Name That Block!

Do you think you know your quilt blocks? Put your knowledge to the test and Name That Block!

This quilt is housed in the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. It was made sometime between 1830 and 1850 in Connecticut by who we’re sure was a lovely lady. Do you know the name of the block pattern she featured in this quilt?


Answer correctly and you could win a pack of 50 spools of beautiful Coats & Clark thread, or this cute antique-y tin from Coats & Clark! Comment with your guess to be entered to win! Two winners will be announced on August 23rd. Good luck!

ETA: This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who participated—y’all sure are smart! Congratulations to our winners, Karen Alexander and Susan W!



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340 Responses to Name That Block!

  1. Loretta T says:

    Delectable Mountain

  2. Marcy Price says:

    I think it is called the “Pickle Dish”

  3. Linda Cartwright says:

    Looks like a pineapple block, or variation of one!

  4. anita lansberry says:

    Is it delectable mountains?

  5. Wendy Fairchild says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains.

  6. Nancy says:

    Delectable Mountains…

  7. Barbara Johnson Kerr says:

    This pattern is a variation of Delectable Mountains done in blue and white.

  8. Melody says:

    Delectable Mountains

  9. Shirley. Gylleck says:

    Delectable mountain

  10. Karen Spurk says:

    I believe it is delectable mountains.

  11. Vicki Ciucio says:

    Delectable Mountain – it’s on my list of quilts I “need” to make. :)

  12. Joni Everson says:

    Delectable mountains
    It’s the first quilt I ever made ( had help from my Mom )
    It’s on my spare bed !

  13. Laura says:

    Delectable mountains. Odd name; interesting block.

  14. Peggy Moller says:

    Delectable Mountains

  15. Marilyn Mullins says:

    Delectable Mountains

  16. Maryann Sinclair says:

    Delectable mountains!

  17. Charlotte Dykes says:

    I have the book by Eleanor Burns that teaches how to make it. It’s called Delectable Mountains

  18. Kim Cebula says:

    How about Mountain Majesty?

  19. Pat McKenzie says:

    Delectable Mountain :)

  20. Cathy Romanczuk says:

    Delectable mountains–on my list of quilts to make.

  21. Alicia Clark says:

    Delectable mountains :)

  22. Delectable Mountains, and I love the two-colored quilt.

  23. Kay Mc says:

    That is a Delectable Mountain & I really want to do one in red & white.

  24. Dawn Allen says:

    I believe that it uses the delectable mountains pattern. Love the setting.

  25. Roberta says:

    Looks like Delectable Mountains to me.

  26. Rene says:

    It is delectable mountain made a quilt with the pattern in it

  27. Dorie says:

    Delectable Mountains!

  28. Susie says:

    It looks like a bear claw block.

  29. Tilly says:

    I don’t know the name, I know its a beauty.
    I can’t win, because I live in The Netherlands

    Quilt greetings

  30. Mary Anne Law says:

    Delectable mountains.

  31. I think it is Delectable Mountains.

  32. Susie Brown says:

    It is a bear claw block

  33. Janet Thomas says:

    delectible mountains-I taught a class with this block at my local quilt shop and the ladies called it “detestable” mountains!

  34. Amy S says:

    That is a Delectable Mountain pattern.

  35. Dora Candler says:

    I think it is Delectible Mountain.

  36. Helen McCarl says:

    Delectable Mountains. On my list to do one day

  37. margaret s says:

    Delectable mountains

  38. Anne M. Hill says:

    Delectable Mountain.

  39. mary royer says:

    Delectable mountains

  40. Joyce says:

    It looks like a London Square which is a kind of variation of Delectable Mountains

  41. Katie Wilson says:

    Delectable Mountains! One of my favorites – to look at, not to piece!

  42. Marie McDermott says:

    Delectable Mountains

  43. Brenda Wright says:

    Delectable Mountains

  44. Rosemary Kramer says:

    Delectable Mountains. I did one in pink and gray for a toddler.

  45. Gail Surrena says:

    Delectable Mountains

  46. VALERIE says:

    Delectable mountains

  47. Gay says:

    Delectable mountain or bear claw. Very nice!

  48. Teresa D. says:

    Officially I think its called Delectable Mountains..have alsso known it to be called Sky/Mountain block.

  49. This is called Delectable Mountains.

  50. marjorie says:

    One of my favorite blocks–Delectable Mountains.

