Meet Scrabble

Marianne and Scrabble

Marianne was in the shop today, taping a helpful tip for an upcoming Quilty episode. We know that if Marianne is in the building, then so is Scrabble. Scrabble is Marianne’s dog and she always greets us with warm hugs and swift tricks. She will be joining the cast in an episode of Fons & Porter’s “Love of Quilting” that will air in the spring. We thought you might like to meet her before you see her on television.

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6 Responses to Meet Scrabble

  1. Rose O'Connor says:

    Is Scrabble a standard poodle? I have a black and white party colored one. He is very loving and smart.

  2. Grace N Glassinger says:

    A very happy photo. Looking forward to seeing Scrabble on TV.

  3. Arlene Erickson says:

    Looks just like my dog. A Bichon Frise`

  4. Pat Poole says:

    There are two groups of special people – dog lovers and quilters!

  5. Miricle says:

    That is an awesome name to come up with for a dog. I know when I use to look up words for scrabble I am going to use them to help me name my pets lol. Maybe I can use a word from the official SOWPODS word list.

  6. Holly Huntley says:

    I was so happy to meet Scrabble (you & Mark) this past weekend on the island! Ginger & Gromit say “hi”!

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