a lot of yardage with no idea what would come of it – but it reminded me of my other home.

The design is original. I have since seen similar use of log cabin blocks to make hearts, but not until the quilt was done. The construction is 3” Log Cabin quilt blocks, some solid and some split colors. A few, I think, use 3 colors. The black heart of course represents my friends in Malawi and the white heart represents me.

You will notice, though, that in each heart a single block holds the opposite color. A bit of my white heart is in the black one and vice-versa.

It is rotary cut and machine pieced; hand quilted using the lid of a Cool-Whip container as a template.

The heart shaped label on the back reads “To remember the Embangweni School for Deaf Children and the People of Malawi – Friends and Brothers in Christ”.

It has been shown twice and received a 3rd Place ribbon in November 2002. Can’t remember where that was and the ribbon has no indication of location or group.

In 2014, I bought fabric to make a commemoration quilt for the 20th Anniversary of the Embangweni School for Deaf Children. As usual, I gravitated to the Moda Marbles shelf, and when I began work on the quilt, I realized I had bought almost exactly the same fabric as is in this quilt.  It was lovely to realize the connection.

Carol from Loveland, CO

Carol from Loveland, CO

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