  51. Ann says:

    The center block is the Ohio Star and the other blocks are delectable mountains.

  52. Mary Cairns says:

    Delectable Mountains

  53. Barbara Corbitt says:

    I think it is a Delectable. Mountains variation

  54. Jana says:

    Delectable Mountain

  55. Judy Nell says:

    Lady of the Lake

  56. Joy says:

    Delectable Mountains variation

  57. Katrina says:

    This is Delectible Mountain – a simply delicious pattern.

  58. darla biederman says:

    Delectable Mountain

  59. Mary Chester says:

    Delectable Mountains!

  60. Barbara Bennett says:

    Delectable Mountains

  61. Melissa Storms says:

    Delectable Mountains made by Isabella McKearn Campbell from good old Hartford, CT

  62. JILL says:

    Delectable Mountains

  63. Allison Evrard says:

    The block is Delectable Mountain.

  64. Carol Yemola says:

    Delectable Mountains

  65. Lazara says:

    Delectable Mountain. I have a bed runner that I bordered with these blocks.

  66. LeAnn says:

    It is a Delectable Mountian block.

  67. Ellen Wick says:

    I believe it’s Delectable Mountain. Our quilt club had a class on it. Mine is not finished, though.

  68. Joleane Robinson says:

    Delectable mountains…

  69. Chris Erickson says:

    Delectable Mountains. A fun block to make & turns out super cool.

  70. Bella Moore says:

    Delectable Mountains

  71. Verlaine Stein says:

    Delectable Mountains

  72. Maggi says:

    I think it’s Delectable mountains

  73. Kristy says:

    I think one of it’s names is Delectable Mountain — at least that’s what it was called in the Jennifer Chiaverini books!

  74. Cindy Gabel says:

    Delectable mountians

  75. Debby Keeton Null says:

    This is Delectable Mountains.

  76. Jan Brax says:

    Delectable Mountains

  77. Donna says:

    Delectable mountains

  78. Judi R says:

    I think it is Delectable Mountain although it might have other names. Older quilts tend to have more than one name. There were no Facebook, Pintrest or other social networks other than the local schools, churches or social halls.

  79. Betty LaCelle says:

    I believe it is called delectable mountains!

  80. Erma Johnson says:

    Delectable Mountains

  81. Karen Greenwood says:

    Is the Block “Star of Hope”

  82. Susan Miller says:

    Delectable Mountains

  83. Rina says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains. One day I will make one.

  84. Erma Johnson says:

    Delectable Mountains

  85. Paige Gonzalez says:

    It is delectable mountains! I am so excited about this giveaway, I really need thread! I am just learning to quilt…. :)

  86. Tracey McIntyre says:

    Delectable Mountains with a fussy cut flying geese star in the middle.

  87. Joyce Cloud says:

    Delectable Mountains according to the book that I have… just love this pattern

  88. Ann says:

    Delectable mountains

  89. Michelle Ober says:

    Delectable mountains

  90. Brenda Wall says:

    The first thing I thought was Delectable Mountains. Love the 2 colors.

  91. Corky says:

    Delectable Mountains

  92. Bonnie says:

    Delectable Mountain

  93. Maryellen says:

    I think it’s Delectable Mountains. Love the colors and the Barn Raising setting.

  94. Susan Templin says:

    I believe the block is Delectable Mountain.

  95. Bonnie Botts says:

    Delectable Mountains

  96. k fein says:

    Delectable Mountain.

  97. Louise says:

    Everyone is calling it delectable mountains but I think it used to be called “saw tooth ” block …. Otherwise delectable mountains ;)

  98. judith hindall says:

    delectable mountains

  99. Cheryl hank says:

    Delectable mountains

  100. Sharleen says:

    delectable mountain

  101. betty owrns says:

    Delectable Mountains!

  102. LaMona Ellis says:

    I think the featured block would be the center block which is a ribbon star

  103. betty owens says:

    Delectable Mountains

  104. Nancy Moore says:

    Delectable Mountain, thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Kim G says:

    Looks like a buzz saw pattern.

  106. Edie says:

    Delectable Mountains

  107. Lorri says:

    It is Detachable Mountain

  108. Sue Mohr says:

    I’m going with “Delectable Mountain” as well.

  109. Susan Harris says:

    Delectable Mountains

  110. Hazel Hardin says:

    Delectable Mountains, also called Broken Mountains.

