More of the Road to California!

Here are some more pictures from the Road to California Show as promised. We were impressed by the creativity and inspirations!

This is Baltimore in the Provence was designed and quilted by Ellen Heck.  The Applique is stunning and inspired from a French Toile fabric.

This quilt was inspired by a vintage quilt. The detila is machine embroidery. This quilt is called Crazy for Plaid by Allison Aller.



This next quilt is called Summer Day Lake, also by Allison Aller. It’s about her favorite place, Lake Michigan, and is made in a crazy quilt format.


This one is called Feed Sacks/Indigo by Susan Else. Nice combination!




Talk about your 3D fabric and quilting….. Above the Boardwalk by Susan Else, was created for an exhibit celebrating the one-hundreth anniversary of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.


A well known question in anyone’s home is interpreted into this cute dimensional—Is There Any Hot Water? by Susan Else.


We do hope you have the opportunity to attend a big show sometime. They are a great place to get entertained and inspired, all in the same place!  And did we mention the vendors?

Happy Quilting!

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2 thoughts on “More of the Road to California!

  1. I went to Road to Calif. also and it was wonderful. I love Susan Else’s work, very creative and original. Enjoyed talking to her. The appliques were incredible, and Allison Aller’s crazy quilts were wonderful. There was another crazy quilt by Gerlinde Hruzek, called Creatures Large and Small, who used a cross stiched block in the center of each block that was very original. Great show this year.