  111. Lauretta Kyser says:

    Delectable Mountains

  112. Dee Marquardt says:

    The blue & white pattern is named Delectable Mountain….the quilt is quite lovely.

  113. Evelyn Al-Misnad says:

    Love Delectable Mountain design

  114. brenda Z says:

    delectable mountains

  115. Debbie Bogenschutz says:

    Delectable mountain!

  116. Mary Jo says:

    Delectable Mountains!!

  117. Paula Pardue says:

    Delectable mountains

  118. Dawn Kincaid says:

    Delectable Mountains

  119. Lori says:

    delectable mountains is what I know this block as. It makes a great quilt or a border

  120. Leslie says:

    That is Delectable Mountain. One of my favorites – so easy to make, but it looks difficult.

  121. Marilyn says:

    Delectable Mountain seems to be the answer.

  122. Kathy Evans says:

    Delectable Mountain

  123. Angie says:

    Delectable Mountains with an Ohio Star in the middle.

  124. Danielle Braley-Winkle says:

    Delectable Mountain

  125. Mary Ann Cain says:

    Delectable Mountains

  126. Karen Engstrom says:

    Delectable Mountains

  127. Sharon says:

    My guess is delectable mountains

  128. Sher Stiles says:

    Delectable Mountain

  129. Stacey says:

    Delectable Mountains, although I’ve seen it called Magic Mountain if you use that quick cut method with the 2 offset hsts.

  130. Kirsten says:

    Delectable Mountains.

  131. Peggy Rorabaugh says:

    Delectable Mountains

  132. Margaret Kennedy says:

    Delectable Mountains

  133. Carol Broughton says:

    Delectable Mountains

  134. MaryBeth says:

    Looks like Delectable Mountains to me.

  135. Laura says:

    Delectable mountain. I love this block

  136. Nancy McFall says:

    Delectable Mountains.

  137. Shirley Hemphill says:

    Delectable mountains quilt block

  138. Vickie Van Dyken says:

    delectable mountains

  139. Judee Olimpo says:

    Variation of Delectable Mountain

  140. Cathy says:

    Delectable Mountain

  141. Martha Thomasson says:

    Delectible Mountain

  142. D Furr says:

    It’s Delectable Mountain which can be paper pieced…lots of tutorials online for it! I saw a lovely one done in Hoffman Batiks…but there is something very lovely about a two color quilt.

  143. Cher Hutchinson says:

    Delectable Mountains

  144. carol says:

    Delectable mountains

  145. Sheryl Bordelon says:

    Delectible mountains. ( or my house 1/2 pineapple:)

  146. Jeanne Jones says:

    Delectable Mountains.

  147. Cindy B. says:

    Delectable mountain

  148. Tina Courtemanche says:

    Delectable Mountains. one of my favs.

  149. Joy says:

    Delectable Mountains! May I say that in 2 colors that quilt is delectable!

  150. Carol Carman says:

    Delectable Mountains – and I wouldn’t even THINK of attempting this one yet, LOL! It sure is beautiful. Wow!

  151. Connie says:

    Delectable mountains

  152. Jandy says:

    I didn’t know it without going to google, but now I believe I do, Delectable Mountains.

  153. Kathy Callahan says:

    Delectable Mountains of course!

  154. Sidney Joiner says:

    Delectable Mountains

  155. Marnie Houston says:

    I’m guessing here….the block looks like a Sawtooth.

  156. Sher7753 says:

    Delectable Mountains

  157. Nancy Birger says:

    The center is an ohio star and the rest is delectable mountain. I made this quite a while ago when I lived in Iowa.

  158. Jeanette Menegay says:

    Delectable mountains

  159. Sue Johnsen says:

    I think its Delectable Mountain and it has been on my “to do” list for a couple of years!

  160. Kirsten Parris says:

    Delectable Mountain

  161. Mary Ann Baker says:

    I am guessing delectable mountains

  162. Sharon G says:

    The minute I saw it, I said “What a beautiful Delectable Mountain quilt.”

  163. beverly says:

    bear claw

  164. QuiltinGram says:

    Delectable Mountains

  165. Donna Schuttg says:

    Delectale Mountain Block

  166. Rinda Fullmer says:

    I think it’s Delectable Mountains. Thank you!

  167. The featured block is Delectable Mountains – although I’ve never seen it in blue. Very nice. I’m sure she was a “lovely lady.”

  168. Jami Carr says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains…at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was called when I made this pattern a long time ago.

  169. Sherry Barger says:

    Delectable Mountain

  170. Jean Newton says:

    Delectable Mountain. I’ve been involved in making quilts using this block in raffle quilts for three different guilds! It’s always popular.

  171. Jean Anderson says:

    Delectable Mountains

  172. Paula Strickland says:

    It looks like delectable mountains.

  173. Sheri says:

    It’s Beautiful and now on my ever growing bucket list.” Delectable Mountains”

  174. Christine Dewey says:

    Definitely Delectable Mountains, one of my favorite blocks.

  175. Debbie Klein says:

    Delectable Mountains

  176. Fay Pritts says:

    Delectable Mountain, a great pattern with a great story.

  177. Marianne says:

    Delectable Mountains

  178. Colleen Cox says:

    Delectable Mountains is the name of the block. I would name the completed quilt ” Trip Around My Delectable Mountains”

  179. Linda says:

    it is known as delectable mountains by most but I think it may have also been called the buzzsaw.

  180. elaine glenesk says:

    delectable mountains!!!! love it and its on my list for this winter!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Karen says:

    Delectable Mountains. Made that same pattern for my brother who lives near the Big Horn mountains and took me trout fishing up there.

  182. Barb Losee says:

    It is called, Delectable Mountains. Love that block!

  183. Mary Hobert says:

    Delectable Mountains. I made one for my son.

  184. marie isabell says:

    Deletable Mountain

  185. Marilyn White says:

    It is definitely “Delectable Mountains”!

  186. Bev Gunn says:

    I think it might have a more uncommon name of which I am unaware, but I know it as Delectable Mountains in a Barn Raising setting

  187. LeAnne L says:

    Delectable Mountains. I’ve always liked this block.

  188. Sharon Isacco says:

    Delectable Mountain. It’s one I haven’t done yet!

  189. Katherine Carter says:

    I’m thinking Delectable mountains

  190. grapenutquilter says:

    Delectable Mountains! My granddaughters call it “Princess Crowns”!

  191. Barb Blincow says:

    Delectable mountains

  192. Linda Dunton says:

    I think it is delectable mountains

  193. Sylvia Zamoyski says:

    Delectable Mountains

  194. Jo Anne Sturgeon says:

    Delectable Mountain

  195. Kathy C says:

    Delectable Mountain

  196. Carole says:

    Delectable Mountains

  197. Jessica Cunningham says:

    Delectable Mountain

  198. Sandy says:

    Delectable Mountains

  199. Rose Grimm says:

    Delectable mountains

  200. Deborah DeBerry says:

    Delectable Mountain

  201. Cinamen Christman says:

    Delectable Mountain

  202. Kathy Collins says:

    Delectable Mountain! One of my favorites.

  203. Julie Avallone says:

    Delectable mountain.

  204. Janey Wineinger says:

    Delectable Mountain

  205. Sue says:

    Delectable Mountain

  206. Robbin Jensen says:

    Delectable Mountains

  207. Joanne Stine says:

    Delectable Mountains

  208. Deb says:

    Delectable Mountains. I made one a few years ago.

  209. Linda Haskell says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains – one of my favorites!

  210. Marcia Ahlbrand says:

    Delectible Mountain

  211. Jeanann says:

    Delectable Mountains

  212. Betty Spence says:

    Delectable Mountains is the name of the block. How delicious that thread looks the can looks adorable as well.
    Pick me….

  213. Renea Tutt says:

    Delectable Mountain

  214. Maryln Fleming says:

    Delectable Mountain

  215. I believe the block is delectable mountains- very nice version of the quilt.. looks beautiful…..
    regards from alberta Canada,

  216. Angie Chase says:

    Delectable Mountains

  217. Donna G says:

    Guessing delectable mountains

  218. LeAnn Frobom says:

    Delectable Mountains

  219. Gail Mckenney says:

    This block I have learned as delectable mountains

  220. Sherill V says:

    I agree the block is Delectable Mountains. It makes a beautiful quilt. This is on my bucket list.

  221. Leslie Gjos says:

    Delectable mountains

  222. K'Lynne Mead says:

    Delectable Mountains variation

  223. Rebecca Keith says:

    I think it is Delectable Mountains, but it has more names I am sure, most of the quilt patterns have various names depending on where you are from…

  224. Earlene Nelson says:

    It/s Delectable Mountains.

  225. Carol Lampert says:

    I believe that’s a bear claw block, however I’ve never made one bef0re.

  226. Machelle Helms says:

    Delectable Mountains

  227. nancy albertson says:

    Look at all those beautiful mountains and valleys…. – Delectable Mountains -

  228. Polly Davis says:

    Delectable Mountains. Love it, on my to do list !

  229. Darlene Shreffler says:

    delectable mountains

  230. Deb Ehlers says:

    Delectable Mountains, one of my favorites!!!

  231. Julia T says:

    Delectable Mountains

  232. Glenda Waring says:

    The block is called Delectable Mountains.

  233. Glenda Waring says:

    Delectable Mountains.

  234. Patti Levine says:

    Delectable Mountains!

  235. Mary Jane Plemons says:

    It is Delectable Mountains, one of my favorite block names of all time, as well as a beautiful pattern.

  236. Mary Jane Plemons says:

    I failed to mention in my earlier comment the center block is Ohio Star, but the rest are Delectable Mountains blocks.

  237. Maryl Willard says:

    delectable mountains!!!!!

  238. Dana Womack says:

    Delectable Mountain and the center block is an Ohio Star block

  239. Beth B says:

    Delectable Mountains variation

  240. Teresa Vicars says:

    Delictable mountains is my guess.

  241. Charlotte Trabue says:

    Delectable Mountain

  242. Cathy Schwegel says:

    Delectable Mountain

  243. Cindy Kenney says:

    Delectable mountain

  244. Jean H. says:

    It’s delectable mountain

  245. Carolyn Drosd says:

    Delectable Mountain.

  246. Jane Castleman says:

    Delectable Mountain

  247. Sandra Jacobs says:

    Delectable Mountain! The 23rd is my birthday so I would love to win either prize.

  248. Sonja D says:

    Delectable Mountain

  249. Neta Stierheim says:

    I think it looks like delectable mountain, but I have a funny feeling it will have a different name.

  250. Carol says:

    The center is an Ohio Star surrounded by Delectable Mountains.

  251. Loretta O'Brien says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains with an Ohio Star in the middle. Very beautiful!

  252. Phyllis Moynihan says:

    Delectable Mountains

  253. Amber says:

    Delectable Mountain with an Evening Star center.

  254. Blanche Brown says:

    Delectable Mountain.

  255. Nancy McConnell says:

    Although patterns sometimes have multiple names, this looks very much like the DELECTABLE MOUNTAINS quilt I made several years ago and have on my bed.

  256. Tracy says:

    I’ll go with the rest of the gang :) Delectable Mountains

  257. Diane Martin says:

    Delectable mountains. My oldest UFO. :-(

  258. Of course it’s Delectable Mountains, but what’s that Ohio Star doing in the center?

  259. Vickie says:

    Delectable mountains

  260. Kathy street says:

    Delectable mountains

  261. Melinda says:

    Delectable mountains

  262. Kay Pedrotti says:

    Delectable Mountains

  263. Cy Swendsen says:

    It is a beautifully done “Delectable Mountain”, and I really like the simplicity of it.

  264. Darlene Wondra says:

    Prairie Grass – At first glance that’s what it looked like to me.

  265. Bonnie says:

    Delectable Mountains

  266. Mickey Hunt says:

    Delectable Mountains!

  267. rebecca nichols says:

    Delectable Mountain(s)!!

  268. Kay Berland says:

    Delectable Mountains

  269. Doris Lindley says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains

  270. Sandra Stokea says:

    Delectable Mountain – such a beautiful quilt!!

  271. Pat Butler says:

    Delectable Mountains. One of my all time favourite old timey quilt blocks. <3

  272. Connie Rodriguez says:

    I don’t know, but my guess would be either pineapple or bear claw block.

  273. Paulanna Hodges says:

    Delectable Mountains

  274. Patricia Vasenius says:

    It is “Delectable Mountains”! Love that pattern! Beautiful quilt!

  275. Cheryl Dimiceli says:

    Delectable mountains I would say

  276. Marcy says:

    Delectable Mountain

  277. Pat Amling says:

    Delectable Mountain. (Thanks to Google). I love it when I have to do some work to find out the names of blocks. When I have to look for the name I do not forget it.

  278. Barbi Knowles says:

    Delectable Mountains

  279. Darlene Krystal says:

    I think it’s the block called Delectable Mountains….I really like the explosion like layout that’s used in this quilt….for me trying to get the reverse of the mountain sometimes mucks up….love the international quilt study patterns that you use in the magazines…thank you…..

  280. Lavonna ZWB says:

    That would be delectable mountains.

  281. Joyce Robbins says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains.

  282. Dawn Stone says:

    I think it a variation of the Bear Claw, but what ever it is it’s beautiful

  283. Debra Revay says:

    Delectable Mountain

  284. Linda Fletcher says:

    Delectable Mountains Variation

  285. Marcia de Aguiar says:

    Ohio Star in the center and Delectable Mountains all around, beautiful!!!

  286. Delectable mountains

  287. Patricia Hersl says:

    Delectable mountains. Are we all thread crazy????

  288. Marlys says:

    Love this block, Delectable Mountains! There are lots of ways to lay it out to make it unique to you.

  289. Sue says:

    Delectable Mountains !! Love it !! I have a Eleanor Burn’s project in progress with this block !! <3

  290. Barb says:

    Delectable Mountain

  291. Marge says:

    Delectable mountains

  292. Carla Bell says:

    Delectable Mountains

  293. Malini says:

    Looks like the mountain blocks!

  294. Charleen says:

    Delectable Mountains

  295. Alice Williams says:

    Delectable Mountains. Made one many years ago.

  296. beth dalton says:

    Delectable mountains.

  297. Suellen Hare DiMassimo says:

    The middle block looks like Delectable Mountains, but I think the other blocks look like Lady in the Lake. Love it. I have a blue and white pineapple quilt made by my great grandmother that I cherish. Now I want to make this one in blue and white.

  298. Cheryl Hank says:

    Delectable Mountains is then block name

  299. Joyce Ensey says:

    Is it the Saw Tooth block?

  300. Raquel Ianelli says:

    Deliciosa montanha.

  301. Janet T says:

    Delectable Mountains is my guess.

  302. Valerie Studer says:

    Delectable Mountains

  303. Mildred Hohimer says:

    Delectable Mountains

  304. sarah evanko says:

    Delectable Mountain

  305. Laura Hunt says:

    It’s Delectable Mountains of course.

  306. patty knepp says:

    Delectable Mountains variation

  307. Linda Webster says:

    The block is Delectable Mountains.

  308. I’ve always known it as Delectable Mountains.

  309. Julie B says:

    Sawtooth Delectable Mountains with a sawtooth star block in the center.

  310. The quilt block is a variation of Delectable Mountains with Ohio Star in the center.

  311. Susan W says:

    Delectable Mountains! and “Ohio Star”right smack dab in the center.

  312. Pat Madrid says:

    It is a beautiful delectable mountain block

  313. Anna Mallett says:

    The blue & white pattern is named Delectable Mountains with a Ohio star in the center. Thanks for the giveaway!

  314. JoAnne T. says:

    The block is called “Delectable Mountains”. I learned that from reading Earlene Fowler’s book “Delectable Mountains”.

  315. Phyllis O'Connor says:

    Delectable Mountains

  316. Audrey says:

    My guess is Delectable Mountains . . . it reminds me of the Alaska!

  317. SHIRLEY says:

    Delectable mountains—with the Ohio Star in the middle/ Eleanor Burns made several different versions of this quilt.

  318. Wendy says:

    Delectable Mountains with Ohio Star in the middle.

  319. Janet E says:

    Delectable Mountains with an Ohio Star in the center.

  320. PennyTracy says:

    Bear Claw

  321. Jessica Troian says:

    Hi! It looks like delectable mountains with an Ohio star block in the centre. Thanks for a neat contest!

  322. Beverly Hollingsworth says:

    Delectable Mountain’s Wolf Tracks

  323. Andrea Ferm says:

    Delectable Mountain with Ohio Star center “medallion”

  324. Sandy Curtis says:

    Delectable Mountains, with an Ohio Star in the center. I think the quilt should be named “A Star In The Mountains”.

  325. Karen A says:

    One of my favorites and on my to do list. It is Delectable Mountains.

  326. Sharon Cox says:

    Delectable mountains.

  327. JUZME says:

    I’m gonna go with “Delectable Mountains”, too. Thanx!

  328. Beverly Couch says:

    I’M guessing mountain peaks.

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